One more dance?


By GardeniasCastle and Fitzy

“One more dance?” He asks me.

“Sure, this is a ball after all.” I walk up to him and fix his mask. “Your mask was a little crooked.”

“Thank you beautiful, now let’s go,” Callum says, promptly ignoring Adrianne with Nick.

We walk past, on the way; I send a gust of wind and Nick trips over it. For now, that is the best thing that I can do. No matter how annoying I find Adrianne, she is still family.

The music is getting louder and louder.

“Wow I wonder how your uncle is doing this. I don’t see any speakers,” Callum says while he jumps and down looking for invisible speakers.

I laugh, “Oh he has much up his sleeves. Plus it is his house; he probably has hidden spaces where he shoved in the speakers.” Will Callum believe it?

“Oh, I know!” Callum smiles at me mischievously.

“What?” I ask, I becoming slightly more comfortable with him.

“I ran the numbers and the auction was a real success! I want to be a part of this next year because I bet your Uncle will make this an annual thing! Except get the other elite involved. There is more stuff in the attic right? Why don’t we see what we can auction off next year while we are at it,” Callum says excitedly. Then he rubs his head. “Sorry, I guess I am a bad date, but this is what happens when I get curious. Patrick did a good thing with organizing and I bet we can work together.”

“That’s totally fine. It’s nice seeing a guy excited about auction for the greater good. Normally guys just think of video games and girls,” I tell him.

He smiles at me and picks up my hand in his. “Plus with the music everywhere we can dance there!”

We start running.

The song changes.

Please don't stop the music
Please don't stop the music
Please don't stop the music
Please don't stop the music

“You know when I heard about this masquerade ball, I did not think your uncle will be playing Rhianna,” Callum says.

“No kidding but I love her!” I say and start sort of dancing through our run up the stairs. It takes us the entire song to get to attic. I walk in first and try stop panting. High heels, running, dancing made me tired. I look around the attic, seeing if the ghost boy is anywhere in sight. He isn’t. I hear a click and look back at Callum.

His hand rests on the door handle.

“Umm, Callum? Did you just lock the door?” I ask him. Did he make me feel comfortable on purpose?

“What? Of course not Madelyn,” Callum says as he takes off his mask. “I just closed the door so other guests don’t have the same idea. You never know what goes through their heads.”

“Oh, right,” I respond uncertainly.

Callum sets down his mask on a box and starts looking around. I am not paying attention to the music anymore and watch him.

“There’s a bunch of great stuff here,” Callum says as his fingers brush against the dusty books on a table.

“Yes, it was hard to choose what to auction,” I respond.

“Are you jealous?” Callum suddenly asks and picks up a vial.

“Excuse me?” I ask, feeling a stone in my chest.

“Of your sisters. Melina’s date is a fairy and Marcella has a secret admirer while you are stuck with a human,” Callum says without looking at me. He pockets the vial.

“Fairy? Oh I guess his outfit and mask does remind you one from drawings,” I tell him. “You believe in fairies?”

“Yes and witches. I wonder…how good are you with water?” Callum asks as he turns around and sits on the edge of the table.

Alarm bells sound in my head. “Callum…what are you talking about?”

He rolls his eyes and his demeanour changes making me feel fear.

“Funny thing about witches, they hide in plain sight. I do say, Melina is powerful. Her earth magick is amazing. Are you as strong as your sister or are you jealous of her. Marcella…now her…I did not figure out her element yet. What is it?” Callum smirks. He then pulls out a eudialyte stone.

“Why do you have a eudialyte stone?” I ask him. It’s a stone that helps a witch gain more power. “You are not a witch.”

“Well observed, Madelyn. But I am here to do a job,” Callum responds and the stone flies into the air in front of him.

Sisters come quickly, something isn’t right,’ I yell in my head for my sisters. “What job is that?” I ask.

Pascale, come to me my Pascale,” I call out to her.

“The stone should be an obvious answer to that question,” Callum says.

The next second there is a gust of wind and a scent of roses. I blink to see Melina in the arms of her prince.

