Chilling conversations


“Can I help you with anything?” I asked standing up straight and wondered what he was doing here.

“Let me introduce myself first, my name is Ryan Ashford,” Ryan held out his hand and remembering my manners I took his hand.

“Nice to meet you Ryan, I am Marcella. Should we go into a room?” I let go of his hand and gestured to the side door in the hallway.

Ryan eyebrows rose as his eyes took my appearance, “sure.” I smiled sweetly as possible and opened the door waiting for Ryan to enter.

I casted a quick spell under my breath to make sure no one would over hear us, Ryan walked past me and I closed the door. “I’ll make this quick.”

“Well we have only just meet-

“Just stop right there and get that thought out of your head,” my voice wasn’t so sweet anymore and Ryan removed his mask shaking his head. “Why don’t you trust Callum?”

Ryan looked stunned for a second at my bluntness, “wow you get straight to the point don’t you?”

“Just answer, you’re the second person to warn my sister now and I want to know your reason.”

Ryan reached into his back pocket and held a square object in his hand, “this is my reason.”

I moved closer and saw that it was a photograph of a girl; the girl looked to be 16 or 17 years old, with wavy blonde hair and deep green eyes. “Who is she?”

“Siena she lived in my street up until a few years ago, a great girl and good friend. One unfaithful day she met Callum and from there everything went downhill.”

“How do you mean?” I asked looking from the photo to Ryan and I saw the pained expression that he shock off when he saw me staring.

“She was really out going, you always saw her out and about doing something. But once Callum came along you barely saw her and if you did she just…I don’t know something seemed missing. I confronted Callum but he told me to back off, of course that only made me more curious as to what was going on.” Ryan explained.

“So what happened in the end?” An idea was forming in my head, was Callum a protective boyfriend and controlled her every move?

Ryan rubbed his forehead seeming confused, “he disappeared suddenly and when I went to go and see Siena her mother told me she was unwell. I found it odd because Siena hardly ever got sick, I waited until her parents left later that day and found the spare key letting myself in.” Ryan looked down at the photo and sighed, “She wasn’t the girl I remembered. Weak, pale and Siena would barely talk to me about what had happened. I tried to search for Callum but he had vanished.”

“Can I take a closer look at her picture?” I asked not liking the feeling I was getting and was sure I had it all wrong. Ryan handed me the photo, I was staring at her photo concentrating when I felt the air swirl around my body making me gasp.

“Oh cobwebs, Madelyn… where is Callum?”

“I don’t know. I lost track of him. Marcella what is it?” I went over to the door opening it and heard Madelyn panic voice in my head as well as Melina’s.

“Ryan can you search the gardens and I’ll check the house,” I told him and didn’t waste any time leaving the room.

The End

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