Napkin of mystery


I stood on the grand staircase watching as my sister left with Ryan and I hoped that he would be different. Zafrina rested on my shoulder, her eyes scanning the room and as I stroked her feathery chest I wondered how Melina was. Both sisters were occupied with their men…shouldn’t that of been me? Zafrina flew off to rest for the night.

Sighing I made my way up the stairs and stopped seeing a woman standing by the balcony. Casually she turned moving down the hallway disappearing. I followed her and found the side door open.

“I don’t bite,” the woman said from inside the room.

I raised an eyebrow and entered the room, “I should hope not.”

The woman laughed studying me with dark eyes that matched her messy up-do hair; she stood wearing a simple flowing green dress and a black eye mask.

“You are my mystery bidder?” I asked wondering why she would go to great lengths to bid for me. “What do you want from me?”

“Did I say that?” She gasps, moving to the sofa and sat cross legged in the middle.

“No but I just presumed-

“Ah dear child you must never presume that life is as straight forward as a text book.” Sweet burning sage who was this woman?

“Okay…then who is the person who wanted to bid on me?” I ask hoping to get some answers and to get away from this odd woman.

“Well that’s the mystery,” the woman sprung from her sitting position and pulled a small bit of paper from her cleavage. “All the details that you need are on here.”

I was hesitant to take the card knowing where it came from, the woman sighed dramatically and reached into her hairdo. “Ah ha there you are,” she spoke to herself and lowered her hand where a pen was nestled between her fingers. “Do you have a napkin?”

Shocked I couldn’t think for a moment and then I saw small table where blue napkins were neatly folded. “Will they do?”

“Prefect,” she nodded taking one from the pile and scribbling information down. “Here you go.”

I took the napkin thankful that it was not the card that she placed back into her cleavage and folded it up neatly in my hand.

“Farewell Marcella until next time,” the woman bowed gracefully before leaving the room.

“Wait a minute,” I hurried after her only to find myself alone in the quiet hallway. “Cobwebs who was that woman?”

Holding the napkin tightly in my hand I made my way to my room, going into the bathroom to remove the dress and picturing myself in my night clothes. I sigh feeling the soft material against my once bare back and slipped my feet into my slippers.

I felt Madelyn dreamily love blossoming as she came upstairs and floated pass my room. The napkin sat on the window ceil, I picked it up and read the message.

Catherina’s restaurant

Sunday 10th August

7:30 pm

Table 26

Taking the napkin with me I walked past Madelyn room and followed me to Melina’s room. As we waited for her to come full of joy we talked about her kiss with Ryan, even I could see how romantic it wasand agreed to be happy for Melina’s relationship. As much as her relationship shocked me I was happy for her.

“I’m sorry your mystery bid wasn’t here to wish you goodnight,” Madelyn says as she brushed her raven black hair.

“Well…I did meet with the woman who bid on me.” I started and saw her surprise look. “She was kind of odd quirky…anyway she gave me this napkin.” I held out the napkin showing Madelyn the information.

“Wow how mysterious…wait that’s tomorrow!”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” Melina said as she strolled into the room wearing the same dreamily expression that Madelyn wore. 

The End

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