Melina-Silver eyes behind green mask


Uncle Rex and I watched people piling back inside. The humans were talking about how Uncle Rex had things well under control and that the fire was small. Marcella was still outside, and I figured that she would be the last one back inside. Madelyn looked serious for her age. I think the second warning got into her head and the magick that we have done has exhausted both of them. I was tired, too but not as much because Ignetia took care most of it for the most part.

"Uncle Rex, let's not bid on me. My date is the fairy queen's son, angering her will not be good and besides people are talking about the fire. They will not pay attention to your bidding game." I let him know.

"Ah, but they need to bid on you. It will give them a chance to remember why they are here. To help whales and dance. You can do some more magick to brag their attention when I introduce you. That will make the bidding the biggest amount yet." Uncle Rex rubs his palms together.

"Uncle Rex, what about the fairy queen?" I had a feeling that he had an answer for that, too.

"She knows that we are trying to save whales. Besides, if her son will be outbidded, it will be a catastrophe. He will donate some money if he wants to really meet you." He kept rubbing his palms together.

"I do not know how your wife stood you," I tell him.

She appears behind the podium. Half of her body is only seen. "I do not have an answer for that either. The man drives me crazy."

"Oh can you help me convince him not to do this. I do not want to be a bid," I try my luck.

"Sorry dear, he is right. This was your plan from the beginning so stand there looking pretty. At least you know that your date will be royalty. I never got a chance to date royalty when I was alive." Uncle Rex's wife says and disappears.

"Yeah she didn't because before a prince could ask her to dance, I did," Uncle Rex winked at me.

"You are impossible," I tell him and cross my arms. By this time people are back in their seats or standing with champagne glasses.

Marcella looks a little better and walks up to grab Madelyn so they could be together.

'Behave sister," Marcella sends me a message and I roll my eyes. I don't think she could tell because of my mask though.

'Just watch,' I respond and wait for Uncle Rex to do his thing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you did not forget that there is still one more prize," Uncle Rex laughs and smiles.

He motions for me to walk to stand where previously my sisters stood. I did.

"This is Melina, the middle sister. You have listened to her beautiful music and I know some of you already have your sights on her and her earthy dress. Not only does she play violin, she can also tell you, your future," Uncle Rex switches to a spooky voice.

I swirl on the spot once. I open my arms wide and green vines grow from the floor around me. They grow up and wrap themselves around my arms. When the vines reach my hands, a flower appears in each hand. A white gardenia. Then a tarot card appears next to each flower. A three of cups on the left, and the moon card on the right.

On the floor next to me, red roses grow from the midst of green grass and next to them is a different tarot card. The guests gasp and start clapping.

"I will tell you, your future," I try sounding sexy and each tarot card ignites into fireworks.

"Gents, the bidding starts at $100.00," Uncle Rex says excitedly.

'You did not behave, Melina," Marcella thinks to me.

'Yeah, show off,' Madelyn thinks as well but then laughs to show that she was kidding.

"300," A voice from the back yelled.

"350," Another voice and I heard movement. Young men from all over were stepping closer to the podium holding up their paddles. I will punish Uncle Rex later.

"500," I recognized his voice. And, I finally saw him.

"600 man, she will be mine," a new voice said.

"640," a complete other voice said.

"1000," my fairy prince said and I saw that his silver eyes looked directly into mine. He was not in hiding anymore. He is wearing a vibrant green mask that makes his silver eyes sparkle in this light. He has shoulder length silver hair, except some parts were shorter than others. Creating an illusion that it is a mess but is sexy. He is wearing a white long sleeved dress shirt with green vines design on the middle of the arms. He is wearing black jeans with a metal chain hanging down on the right side. The left leg has a pocket from which a flute is sticking out of, reminding me that he is a musician. I look back to his face but notice his lips.

While I was studying my prince, there was silence.

"Going once," Uncle Rex broke it.

"1010," a first voice said.

"2000," my prince said and I had to grip the podium not to fall. Uncle Rex had this planned. For fairies, money was nothing. I looked back up to his eyes and I could tell that he was finding this fun. He was ok with throwing this much around. Was this done to make his mother happy or he found me interesting?

I stop looking at him and find his mother further in the crowd. She has a smile playing on her lips. 'You have peaked his interest dear. I don't think it is about me anymore. Nice touch on the vines.'

"Going once, but seriously I think we can do better than that," Uncle Rex says into his microphone. "Melina."

'Remind me to sock him later,' I send a message to my sisters who nod their heads.

I raise my hand in the air and my deck from my room flies over nicely. The black cloth unwraps the dragon tarot cards and they flip up and create a circle around me. Several rows of tarot cards around me swirl around flipping back and forth. Then I send them out into the crowd of the bidding boys and the cards fly around them.

"2050," a new voice says from the middle of the crowd.

 "3000," my prince steps closer and doesn't take his eyes off of me. I blush and my cards return to me. I look at my deck, realizing that a card is missing. I know all my cards, I know each voice and every feel. I look back at my prince and he has a crooked smile on his lips. I look down to see him holding my card. He lets it go and it comes back into my hand. I look at it, the Lovers. "I think you all know that I win." His voice sounds. It was the same as in that forest, but much deeper.

"That is a challenge boys," Uncle Rex's voice booms throughout the hall. "Remember this is for charity. I might even allow a double dinner date and get to know Marcella."

'He is so going to get it," Marcella thinks and I growl.

"3500," yet another new voice sounds. It sounds older. "If is good with that tarot deck, I would also like a reading." I look at the men and I could small part troll. I got scared for a second.

"5000," my prince says and I grip the podium. Uncle Rex planned thing very well.

"Melina is one of the best tarot readers. She can do wonders," Uncle Rex calls. I want to step on his foot. I sent rose vines up the podium which now were threatening his face. "And the girl is feisty. You will not be bored!"

"5,700," I want that reading young man, the older man called to my prince.

"Not going to happen, 6,000," my prince says and holds up his paddle where I read his number to be 300.

"Thinks roses, gardenia's and tarot readings men," Uncle Rex calls. My vines crush his microphone. Uncle Rex glares at me but opens his arms to show that the bidding can continue.

"7,000," the older man called.

"10,000," my prince says getting up onto the podium and walking up to stand in front of me.

The hall was quite and even if it wasn't, the only thing that I heard is my heart beating.

"Going once," Uncle Rex yells.

Please let it stop, I think to myself.

"Going twice," Uncle Rex yells.

Keep going, I think to myself.

"And sold!!! To paddle number 300. Good for you. And no double date I am assuming?" Uncle Rex calls to my prince.

"No double date!" I yell at him and the rose vines stop directly in front of Uncle Rex's nose.

"Ok, no double date!" Uncle Rex calls and all applaud.

"Good," I sigh and let my vines go back to me.

"You want me all to yourself princess," my prince tells me and I blush.

"You are thinking way too highly of yourself," I tell him.

"I just spent a lot of money on you dear and I didn't expect to do that," he tells me and smiles.

"That is for the whales and fairies don't care for money," I tell him back, hoping that my voice sounds like ice.

"You know something about fairies, good princess," he tells me and pulls me into him. "Let's go and get to know each other."

Uncle Rex in the mean time pulled out another microphone. "Alright! Thank you for bidding and I am sorry that some of you are losers but you are all winners when it comes to the ball. No more bidding and more drinking...or actually there will be drinking. Now it is time to party!"

The doors open in every direction and a first song sounds the beginning of the ball. The song is "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry. 

The End

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