Your wish is my command


 Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle

 Ryan is talking with uncle Rex as I approach, Ryan turns and smiles warmly at me.

 “I will leave you two alone,” uncle Rex says before tapping Ryan on the shoulder and leaves to go back inside.

 I suddenly feel nervous, feeling butterflies in my tummy flutter as Ryan stares with sparkling blue eyes.

 “I couldn’t tell you before but, you look beautiful and I’m sorry you had to go through that with Callum.”

 “Thank you,” I say, smiling and take in his appearance. Taking in his smooth jaw line, his styled blonde hair and as I move closer I note that I come just below his shoulders. “You don’t need to apologies Ryan, it wasn’t your fault and my sister Marcella already explained. Can I ask what happened to Siena?”

 Ryan sighs, looking up to the night sky before taking my hand, “care to take a walk with me?”

 “I don’t mean to sound rude after everything that has happened but, how can I trust you? This could be a trick,” I say.

 “I understand Madelyn, let’s go inside where and hopefully you will trust me not to betray you.”

 I nod and allow Ryan to lead me inside. I look back seeing Zafrina fly past. I wonder where she is going?

 Time flew by and as I placed my cake fork down on the plate. I can't  help a yawn which escapes my mouth. Ryan had told me everything about Siena. I sat digesting the information feeling lucky that I was saved in time. Ryan had finished his own slice of cake, watching the group of dancers whom were left in the ballroom. He seemed lost in his own thoughts to really pay any attention.

 Adrianna wondered into the ballroom her head moving over the sea of dancers before she left looking irritated and I felt a pang of concern for her.

 I thought about going after her when Ryan speaks, breaking the silence, “can I show you something?”

 Caught unawares by his question I nod, Ryan moves his chair sitting directly in front of me. “What is it Ryan, magick trick?” I laugh, knowing that he is no witch.

 “Magick in a different form. I want you to think of a memory or a place that means something to you and keep your eyes open.” His voice is gentle as he spoke and I stare unknowingly into those sparklingly blue eyes.

 The first thought that comes into my mind is the dream from a few weeks ago. Nothing else matters anymore, it was as if a dome had been placed around Ryan and myself. I blink suddenly and gasp, taking in the scene.

 Moonlight consumes the balcony as I stand feeling the light breeze move my hair around my back. I drop my fingerless gloved hand from my lips shocked, and see my dress had changed from deep purple to midnight black. The dress clangs to my skin giving me curves. I turn quickly afraid that Zafrina would see and report back to my older sensible sister.

 A low whistle comes from the lips of the figure that moves into the moonlight, “you look even more beautiful without the mask.”

 “Ryan…is... is this real? What did you do?”

 Ryan comes closer, slipping his arm around my waist, taking my hand. "I am no witch but I have a gift of illusions. I only discovered this gift after my mother passed away. I think in a way, I inherited her powers. I am still new to this and I am looking for a teacher."

 "That is amazing," I respond awestruck at the scene before me. The dream has come true. Not in the way, I thought it would but still, it has. Now, I am not the only lonely sister of the three. "My specialty is dream magick. Dreams are somewhat of illusions. I... I can teach you...if you are interested." Suddenly, I become shy and look away. Two minutes ago, I did not trust him but now I do. Only because he showed me a side to him, that he did not show to anyone else. Or at least, I hope that I am first to see his skills.

 "I would love that, my beautiful water witch. For that to happen, I need to move where you are," Ryan says, making me giggle.

 "That would be San Mateo, California," I answer him.

 "Great, there is nothing keeping me here. I can apply for jobs and move," Ryan says.

 "You can work in our shop? After you gain more stability over your illusions you may even become a teacher. I think it would benefit the store and my parents wouldn't mind that," I answer him way too quickly.

 "I didn't think of that, sounds good. Just wait to tell Marcella...I saw how she looked at Melina's prince. Marcella will hang me or something," Ryan says.

 I break out into laughter. "Don't know how long it will take until she finds out though."

 The illusions falls apart and I look around. There are less people around.

 "Looks like the masquerade ball is almost over. The mermaids already left, some human guests, and some witches," Ryan says and I nod in agreement.


The End

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