Kiss Goodnight


Written by GardeniasCastle & Fitzy

Ryan almost slipped from his chair during our song. His surprised expression said it all; he was surprised to hear that Marcella and I are great singers. Melina sings, too, but she prefers to play.

The last words are sung, Melina with Jupiter play the ending notes and all of us take a breath. Applause sounds throughout the room.

Uncle Rex jumps onto the stage and hugs Jupiter. “You guys did great! Marvellous way to end the ball!”

More applause, I am not used to so many clapping hands. Some witches in the room created more hands in the air. Ah, the beauty of being mortal free.

“Alright everyone, say goodnight for my staff and I need to do some cleaning!” Uncle Rex says to stop the applause.

The crowd of guests’ wave at us and all disappear in a puff of purple smoke. I blink, surprised at their accurate magick trick.

“That’s one way to leave the ball,” Melina says from behind me.

“You said it,” Marcella says.

I look at the eldest sister; she is changing right in front of my eyes. She is becoming bold with her speech and even is starting to curse from time to time.

“Melina,” Jupiter says. “Will you walk me with me part way?”

“Yes,” Melina responds with no hesitation. “But first I need to put away this little beauty.” She is talking about her violin, of course. 

After she puts it way, she quickly gives a hug to Marcella and myself. “I will be right back.”

“Wonder how long she will be gone this time,” I laugh at her eagerness at being with her hot prince.

“Don’t joke,” Marcella says as she comes up to me.

“Well girls,” Uncle Rex stands between us and pulls us into his arms. “You are not regretting in meeting me, right?”

Don’t say anything stupid,” Marcella warns me inside my head.

I roll my eyes but don’t have time to reply since Eddie pops his head out of the floorboards.

“Of course, they are happy but not because of you Rexy, because of me,” Eddie exclaims at the end.

I break out laughing. “We are happy to know the both of you.”

“Agreed,” Marcella sends me an approving look. 

“Girls why don’t you go on up to bed,” uncle Rex encouraged and then he saw Marcella open her mouth, “no buts you have done enough for today.”

Marcella sighed and hugged uncle Rex, “goodnight uncle.”

“Goodnight Marcella sleep well,” uncle Rex kiss her head and Marcella moved away to say goodnight to Eddie.

“Thank you so much uncle Rex,” I say and hug uncle Rex.

“Dear Madelyn I hope that you will overcome the events of tonight,” uncle Rex whispered.

“I will, I have two amazing sisters and now Ryan.”

“I have a good feeling about him.” I smiled as he kissed my head also, as I turned Eddie was suddenly in my face. “Eddie.”

“I’ll make sure there are no bumps in the night,” it was becoming hard not to like Eddie with his cheeky face and carefree attitude.

“Thanks have a good night.”

“Madelyn,” I heard his voice and smiled seeing his face. “I’m leaving now.”

“Okay, I’ll walk you out.” I could feel eyes on my back and I turned seeing Marcella on the stairs smiling encouragingly with Zafrina on her shoulder.

Ryan took my hand leading us towards the door, where few people were collecting their belongings. He led us outside, moving to face me and I wondered if he would kiss me. I so hoped that he did, oh what those lips much taste like, how they would feel against my own and warm tingling swept through my body.

“I best go before I fall any deeper into your sea blue eyes,” Ryan hand was caressing my jaw and his body close to mine.

Feeling less than the school girl and more like the young lady that I was I placed my hands on his chest, “I’ll save you from drowning.”

The smile that Ryan gave me made my heart flutter, the smile that was coming closer to my waiting lips.

“I am spellbound by you,” Ryan whispered, his hand went to the back of my neck and his tender lips found my jaw and then my lips were caught within the spell. I opened my mouth to breath and Ryan used it to his means of exploring before pulling back to rest his forehand on mine. “I will drown a hundred times over for you to rescue me.”

Ryan let his arms drop from my waist, I didn’t even realise he was holding me and after another kiss we said goodbye.

I felt like pinching myself. Did that really just happen? Feeling almost star struck I wondered back inside and drifted to my room using a quick spell to remove my gown and I located my pyjamas.

“Hey Madelyn, are you coming to wait in Melina room?” Marcella appeared in my doorway.

“I...yes I want to know the details.” I replied mentally shaking myself awake and jumped up from my bed.

“Did you say goodnight to Ryan?” Marcella asked casually as we opened Melina door and made ourselves comfortable on her bed.

“Yes and oh Marcella!” I squealed in excitement grasping her hands.

“What is everything okay?” She asked concern flickered in her eyes and then she studied me. “You kissed?”

“Yes oh my god he really kissed me Marcella!” still holding her hands I started to bounce on the bed.

“Wow I’m happy for you sister,” Marcella hugged me and I saw the smile on her face but something else appeared in her eyes then quickly vanished.

“Can I ask a favour?” I ventured.

“What kind of a favour?” Marcella pulled her eyebrows together weary of what I might ask.

I smiled, “a sister favour?”

“Go on then.”

“Can you try and be happy for Melina and Jupiter? I know their story and marriage propose is a bit of a shock.” I saw her eye widen at the last part and quickly moved on. “But he clearly loves her and I think she does also.”

“I am happy for her, I just hope he makes her happy and treats her right. That also goes for Ryan I might add.” Marcella smiles, “as long as you two are happy then I am and I love each of you.”

The End

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