Madelyn-Raven boy versus Callum


Written by GardeniasCastle & Fitzy

I was surprised at finding out that we were the last bid. Adrianna got her boyfriend back. Marcella got a secret admirer and it was funny to see her reaction when she opened her eyes. I don’t think she even noticed that her phoenix had come to life on her mask at that moment.

“Alright, Marcella dear don’t forget, you promised dinner. The paddle number is 535.” Uncle Rex excitedly says holding onto his niece. “Now before we do the last bids, please make sure you have your checkbooks. You cannot bid a second time if you already have your dates with the two gorgeous girls. We will start bidding in ten minutes. Now that you know that we have two girls, please think creatively.”

Uncle Rex stepped off his spot with Marcella following close behind, trying to hide her furious attitude but failing miserably. “I cannot believe you are willing to out your daughter and nieces on the bid table. And how am I supposed to do dinner if we leave in two days?”

“Marcella dear, I will call your parents and let them you are staying one more week. Or a couple of more days so you can go to dinner. Besides maybe your sisters find my idea amusing.” Uncle Rex laughs and walks off to talk to the gentlemen on the right.

Marcella gives us a death glare and walks off. ‘I am off to find paddle 535. I want to know who the person on the phone was.’

‘Go ahead, but you have to get back in eight minutes now,’ I sent her a response through the mind again.

“You think she will find out?” Melina asks next to me and steals herself a glass of champagne.

“Melina! You are underage! You are not allowed to drink, and no I don’t think she will find out just yet.” I try taking her glass away.

“I saw Uncle Rex giving Marcella a drink. If our sister can drink tonight, so can we.” Melina responds and drowns her glass. “Not bad! I cannot wait till I am 21.”

“You are bad sister,” I say and give in. I see another waiter walk by in a white mask with a tray with champagne on it and take myself a drink. I take a sip and with annoyance look at my sister who starts laughing because she can see my 'dislike' face. My lips pursed together at the taste.“How can you like this stuff?” I did not like this at all. I finished the glass anyway.

Marcella comes back and starts giving us both a lecture on how we are too young to drink. Empty glasses are a dead giveaway. Melina bashes her eyes at her and says that she knows that the oldest had a drink as well. Marcella shuts up. She failed at finding paddle number 535.

Minutes later, Uncle Rex stands back up onto the podium. I hope I will be last. I do not want it to be my turn. What if Callum will not bid at all???

“Alright, now it is time to see what you gentlemen are ready to donate in order to spend this beautiful night with my youngest niece, Madelyn!” Uncle Rex stops to hear the applause and motions for me to come over. I sigh and put on a smile, which was the only thing that one could see because of my mask. “Madelyn is a Pisces, which makes her a dreamer and the best artist. I have seen her work, it is magnificent. I will start the bidding at $100, who will start us off?” He seemed to enjoy this. Now I knew how Marcella felt. I couldn’t bear to look, but I did.



“300.” I looked up surprised trying to find the paddle that jumped a hundred dollars so fast. I couldn’t find it.

“400.” I recognized Callum’s voice and relaxed a little a bit. He decided to bid and keep me as his date. I could burst with happiness.

“475.” That voice from before called and moved forward to stand next to Callum. I did not recognize the guy but his raven hair matched my own.

Callum glared at him. “500.”

“510.” The raven haired boy responded with equal annoyance. I saw that the other bidders stopped to bid to listen to the two boys out win each other.

I looked back to my sisters who also had amused expressions on their faces. Marcella thought to me, ‘Now if Callum can bid more than Nick-that would be a sight to see.’

‘Agreed,’ Melina thought to us and I shook my head looking back at the guys.

“600. And that’s all.” The raven haired boy crossed his arms.

“Going once,” Uncle Rex began.

“610.” Callum yelled.

“610 going once.” Uncle Rex repeats himself.

“625.” The raven haired boy waived money in front of Callum.

“625.50.” Callum yelled.

The raven haired boy shook his head. There was no bid from him. Callum ran up and put the cash onto Uncle Rex’s podium and picked me up into his eyes receiving a squeal of surprise from me.

“Callum, set me down you are not helping me keep my lady image,” I shout. He sets me onto my feet.

The raven haired boy comes up to us. “Let me know when you are sick of this scumbag. I don’t trust him.” And he walks away just like that. I had two warnings about Callum now.

“Ignore him, Madelyn. I have no idea what got into that idiot.” Callum smiles up at me.

“Do you know him?” I ask.

”Nope and now let’s see who wins your last sister,” Callum pulls me close and we watch Uncle Rex.

Uncle Rex winks at me and clears his throat so the guests would be paying attention to him.

Before he says a word, a waiter runs out into the hall on fire, “Help! The kitchen is on fire!”

There was a collective purse before the volume erupted. The kitchen staff was running from the kitchen, humans started to panic and the magic influenced staff had no choice but follow.

“Now everyone calm down,” uncle Rex’s voice boomed over the crowd. “If you could all move outside and we will deal with the situation.”

Once everyone had left the building- mostly humans we dashed off to the kitchen and saw the blasting kitchen.

“Madelyn call Pascale, Zafrina!” Marcella snapped taking control, “Melina-

“On it, Ignetia,” Melina utters.

“Zafrina control the flames, allow the heat to sock into your wings,” Marcella commanded. Zafrina spun around her body bathing in Marcella magic before flying into the flames. Marcella cast a quick look and nodded towards me.

“Pascale defuse the flames, washing away the burns that marked in their path,” I could feel her refreshing my heated skin and saw her follow Zafrina cleansing the room.

At the same time Melina was commanding Ignetia who was perched on her arm. “Gather the smoke before it lingers in wake of the flames; allow your sweetness to fill the air.”

Magic filled the kitchen as our familiars worked, we were glowing as the magic crested us and soon the flames disappeared.

Thank you your influence in the skills that your hold,

For quickness and safety

We are truly blessed.


Now you must rest,

Thank you, Zafrina

Thank you, Pascale

Thank you, Ignetia 


Bless be our dear friends"

“You girls should be very proud of yourselves,” uncle Rex said as he surveyed the kitchen. “Although I don’t know what your parents would say about you all jumping in to defuse a fire.”

“Or the fact that you are auctioning us offs to the highest bidder?” Marcella added raising her eyebrow.

“Lighten up Marcella, it’s for a good cause anyway and you just don’t like the fact of not knowing the person before you meet them,” I smiled and Marcella narrowed her fierily red eyes.

“I’m going outside for a moment,” Marcella touches her head begin careful of her mask.

“Are you ok?” Melina asked.

“Just hot from that fire spell, I’ll come in before it starts don’t worry,” Marcella says and walks past me.

“I could call Pascale to cool you down?” I offered.

Marcella stopped near me, “no thank you, she has done enough and I won’t be long.” She touched my hand and I felt heat radiating off her skin.

“Right well let’s get everyone back inside, magic users are influencing humans into thinking a small fire broke out,” uncle Rex informed us. I didn’t know how to feel about that, but sometimes I understood that it was needed to help keep our world secret and we were taught not to abuse it. 

The End

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