Sister bond


I throw my arms into the air, my fingers moving swiftly releasing flames that revile the grand total, “$40,315 dollars! Thank you everyone.” The room sounded like a rainfall as everyone clapped and cheered. I could hardly believe the total myself and move my arms to the side welcoming on a gob smacked Patrick. “Patrick from the charity would like to share some words of thanks to you all.”

Patrick dropped his note cards, bending to gather them back into a neat pile before walking on to the stage. Dropping my fire spells, I stepped back allowing Patrick to enjoy moment and saw my sisters surprised faces.

‘Oh my goodness I can’t believe,’ Melina said and hugged prince Jupiter.

‘Wow that’s amazing,’ Madelyn adds, her mood down from what happened with Callum. I walked over to where my sisters where standing, Jupiter had his arm around Melina waist I felt my eyebrows narrow slightly through my mask and left it for now as Madelyn needed consoling.

“Melina, Madelyn can you help me with something?” I asked and couldn’t help but stare at Jupiter hoping he would take the hint.

“I must go and thank your uncle,” Jupiter takes Melina’s hand to his lips.

“You’re not leaving are you?”

Jupiter move his fingers under Melina chin so she could meet his dazzling gaze, “not before I kiss those deep red lips of yours princess.” They stared at one another, I couldn’t help but pick up on what he called her, Madelyn coughed loudly and making Jupiter drop his fingers from Melina chin.

“Melina,” I said as blinked hearing her name being called. “Let’s go and get some air think we need to cool down.”

We walked together, a ray of displays were going on entertaining everyone and it was hard to believe that the moon was still shining after the events of night.

“I’m sorry,” Madelyn suddenly said breaking the silence as we gathered by some oak trees. I shared a look of concern with Melina who knelt to the ground whispering a spell. The ground rumbled as tree roots sprung from the ground and created a bench allowing us to sit.

“You have nothing to be sorry for sister,” I wrapped my arm around her shoulders; Melina copied the movement and wrapped the other side of Madelyn shoulders.

“I should have known something wasn’t right about him,” Madelyn voice broke clearly upset. “I was warned but I paid no attention.”

“Hey don’t say that, he hid it well and he must be wearing a cloaking object to keep his identity secret.” Melina said holding her hand, “he fooled us all.”

“It’s true Madelyn, I couldn’t pick up anything and maybe I should have taken a closer look using a spell.” It dawned on me then the seriousness of the situation, if Callum had being successful then we wouldn’t be sitting here, I couldn’t begin to think of our parents what they would say.

“Marcella, your doing that stress scratching thing stop,” I dropped my glove hand and smiled at my sisters.

“So I guess my dream was a lie and a nightmare,” Madelyn slumped forward resting her head in her hands. “Expect the classroom hall turned into a ballroom, no little black dress and no handsome stranger.”

“Little black dress?” I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow wondering what the dress looked like on my young sister.

“Cella,” Melina said quickly under her breath rolling her eyes. “Who’s to say it won’t come true, Marcella hasn’t meet her man yet, well beside him bidding on her and mine was planned out years ago.”

“Love finds you not the….” I stopped for a moment repeated Melina sentence in my head. “What was planned out?”

Madelyn sat up then and turned to face Melina, “the fairly prince?”

I saw Melina swallow before finding her voice again, “our engagement.”

“I’m sorry to be rude but what did you just say?” I snapped.

“Engagement?” Madelyn said sound just as shocked as I did.

“You guys may want to get comfortable,” Melina said and she launched into her tale. Zafrina landed on my lap at the mention of the bear appearing, Madelyn gasped caught up in the story and I stroked Zafrina feathers fearing for what was coming next.

How on earth could this be happening? Melina was only 16 years old. No way was she getting married…mum and dad oh webs what were they going to say on the matter? Who was this prince anyway, did he even care for Melina or was he forced into it from the beginning and was there a bigger plan in the making? I stood up pacing and trying not scratch.

“I used too much power, being young and afraid of Jupiter falling…it took a lot of out me,” Melina explained making me stop in my tracks.

“What happened?”

“Don’t freak out anymore than you are but,” Melina took a deep breath. “The queen healed me with this special water and drop of her blood.”

“Wow that must be a powerful healing drink,” Madelyn commented.

“Yeah very,” Melina looked down; I narrowed my eyes reading that there was more to it than that.

Madelyn picked up on my reaction, “what?”

“Well…” I held my breath waiting.

“Melina is part fairy,” Jupiter appeared from nowhere dropping the bombshell. “Only a small portion,” he added as if that made any difference.

“Jupiter let me introduce my sisters,” Melina jumped up quick to escape, Madelyn was just as shocked as I was and as Melina took Jupiter hand I saw her shoulders relax.

“It’s an honour to finally meet you all,” Jupiter stepped forward smiling presently.

“This is my youngest sister Madelyn,” Madelyn wasn’t sure whether to curtsy or hold her hand out in the end done a mixture of both.

Jupiter smiled and bowed gracefully, “nice to meet you Madelyn.”

“You too and thank you for before in the attic,” she replied.

“Let’s not mention the matter, Ryan was actually asking where you had gotten to,” Jupiter told her and I watched her eyes brighten.

“We needed a sister moment,” I said Jupiter turned his green eyes on me and as I quickly took in his appearance I could see the draw to him.

“My oldest sister Marcella,” Melina introduced I wondering if I should curtsy.

“Marcella you must have loads of questions for me yes?” Jupiter smiled reading me like a book.

“I have but…” my gaze flickered to Melina and Madelyn, “not tonight prince, I will give you one free pass for tonight.”

‘THANK YOU!’ Melina shouts in my head.

“Jupiter lets go and see the mermaids before they leave,” Melina said pulling Jupiter away before I could change my mind.

“That was a nice thing you just did,” Madelyn commented nudging my arm.

“It’s an magical night, now will you go and find Ryan,” I said nudging her back and watched her stroll off towards the mansion.

“Zafrina go and watch over them,” I watched as Zafrina fly off from the tree branch and headed to the side door near the kitchens.

It was quite down this side of the house, as I got closer I saw a dark shape leaning against the wall. Someone opened the kitchen door allowing the light to escape and I gasped seeing the black motor bike from the other day. 

The End

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