Last minute preparations


Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle

 Marcella’s face was determined and I knew that whatever had caused the statue to break didn’t stand a chance against my sister.

“Right now we must hurry to finish sisters,” Marcella looked down at her watch and gasped. “I must get on now; I’ll catch up with you both later.” She left us in a hurry about her tasks.

 “You know if she wasn’t our beloved sister then I’d say she was a right control freak,” I commented watching her cut across the garden and waving her hands at a woman who was designing a flower arrangement.

 “Madelyn you know what she is like,” Melina smiles and takes out her own piece of paper. “I best finish the decorations for the show rooms.”

“Have fun,” I reply as she walks away. 

 “What is with your sister acting bossing everyone around?”

 I turn glaring at Adrianna, “if you care to lift your head from your phone you will see that she is not bossing people around but, organizing an important event. One that you should be helping with.” I left her opened mouth and went to check on the kitchen.

Everything was running smoothly, everyone was busy working on their creations for the big event. They were catering for over 300 people, dishes of every size where being used, the kitchen assistants couldn’t move fast enough whispering spells and making quickly directing their magic.

I left them to it, uncle Rex was busy with the entertainers directing them to rooms where they could practice and change ready for the ball.

“Madelyn, can you help me?” I jumped seeing Eddie appear from nowhere and took a few steps back.

“I…what do you need?” I asked politely.

“These something missing from the attic and everyone else is busy…will you collect it?” Eddie asked.

“Erm….yes tell me where about it is.”

“I’ll come and show you,” Eddie smiled and went flying through the ceiling.

I was still frozen to the ground when Eddie’s head popped back through the ceiling, “come on Madelyn, and don’t worry. I cross my heart and hope to die that I won’t hurt you.” Eddie chuckled at the irony of his words, where as I swallowed my nervous as my shaking hand grabbed the stair rail.     

The lingering feeling of fear still gripped my heart as I walked up the stairs to the attic. The door swung open letting me in. Cautiously I walked in and looking for Eddie who was levitating about a small table.

"So where is it?" I asked with my voice cracking.

The drawer of the table slid open and I took my cue to move forward. 'Play nice,' I reminded myself and looked inside. Inside was a sea horse necklace. "It's this a peace for the auction?"

"Silly witch, it's for you. It is one of my favourite possessions that I found in a rummage sale but I think it suits you better." Eddie let out a laugh and I felt ashamed for how I've been treating him.

I blushed and smiled up at Eddie. "Thank you, it looks exactly like Pascale."

"No problem, friends?" Eddie lowered himself so he was much closer.

"Yes, friends," I smiled and I meant it.

"Yey," Eddie screamed and started flying around the room. On his fourth circle and stops in front of me. "Oh I almost forgot. Uncle Rex is busy helping Marcella can you do an illusion spell on the water fountains outside? You are the water sister! Make an illusion so mortals would see people talking and not mermaids who will be travelling through those fountains." He looked excited and I had a feeling he would want me to do the spell in front of him.

"Makes sense," I respond and create a water puddle on the floor which Pascale, my sea horse familiar appears from. "Want to help with an illusion spell? What page is it on?"

"121 Mady," Pascale never called me Madelyn, always used that nickname for me.

"Thank you," I take out my miniature spell book and open to page 121. I scanned through the spell and realized that I would need to change some words. I already had the water puddle which could be used for the water element for the spell. Water is all about illusion and illusions were my specialty. If Adrianne will say something more to me about Callum, I will show how such an illusion that she will lose the dress she will be wearing.

I cleared my throat and motioned my fingers over the waters below Pascale. She nodded to show that she understood the spell will be a little different and also figured out how I will say it so she will say it with me. That is a true connection to familiars which I should have remembered days ago when I lost control over my magick.

I call upon my natural element, water!

To listen and do as I command

Waters of the fountains outside this dwelling

Listen well

Hide your secrets from mortal prying eyes

Bask in the beauty of your other masters, the mermaids

As they make way for this event

So Mote it Be!


The waters rippled under Pascale and I heard the sing song voice of the waters from the fountains, heeding my command.

"That was soooooo cool," Eddie did an air flip making me laugh. I showed the necklace to Pascale who smiled and went on her way but only because both of us felt Marcella's call.

"Sisters, time to dress for the ball. Meet in my room." Marcella's voice rang in my head.

"Bye-bye Eddie, got to go!" I twirled on my feet and ran down the stairs. I felt a little tired after the powerful spell so running was better than transporting myself.

While I made my way downstairs I did not hear Uncle Rex walk out or him telling Eddie "Job well done, that necklace will protect her if something bad happens."

I walked into the room to see Melina sitting on a broomstick already wearing her dress, mask, jewellery, and green sandals.

Marcella was zipping her dress which Melina snapped her fingers and it zipped for her. Marcella gave a grateful look.

"Don't just stand there, get your dress and then I will do your hair!" Marcella said as she was putting on her shoes and quickly fixed her own hair with a spell.

The End

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