Proof of fairy blood


Two men show up behind Uncle Rex and take Callum away.

My arms hurt. My fingers burn, but my magick still works. My vines help me get to the wall where I rest my back. "Guys go ahead. I just need to rest." 

"But," Marcella utters. 

"Melina is right. Take your sister and go. Take the hyperventilating boy with you. Jupiter can you heal Melina?" Uncle Rex gives orders. 

"Yes, we will see you downstairs in ten minutes," my prince says. 

My prince's name is Jupiter... 

Marcella and Madelyn take Ryan by both arms and walk in front of Uncle Rex. 

"Don't take too long, when you guys come downstairs, Marcella will make the announcement of the money raised. Also I am taking a break from the young music for some classic so don't be surprised."

"Right, Uncle Rex," I say and wince. 

I breathe in and and out. I've been burned by flames before. Marcella's, when we were kids. She was showing me fire and I was growing trees. She tripped over the tree's roots and I got burned when I was trying to burn plastic. 

Jupiter kneels in front of me and pulls out a vial. "What's that?"

He smiles, "fairy healing potion. Only works on fairies." 

I cringe. "You really think it can help me? I am only a small portion of fairy. Not even 1/3rd."

"My mother's blood is the strongest. It will not matter how much you have inside," he says as he opens the vial and holds it next to my mouth. "Do you trust me?" 

I feel cold. "Yes, will it hurt?"

"It might, it depends on an individual," he says. 

I nod and open my mouth. The liquid enters my mouth, burning my mouth. It tastes like earth, leaves, and spring water. I feel no pain. My breathing calms down and I look down at my arms. Old skin falls off and new grows in its place. I blink and my arms look like new. 

" what I call 'healing', I laugh. 

"No pain at all?" He asks me. 

"Not at all Jupiter," I say his name and both of us blush. 

He clears his throat and helps me up. We walk slowly out the door, forgetting our masks. We don't really need them anymore. 

When we get downstairs, couples are dancing waltz. Jupiter pulls me to the dance floor and we join the beat of ‘One two three…one two three.’

I turn my head to the left and let him lead. After several spins, I notice Marcella talking with Uncle Rex. He has a scroll in his hand, probably the final amount and what she needs to say. That was nice of him to let Marcella make the announcement.

After a couple of more spins, I see Marcella has noticed me.

You ok?” She calls out to me telepathically.

Yeah, No burns left at all. I feel new,” I respond. I can feel her relax and the song ends.

The music becomes quieter, the guests notice and find Uncle Rex with their eyes.

Melina, your mask!” Marcella reminds me. Internally I growl because I don’t really want to wear it. I create two masks with my earth magick.  

“How is everyone doing?” Uncle Rex yells. It feels like he is a rock star the way he asked.

Cheers erupt in the hall.

I look around and find Madelyn talking to now calm Ryan.

“So my niece, Marcella, has the honor of letting you know how much money is going to be donated to save the whales! Hold your applause until the end,” Uncle Rex says and steps away from the podium.

Marcella takes her place at the podium and two fire balls irrupt on either side of her.

“The amount is….” 

The End

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