Future Princess


The amount of money that we raised came as a shock. I didn’t think it would be possible but here we are. Tomorrow, we sisters along with Uncle Rex would take the check to the ‘save the whales’ organization. After that, I think we need to go dress shopping once more for Marcella’s mystery dinner date.

We are walking outside away from the crowd, all of us need consulting in one way or another.

“I’m sorry,” Madelyn suddenly said breaking the silence as we gathered by some oak trees.

I kneel near the trees, whisper a spell and create a bench for us to sit on. We talk about Callum, which I am happy about because we can now put it back behind us after talking about him. The situation has been resolved…maybe I can stay calm now. But, I need to become stronger. It was too easy…the way I got burned.

I sigh as the topic changes to the little black dress vision of Madelyn. “Cella,” I start. “Who’s to say it won’t come true, Marcella hasn’t met her man yet, well beside him bidding on her and mine was planned out years ago.”

“Love finds you not the...” Marcella starts. She pauses and continues, “What was planned out?”

Madelyn sat up then and turned to face me, “the fairly prince?”

I swallow and think of the best words to use. It is big news. I am still coming to terms with it myself.  I cough, “our engagement.”

“I’m sorry to be rude but what did you just say?” Marcella snaps at me and I wince in response.

“Engagement?” Madelyn said sound just as shocked as Marcella. I guess I can still shock my sisters.

“You guys may want to get comfortable,” I say before launching into the tale. While I talk, I watch Madelyn’s eyes twinkle as she imagines the events. She is such a dreamer. Marcella on the other hand, looks way too serious so when Marcella started freaking out after the part of me saving Jupiter, I wasn’t surprised. When Jupiter came to save me from further embarrassment, I almost jumped into his arms to kiss him for being timely. I was also thankful when Marcella decided not to grill Jupiter with further questions.

“Jupiter lets go and see the mermaids before they leave,” I pull him behind me towards the fountains. My best idea yet. If I say so myself. We sprint across the green grass, not waiting for my sisters to say anything.

Jupiter’s silver eyes flash with amusement when reach one of the fountains and I able to look at him again. His silver hair is even more of a mess than before. He notices it as well and puts his hair into a ponytail. My gaze travels to his leg, to the baggy long pocket where his flute lies. I want to play music again and get lost in the exciting new melody.

I am forced to look away from him when a shadow graces us. I look to the woman before us. Her seaform green dress sends a jolt to my brain that makes me focus on everything around me.

“Thank you for coming,” I find my voice and bow a little to the woman who I can only assume to be a mermaid.

“Your uncle knows how to throw a party, dear,” her musical voice sings. “And this masquerade ball let me talk to your mother, Jupiter. I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“My mother is a busy woman, as are you Queen Ariel,” Jupiter bows as well.

“I am indeed. We need to have you two for dinner one of these days on one of my beach castles. I want to get to know the future princess. Have a magickal night,” the queen winks and is the first to enter the fountain before us.

I quickly look around to see some humans leaving. They are not gaping at the scene of disappearing mermaids, which means Madelyn’s spell is still working.

I look back to see mermaids leaving through the several fountains.

“The mermaid queen is as mysterious as my mother sometimes,” Jupiter says.

“Maybe, but I certainly didn’t think I would be meeting royalty left and right,” I respond back and feel his arms wrap around my waist.

“You will be meeting a lot more, especially after my mother sends out messages to the kingdoms of the magickal world. Your life is about to change, I hope that is alright,” he pulls me in tighter. It makes me wonder if he is afraid that I will back out.

“I think Ignetia will have a say in this for sure,” I whisper.

We continue to watch the mermaids leaving. The last mermaid signals that she is indeed last to leave and that the spell can end. I quickly mutter the words to end the spell and seconds later there is less magick in the air.

Melina, help me say goodbye to the guests. Bring along Jupiter, ladies loved him,” Uncle Rex sends a telepathic message to me.

“Uncle Rex, you still have much to answer for,” I think back and we start to make our way back to the main doors.

