'A perfect storm, perfect storm'


And just like that it was over. Everyone cheered, commenting on the auction being the best they have ever been to and made their way to the ballroom hand- in- hand with their partners taking to the floor. My sisters were also swept away by their dates, the fairy prince had finally reviled himself and I couldn’t even be mad at Melina for using her magic so publicly with humans present. Callum appeared and offered his arm for Madelyn as she stood disappearing within the flock of gowns.

“Marcella,” Patrick made his way over to where I was still seated. “I can’t thank you and your sisters enough for all your hard work.”

“You’re welcome and we had fun making it happen,” I smiled feeling proud of what we had achieved.

“I must go and see how much we have raised, I’ll come and say goodbye later.”

“Yes go and please make an announcement, I’m sure everyone would love to know how much we have raised,” I stood and nodded leaving Patrick to his task.

The woman who was bidding on me seemed to have disappeared, it didn’t make any sense. No one had appeared as the mystery bid and I couldn’t help but feel played. ‘Dark horse’ was playing enchanting everyone, as I strolled by I notice my sisters in the middle dancing with their partners, a large gap had been made allowing them plenty of room to move as people watched the newly formed couples. Some glanced my way and I saw the wondering eyes that searched for my partner. Concern filled their faces when they couldn’t see anyone and I couldn’t stand to see their comforting smiles anymore. I wished my sisters well before leaving the ballroom.

I stood on the balcony my gloved hands resting on the ledge and watched the coming and goings of the ball. Melina had left the ballroom seeking a quiet place to talk with her prince and Madelyn was entertaining outside using her magic with Pascale. Zafrina circled once more unable to find Callum or the boy with raven hair.

How strange where had those two gone?

Zafrina landed gracefully on my shoulder, I stroked her chest and wondered if the mystery would ever be solved. When Zafrina turned her head and disappeared into flames.

Leaving me alone.

Until I heard the thumping heart that did not belong to my chest.

My senses had opened up without warning and I felt my magic stir within. I stayed staring without seeing, keeping relaxed yet feeling exposed and steadied my breathing. But I could see the smug smile of my intruder as they caught me with my guard down.

 I breathed in deeply calming my magic that was coming alight, what is it you seek stranger? There was no response not that I expected one but felt something warm creep over my bare shoulders and travel down my spine. What was this? For a moment my body relaxed until it left making my body shiver without warning. I notice then that my heart had picked up; I gasped and stopped my thoughts from running wild.

Unable to with stand the questions forming and my magic building I turn swiftly to face my intruder.

I blinked making sure my eyes were not deceiving me…as no one was here. Everyone was downstairs enjoying the ball, the hallway was not well lit and slowly I stepped forward wondering if they were hiding in the shadows.

“Are you Marcella?”

“Oh gosh,” I jump and stumbled into the wall with a rose painting.

“I’m sorry to startle you,” the male familiar voice said and once I steadied myself I turned and saw the raven haired boy standing by the stairs. 

The End

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