The dress fit me perfectly and the mask was not uncomfortable at all, in fact It felt like I wasn't wearing it. Marcella was looking at herself in the mirror and kept tidying her dress. I maneuvered the broomstick closer to her and said, "Cella you like amazing and your dress looks perfect. Madelyn is looks amazing as well so relax." Marcella's wavy curly hair was down and she was putting on her black mask which every so often going to have a firey phoenix appearing on it.

"It's hard to relax. We will be meeting a lot of witches and magickal beings tonight. We have to uphold our family name. Don't do anything stupid!" Marcella twirled on her feet and glared up at me.

I rolled my eyes and jumped off of the broomstick.

Fireworks sounded outside the window to which Madelyn responded by jumping in the air with excitement. Fireworks meant to be the start of the evening so any second now there will be a doorbell going off, mermaid walking out of the fountains, and other magickal beings joining in this huge house.

The doorbell rang after I finished my thought.

"They're here!" The three of us shouted at the same time.

We ran up to join Madelyn at the window and looked down to the fountain below. The water rippled revealing a mermaid. I swear she did 'an Ariel" before gripping the edge. After she gripped the edge, her tail was replaced by a dress and when she stepped out we saw shoes the color of her original tail. She put on her mask and looked back to the waters to see her friend exiting.

We would have stayed to watch but Marcella motioned for us to follow her. We walked down the hallway and met the first guests who made their way through the room. The waiters and waitresses were holding refreshments, fruit, and other small foods. Adrianne was wearing a pink dress and greeting the guests. I rolled my eyes at how it was easy to tell that she was faking it. She was not in a good mood and her mood changed when Callum walked in. Madelyn tensed up next to me.

"Behave little sis," I sent her a message with my mind and she nodded making her way up to Callum. Callum bowed to Marcella and I and we curtsied back.

Marcella and I moved outside and saw all the cars being parked on the parking lot on the left. Uncle Rex created the parking lot during the night to fit most of his guests, magickal and mortal. I wish I could have seen him do it. People walked past us and took drinks, ignoring the other food platters. I set up signs toward the auction beforehand and saw people following the signs and looking at the auctioned items. The idea was while we waited for the rest of the crowd, the ones that were here could already gain an idea if they wanted anything. The chairs were set up in the big ballroom which each chair having a paddle with a number. After a guest will choose a paddle, his or her name will appear on it and when they would out bid the others, their name and paddle number will appear on the scroll that will be on podium with the list of items on it. That was done so we wouldn't be as stressed.

Adrianne's mother popped into a painting and watched the people piling inside the ballroom. That sneaky ghost woman! Mortals will think that the painting has special effects while us magickal folks will know better.

Half an hour flew by very fast and I made a spell to count the total number of guests. A number 300 appeared in my hand showing that all the guests have arrived. I looked around the room, it was easy to do since I stood next to Uncle Rex, Adrianne and my sisters. It felt like a sea of colors. Some people wore exquisite dresses and suits while others wore costumes. All wore masks...which made it hard pinpointing my prince. I grunted in agitation and kept looking. There was so much magick in the air that at times it felt like to breathe so finding the prince was difficult, but I did find his mother.

"You look perfect my dear," she sent me a message into my mind. I sent her a similar message. To which she responded with, "My son likes playing games so he will be the one to find you. By looking for him, you are making it more entertaining for him." That is when I stopped watching the crowd. It wasn't fair that he knew where I was and I didn't know what he looked like even.

Uncle Rex cleared his throat and stepped up to the podium. He tapped the microphone sending an annoying sound throughout the hall but it worked. He had everyone's attention.

"Welcome! Welcome all my friends! It is a pleasure to host this year's masquerade ball at my house. It will be a pleasure to catch up with every single one of you and we will be here all night so don't worry you can all get a small piece of me." He chuckled at his own joke.

The crowed erupted in laughter.

"Ok, so before we can continue mingling and dancing and hoping that when you will kiss someone, you will kiss your lover," Uncle Rex winked at the crowd. "I would like to tell you why you are sitting on a paddle!" He picked up an extra paddle to show to the crowd. "It was the idea of my beautiful nieces to raise money to donate to the preservation of ocean life. We have twenty items for your pleasure. We will let you know the starting bid so don't hesitate to buy the idea if you want it. I know there are 300 of you so only twenty of you will go home with an auctioned item."

The crowd clapped in unison. I liked their response. I nudged my sisters and all of us smiled.

"Before I will present the first item, my niece, Melina will play you a song on her brand new violin. I heard her play last night and it took my breath away so I knew that item number twenty-one belongs to her." Uncle Rex pulled out a violin and handed it over to me. I was thankful that my mask and my hair covered my blush. I will hit him on the head later for doing this.

I took the delicate instrument from him and positioned it in my left hand, setting down my chin into the small grove. Then I started playing. I chose a different melody this time, a melody that was opposite to the one I listened to when I tried looking for my prince in the forest. I looked to the crowd and saw some of them closing their eyes as they listened to my song. Then, a flute joined my song and for the first time I could tell where the music was coming from. I found him in the crowd, his silver eyes watching me playing my new violin. His fingers moved beautifully on his flute and I was mesmerized but happy to say that our song became something more alive at this moment. Even more alive than when I was playing last night. I still couldn't tell what he looked like, it was like he was a chameleon who blended in with the crowd. The song ended and I didn't see him anymore. The spell was broken and the crowd erupted in applause.

I bowed and moved to the back where the violin case was on the back table behind the podium.

"Thank you Melina, that was lovely, that was magickal." Uncle Rex finished clapping. "Now the first item of the evening is a renaissance vase." 

The End

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