Melina: So you wanna play with magick?


We had to dance to Katy Perry’s song-The Dark Horse.

At first the prince wanted to talk with me alone after winning me in the auction but then both of us received a mind message from his mother about dancing.

I give him a challenging look during the lyrics-don’t make me an enemy, your enemy, your enemy.

He pulls me into him and says, “Challenge accepted. I like playing with magick.”

After a couple of more verses, I get that his style of dancing is fairy mixed with tango. I shake my head thinking, how do I know a typical fairy dance? A hazy image forms in my mind of a cliff.

The image disappears after Marcella’s voice rings in my head, “Enjoy your dancing sisters.”

I quickly glance to see her back and the last of her colors but then I am spun. I laugh in response at his little maneuver and look back into his silver eyes. As the song ends, my prince picks me up like I am a feather into the air. His hands are on my waist and I look at him through my mask. His grip is firm, it doesn’t hurt at all. I want to take off his mask to see his face without feathers everywhere. He gently places me on the ground and then kneels.

He picks up my hand in his and kisses it gently.

I can feel myself blushing.

“Thank you for the dance, my earthly witch,” my prince says and I want to kick him but at the same time I want to smile at his words. 

I feel Madelyn walking away with Callum and turn my attention back to my prince who now is on his feet and pulling me away from the crowd. The crowd has gotten into the spirit of the ball with the next song of-"Dancing Queen" by Abba.

I wonder who chose it. On our way out of the ballroom, some guests shake his hand and others congratulate on how good we look together. I smile and nod like crazy. By the end of it, I think my head will roll off my head.

The prince takes me through the hall and down the stairs. We walk outside and then around the house toward the fountains. He lets go of my hand and looks up at the moon.

“What do you think of my mother?” He asks me after I get lost in the moon and the bird songs.

“Intimidating and powerful,” I respond without a second thought.

“Yes, she is that,” he laughs after responding. “You know what she said to me eleven years back?”

“No, I don’t,” I respond trying to think hard back to eleven years back. I met the queen eleven years ago but I don’t remember how I met her.

“After I met you, my mother told me that you will be my wife,” the prince finally says while I’ve been trying to remember things from my past.

“Hold up,” I raise my hand in the air. “We met eleven years ago?”

“Yes, you lost your memory after saving me and the baby,” the prince says.

I open my mouth in shock. I saved him…and what baby? “What baby?” I ask and lower myself on the edge of the fountain.

“It is embarrassing,” he answers, taking off his mask. “Masks get annoying, don’t they?”

He turns to look at me and my breath is caught in my throat. He is the most handsome man I have ever met and he looks fairy, he looks royal and powerful.

“Th…they do,” I respond loosing myself in his eyes which look green now but the silver is still there.

“You have ventured into a fairy forest because a tree told you that you could play there. You explored it and came upon me looking after a baby. You were curious about us and weren’t scared. We were curious about you. That is when I learned about witches,” he takes a pause and sits down next to me.

“What happened next?” I ask.

“We started showing off our skills, as kids, we found it amazing that both of us could wield magick. I forgot about the baby while watching your vines and the many flowers. We only turned around from the display of magick when we heard a growl. There was a bear and he was coming closer to the baby. I froze on the spot but you ran up and picked up the baby. And then, you did something extraordinary. You started scolding the bear. The bear was quite throughout your scolding and only growled at the end,” the prince pauses again and brushes his fingers against mine.

“I scolded a bear? Hard to believe at that age,” I laugh nervously.

“You did and it was amazing. I was ashamed that I froze so I took the baby from your arms and bid you good-bye. You see, a bear hurt one of my cousins. My cousin lost his eye and I saw the pain he went through. I was scared, and I was of the forest where I had more power than you. I was scared,” the prince says.

I smile up at him and touch his cheek to which he closes his eyes in response. “We were little; you were looking after a baby at that age. They shouldn’t have left it to a child like you.”

“Yes, well in my sadness I didn’t look where I was going and I came upon a cliff. I slid to a stop and let out a scream. You were there in seconds. I don’t know if you followed me or you used your magick but I saw you before we fell over the cliff. Here, I am falling, holding the crying baby to my chest and I am thinking only about being a kid. The next thing, I am back next to you. You sent out your vines and you manipulated the tree’s roots to save me from the fall,” the prince sighed and opened his eyes.

“Sounds scary,” I whisper. Why don’t I remember this?

“My mother and the mother of the baby ran up to us at this point and were in time to see you fall from exhaustion. You were heaving and even started bleeding. You used up too much of your magick to save me,” his voice becomes a whisper.

“That explains why I was weak after I met your mother,” I respond.

“Yes, she healed you; she heard everything from the nymphs of the forest while the baby’s mother and she were running. The nymphs went to get my mother when they felt danger. Both women knew what I failed to do and knew that you saved our lives. My mother took out her healing water and bit into her finger. She then let one drop of blood drip into the water. The water became pink and was given to you. That was the moment when a small portion of you became fairy,” the prince looks into my eyes.

It was like a veil was lifted off of my eyes and I remembered. Before I could reply, my head started pounding.

Sisters come quickly, something isn’t right,’ Madelyn’s voice screamed inside my head in panic.

Marcella, you heard her,’ I say in the same panicked voice. No matter how much Marcella closed herself from us, our link could still reach her.

“We need to go, Madelyn…there is something wrong with Madelyn,” I tell my prince.

The End

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