“Don’t mind him, he just likes to act like he is nuts,” Jupiter laughs.

“Yeah, well. His jokes go a little far,” I respond as we make our way to the top of the stairs.

Uncle Rex stands by the doors and chats with a young couple. Another comes up to Jupiter and myself. My sisters are nowhere in sight. Great, Uncle Rex only wanted us to help. I hope my sisters are enjoying the ending of the ball.

“Tell your uncle thank you,” the red head woman says. “My babysitter needs to go home so we need to leave right now to take care of our daughter. This ball was a success.”

“Ah, well now. Give your daughter a hug and thank you for coming. I hope you will like the vase that you got. I assume it will be in the study?” I think back to the action and the lady getting an old replica of an Egyptian vase.

“Ah yes. You remember!” She exclaims. “Hunny, she remembers we got the vase. I am impressed!”

“She is Rex’s niece, dear. We need to go, have a good night Melina,” the husband responds and takes his wife by the arm.

After that the people who were leaving had similar excuses-children at home, dogs needed to be walked, work in the morning, and the list goes on. On the way out, the teenage daughters sent flirtatious looks to Jupiter who promptly ignored them. Well he started to ignore, after my heel ‘accidently’ landed on his right foot. Madelyn would have been proud to see that accident.

“Well that was the last of the humans to leave,” Uncle Rex walked up to us and wiped his hand over his sweaty forehead. “Remind me to throw smaller parties, saying a goodbye is worse than greetings or making money.”

“When is everyone else leaving? I am tired myself,” I take a glass of water from a waiter who was walking by.

“Oh they will pop out when they are ready,” Uncle Rex says. “How about a last song for the evening? Violin and flute?”

“How will they know that it is a last song?” I ask, feeling excitement seep into my bones at the prospect of hearing Jupiter’s flute.

“I will announce it!” Uncle Rex claps his hands. 

We follow Uncle Rex into the ballroom in time to see Adrianne taking Nick by the collar and dragging him out. Madelyn and Ryan walk in from a balcony and Marcella is already sitting inside talking to an older gentleman.

“Alright! And now to end the night, Melina and Jupiter will play for you!” Uncle Rex shouts without a microphone.

I take out my violin and Jupiter takes his flute into his fingers.

Sisters! How about you two sing to our song. Let’s change Rhianna’s ‘Written in the stars’ into our own version?” I call out telepathically and make sure Jupiter hears.

Why not?” Marcella gives in and Madelyn runs up to the stage without a second thought.

My bow touches the violin and I play the first notes. Jupiter plays the next notes and the sisters start to sing. They sing with our melody slowly and powerfully.

From the moment of our inception
Yeah we were destined
To be together (together)
Two planets on a cosmic collision
Yeah were on a mission
To last forever

And so gravity took hold
And it's never letting me go
Like a tractor beam
To infinity lost sense of all control

And our love is written in the stars
Already written in the stars
If I'm from Venus you're from Mars
Our love is written in the stars

Uh, oh, eh, eh
Eh, uh, oh

I see your name spelled out in the sky
Lighting the night like a constellation
Now let's be touch (go for a ride)
The speed of light a supernova sensation

And so gravity took hold
And it's never letting me go
Like a tractor beam
To infinity lost sense of all control

And our love is written in the stars
Already written in the stars
If I'm from Venus you're from Mars
Our love is written in the stars

Uh, oh, eh, eh, eh, uh, oh
It's written in the stars, oh
Eh, eh, yeah, yeah, eh, eh

I need your forcefields
I gotta keep it real
To keep me from burning (burning oh)
Don't want to drift away
Floating in outer space
There's no way I'm returning oh

And our love is written in the stars
Already written in the stars
If I'm from Venus you're from Mars
Our love is written in the stars

And our love is written in the stars
Already written in the stars
If I'm from Venus you're from Mars
Our love is written in the stars

Oh, oh, eh, eh, eh, It's written in the stars
Oh, oh, eh, eh, it's written in the stars

The End

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