“Wow, well that is one way to travel,” Melina says and the prince sets her on her feet. She shakes her head and fixes her mask then her dress which rose up a little, revealing more of her long legs. If I was jealous of something it would be her legs. Melina looks around and notes the stone in the air. “What is the meaning of this? What is going on here?”

“Amazing, you called your sister with your mind,” Callum says without answering her.

Melina growls in anger and sends out her vines for the stone. When the vine touches the stone, electric current moves along them and electrocutes Melina, who starts screaming.

“NO!!!” The prince and I yell at the same time.

Melina’s vines fall broken to the ground and she falls back into the prince’s arms. She heaves in pain and her arms are red.

“WHAT DID YOU DO CALLUM?” I yell and create a wave that is supposed to imprison him. But my wave disappears into the stone.

“I did nothing. The magick of the stone protects itself,” Callum says in a shocked voice. 

“Callum, you need to remove that stone right now, before it causes anymore damage,” the prince says firmly stepping in front of us.

“I told you once and I won’t tell you again,” Callum pulled himself together and smiled darkly taking the stone in his hand. “And nothing will stop m-

Before Callum could finish his sentence the door flew off the wall and a fire ball came zooming into the attic landing on Callum arm. Marcella came striding into the attic her face like thunder as she quickly assessed the situation, the phoenix on her mask darted across alighting the anger in her eyes when she saw the burn marks on Melina’s arms.

Callum is busy waving his arm trying to put out the flames on his jacket and glares at Marcella. “Nice skills, Marcella,” Callum snarled.

“Why thank you Callum, now,” at the click of her fingers the flames disappeared, “what is all this about?”

“Fire element hmm I wouldn’t have put you down for that.”

“No? Well you already had your wind element from Siena,” Marcella replied rising her eyebrow daring him to deny her words.

‘Who is Siena?’ I asked wondering who Siena was and what she had to do with Callum.

All of the elements, crap that stone would be unbelievably powerful,’ Melina gasped.

Callum laughs, “let me guess… Ryan has been singing my praises again?”

“Ryan’s not the issue here,” Marcella snaps. “Drop the eudialyte stone and leave.”

How did this night turn into a nightmare? One minute we were dancing and the next the boy who I thought I was falling for, was threatening to take my magic away from me.

“Do you really think I’m going to bow down to your command?”  Callum laughs waving the stone in his hand.

Unnoticed, the fairly prince moved away from Melina, and was edging towards Callum. He then lunges towards Callum knocking him to the ground. The stone falls from Callum’s hand and skimmed across the wooden floor.

Don’t use your magic,’ Marcella orders us.

 Melina nods, keeping her eyes on her prince who was trying to restrain Callum. ‘What are we going to do, we can’t touch the stone.

No magic user can touch the stone,’ Marcella reminds us. ‘I’ll call Ryan.’ Marcella closes her eyes.

She got his number fast I thought to myself and I see Melina smile slightly.

“Get your hands off of me!” Callum shouted and the fairly prince struggled to keep a hold of him.

“Not a chance.”

Footsteps were coming up the stairs and I stood back allowing Ryan to enter. Why didn’t I listen to him? Why didn’t I listen to Adriane? Because you wanted the fairytale ending like your sisters, my subconscious replied.

“Marcella how did?” Ryan asked clearly confused.

“Get the stone quick!” We shouted as Callum hit the fairly prince to the floor and dashed for the stone. Ryan didn’t need to be told twice and dive to grab the stone, both boys scrambled to get the upper hand. Callum held the stone high in his hand, only to have Ryan knock his hand and the stone went up into the air…

And burst into pieces.

“Now that’s been taken care of would you all gather in the main ballroom?” Uncle Rex stood in the doorway brushing his hands together. Everyone is frozen, shocked by Uncle Rex’s sudden appearance.

“How did you do that?” I asked breaking the silence.

“The only spell that can destroy those stones,” Uncle Rex glares at Callum. “You will be escorted off my mansion and don’t even think of returning to finish the job. Do you understand?” His voice commands, making the hair on my arm stand up in fear. 

The End

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