'But don't make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy'


Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle

“You look beautiful in that dress,” Callum commented bending down to my ear. My face felt hot and I was grateful for the mask.

I smiled as Callum spun me in the circle that had formed around us, Adrianna was looking deeply into Nick’s eyes and the audience talked happily about the evening. If anything the fire had created some excitement and the auction of sisters was a unique surprise.

Melina was lost in her dance with the fairly prince, I saw the challenging look in her eyes and wondered if the prince has finally met his match with my sister.

“Enjoy your dancing sisters,” Marcella's voice came to me and as I turned I saw her leave the floor, head held high. Clearly this mystery bidder had gotten to her more than she was letting on and with everyone staring at us they must be wondering too.

As the song came to the last lines, Callum dipped my body and kissed my neck making me gasp in surprise. Everyone clapped, I looked at Melina and saw her glazing into her prince’s eyes as he held her up high in his arms then gently placing her on the ground.

“Let’s get a drink,” Callum said, pulling me off to the side to the other room where refreshments were.

“Yeah good idea,” I replied taking in the decorative food on display. “This punch looks good.” I take the small flute glasses, filling them with the pink drink and give one to Callum who takes a sip.

“Hmm, needs a little something extra,” Callum pulls out a small clear glass bottle that I’m sure is vodka. “Like some?”

“I…” think carefully now Madelyn I said to myself, Marcella wasn’t too pleased about the champagne and this was a lot stronger. “No thank you.”

“You sure just a drop?” Callum tempted me but I stuck by word and shook my head meaning no taking a sip of the punch enjoying its sweet taste. My word, this must be his weakness, everyone kept warning me and this is it. Callum liked a drink, he didn’t seem the type.

“Thank you.”

“For what,” he asked having a drink.

“For not pressuring me, to have a drink I mean and for dancing with me it was amazing.”

Callum smirked which I found odd but put it down to him being embarrassed, “it was a pleasure Madelyn, you are quite the dancer yourself and don’t worry I wouldn’t do that to you.” Callum took my hand kissing it sweetly.

“Such a gentleman,” I replied bowing my head and giggled.

“I try although I must leave you for a moment as I saw an old friend of mine, do you mind?”

“No, is it that boy with raven hair?” I asked interested to know what all that was about, maybe I should speak with him too.

“Who…oh Ryan yeah I want to know why he was bidding on my girl,” Callum winked and left me to track raven boy Ryan down.

I took a cupcake and nearly dropped it as Eddie was suddenly in front of me, “Oh gosh Eddie you’ve got to stop doing that.”

“Sorry Madelyn,” Eddie said with a cheeky smile.

“It’s okay, would you like a…” I pointed at the cupcake and stopped talking remembering. “Ah yeah… erm.”

“I would only it may be a little difficult,” Eddie looked longingly at the cupcake. “Never mind, you can help me though.”

“If it is within my power.”

“Well actually it is, meet me outside in the garden by the pond.” 

Eddie vanished like always and I strolled off wondering what he had in mind. Of course when I did make it to the pond it became obvious as to what he wanted me to do. A small group of children where gathered all watching a young boy who was making patterns in the air with water. I watched as his lips moved and appeared to be blowing every so often to form the shapes.

“Impressive,” Eddie commented.

“He is, I know what you are thinking and I don’t want to spoil this moment for him.” I reply but feel the tug of Pascale.

“Fineee…hey! Madelyn why don’t you show the kids Pascale.” Eddie shouted, my face went hot again and I knew that it would be pointless to kick him. So I sucked it up, putting on a brave face and turned seeing bright eyed children staring at me.

“Please Madelyn…” the young boy had stopped using his magic and was grinning from ear to ear.

Pascale rose from the water in all her glory making the children ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’, one flick of my hand and water fountains came up spraying water high. Pascale leaped over the fountains and cried out happily. That sent the kids into a much more happy mode of clapping their hands.

I leave Pascale to entertain the kids and make my way back to the house. On the way, I see couples making out, or running around trying to figure out where they can have private moments. I clap three times and our rooms lock. I do not want some strangers coming in because they want to have some private time.

I want to go find Marcella but she put a wall around her and finding her in this place would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

I guess finding Callum would be either. I close my eyes and remember his aura. Then I open my eyes and look at the house, I find it pretty fast. It is on the balcony. He is alone.

I make my way that way and notice Adrianna and Nick. "I'll be right back, sweetie." I hear her words and hide behind a pillar. It feels like a private moment. Adrianne walks past me and I see that her dress is ruined, something got spilled on it. I want to follow her but she starts running and turns into another hallway. I shouldn't, she will probably yell at me.

I am about to turn and continue on my way when I hear high heels from the opposite direction. I turn to look and see a girl in a skimpy prom dress meet Nick inside the doorway. She wraps her around his neck and kisses him on the lips. In seconds, it becomes heated, making me blush.

How can Nick do this?

They stop kissing and she runs her fingers against his belt. "I was really surprised when you bid on Adrienne. I thought that you are mine now. Why did you do it?"

"I want both of you," Nick says and I feel like I should send Pascale to strangle him.

"You can't sweetie, unless it is at the same time. You need to choose who you want to be with and I hope you choose me," the girl says and starts kissing his neck while her fingers play with belt.

I look away from the scene and clench my fists. Adrienne's mother was right, Adrienne will be heart-broken.

"I choose her," Nick says but I don't believe him.

"For now," the girl answers and all of us turn to look because of the sound of high heels.

"Leave, my girlfriend is almost here," Nick says.

"Fine," she says and leaves.

What should I do? She is not going to believe me.

I snap my fingers and create sounds of high heels coming from the hallway portion I am in, when the magick sounds came closer, I walked out and they matched mine.

Adrienne turns her head and smiles. "Madelyn, are you having fun?"

"Yes, just looking for my date," I say and glare at Nick but because of the mask, I don't think he understands that I know he is a pig.

"You will do better with someone else," Adrienne says.

"I can the same to you," I say and then put my hand against my mouth. I cannot believe I just said that.

At that moment, Callum walks into the hallway.

"Madelyn, I've been looking for you. How about one more dance?" Callum asks me.

Has he really been looking for me? He was upstairs moments ago.









The End

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