When we get outside, I notice that it became much colder over this short period of time. An unwanted shiver runs down my spine.

“Here,” Jupiter says.

He holds out a big white box with a purple bow on top. My eyes widen in surprise as I open the box. I sigh at the elegant beauty before me. Inside the box is an elegant green coat; the same color as my dress.

“For me?” I ask. The coat looks really expensive.

“Of course,” Jupiter says and pulls the coat out of its box. He then holds it up to put it on me.

After my arms enter the sleeves and the material touches my back and front, I don’t feel cold anymore.

“You think of everything. Are you sure you’re a guy?” I ask.

He laughs. “My mother taught me well.”

“Alright, I can believe that,” I tell him. He pulls me into his arms and starts walking with me at his side. “So where is the entrance to the fairy world?”

“I can use those trees to teleport to the entrance,” Jupiter points at the trees located at the edge of the property.

“Hmm, alright,” I reply and focus on those trees. I always love trees, but there is a nagging question that I need to ask. “Jupiter, many years has passed since our meeting. I know your mother thinks we need to be together…and I am not against it…I feel close to you. The moments that I got to spend with you during the ball were unbelievable, especially the revelations. But…”

“But, how do I feel about you? And am I forcing myself to like you because of our past?” Jupiter finishes it for me.

I blush at how he guessed it right. “Yes.

“You don’t realize just how beautiful you are Melina,” Jupiter says. “I sent you those gifts, and played music with you and I didn’t know what to expect about today. When you stood on that stage, you looked comfortable and yet I could tell that you were mad at your uncle. I also saw that your dress, jewelry, your mask matched your personality perfectly…and at that moment I knew that I wanted to get to know you more. I wanted to learn about you, about who you became over the years. When you went in to protect your sister without second thoughts, I knew that I did not want to give you to anyone else. I want to get to know you more. I want to get to know my fierce lioness.” Jupiter touches my cheek, his touch is hot. “I want us to have a future together.”

I have no words. I have no idea how to find them. Before I can, he is kissing me. The kiss is of the forest. Not only do I taste his soft lips but I taste the magick of the fairy forest. I can get addicted to the taste. The next moment we are on the ground with him on top of me and my nails digging into his back as his lips leave mine and taste my skin. A moan escapes my lips from the pleasure of his flaming kisses. His hand travels up and down my left side as his lips claim mine once more. I pull him closer to me and roll him over with me now being on top.

I end the kiss and kiss his neck as my fingers get entangled in his. His smell is intoxicating, the forest is him, and it is attracting me like a firefly to flames. I lose myself in the moment, only to be rolled back down with looking to Jupiter’s eyes. The hunger in his eyes sends shivers up and down my spine.

“If we continue,” Jupiter says in a raspy voice. “I am not going to be able to contain myself.”

“And what if I don’t mind?” I ask. My body feels hot… everywhere. Is this the heat that Marcella feels when she wields fire?

“Then your sister will kill me,” Jupiter says. His words break the mood.

“You know how to end a night,” I laugh.

Jupiter smiles and kisses me gently. He gets up and pulls me up. “Believe me if I could, I would love you through the night.”

I open my mouth to reply but he turns around and walks quickly through the trees. I breathe out and look up at the moon. “Yeah… Marcella wouldn’t think twice about killing him.”

I start walking back to the manor, feeling more depressed by seconds. Today felt like a fairytale, like a Cinderella finding her prince. Do I get this one magickal night…or will my fairytale continue? He promised me that it will…

On the way back, I glance at the pool… that same pool which took me to Jupiter. I materialize a swim suit on me, my dress and the rest lie on the chair. “Cooling down will do me good.” I dive into the icy waters. After three laps, I get out of the pool and change my clothing back to my dress. I don’t dry my hair; the wet hair is keeping my head sane. I continue on my way to the room.

By the time, I get back close to my room; my dreamy expression is back on my face. I don’t want my sisters to feel like something is wrong. I mean nothing is wrong per say and Jupiter did say that he likes me on his own. And… we almost went all the way….

 I know I am thinking too much and waiting for something to go wrong because life isn’t perfect and Jupiter is way too perfect.

I listen in to my sisters. Both of them decided to wait for me in my room.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” I stroll in.

“Marcella’s mystery date!” Madelyn says excitedly.

I look to Marcella and notice a napkin in her hand. With one flick of hand, a vine grows from my palm of hand and grabs it.

“Give it back!” Marcella shouts.

“Let me read first,” I tell her and move away met bangs to read the note. “Sounds like an expensive restaurant.”

“It is,” Madelyn says. “I’ve seen it while shopping for dress.”

“I got it!” I shout and give back the napkin to Marcella. She opens her mouth but I glare at her to silence her. “Madelyn and I will dress up undercover and get a table close by to yours and if the guy is a creep, some sister magick will learn his place.”

“I love it!” Madelyn says. “Hats and scarves and black coats!”

“Spider bite,” Marcella curses. 

The End

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