Miss Organised


“Never mind the run, what happened to your hair?” I asked shocked by her new hairdo.

“Oh…well,” Melina shrugged.

“I’ll be having a word with this fairly prince of yours,” I say and Melina eyes fell, “about how he managed to create this beautiful hairstyle.”

Melina looked back up smiling, “Cella.”

“Now come on breakfast will be going cold.”


I was armed with a clip board, rainbow coloured pen and perfectly designed timetable. Eddie could barely contain his excitement meeting all the new faces as they brought the marked auctioned stuff down from the attic.  

“Joseph that vase needs to go with the others in the backroom,” I ticked another item off the list and heard Adrianna ghost mother snap at a girl carrying a photo frame.

“Be careful with that that was a wedding gift!”

“Darling you never liked that frame,” uncle Rex came to the girl defence.

“Marcella we got a problem in the kitchen,” Madelyn said and I noticed flour in her hair.

“Coming” I follow Madelyn into the kitchen and nearly drop everything when I see the flour explosion. “What in the name of potions is happening?!”

“The mixer went into overdrive, flour and cake mixture was flying everywhere so we pulled the plug,” one of the kitchen assistants informed me holding the blade in her hands. “Now it refuses to work.”

I closed my eyes for a moment, counting on the invisible clock, “surely you have a spell or two to help?” I whispered not wanting my voice to be overheard by the volunteers.

The kitchen assistant step closer to me, “discreetly is my middle name.”

A crash echoed from the hallway and I dashed off leaving the kitchen to their secret magical cakes. I came to a halt, Madelyn bumped into me and Melina also appeared looking as stunned as us.

“What was that…oh…oh my,” uncle Rex opened a side door and saw the broken statue of a woman.

“What happened?” Melina asked, the statue was the star bid at the auction, ancient witch known as Ophelia who held great powers and now she was in pieces. We couldn’t magically put her together in front of the humans and then have her in the auction.

Both men looked confused as one spoke up, “sir we don’t actually know what happened.”

“We was carrying her downstairs, something knocked her and she fell from our grasp,” the other man explained rubbing his head puzzled.

“Oh no it’s the Ophelia statue,” Madelyn said and like me thinking what we’re we going to do.

“Can’t we use a blinding spell on the humans?” Melina asked, but I shook my head meaning no.

“Why not?” Madelyn face was confused matching her thoughts.

“Because we don’t know if these were the only humans to witness this and we don’t even know what’s caused it.”

Uncle Rex was talking to the men something about putting the broken statue into his office for now. As they talked I took a few steps towards the stone, I felt the breeze from the open front door not surprised that it was open with everyone moving in and out. I bent down, touching the stone and saw the darker grey parts feeling the warmth and gasped under my breath.

“Marcella, what is it?” Melina thought to me.

I stood watching the burn mark leave my skin and motioned my sisters to follow me outside. “I’ve just got burnt from that statue.”

Both of my sisters were surprised and looked at my healed hand.

“You’ve absorbed it?” Madelyn asked lightly touching my hand.

“Beside the point, why is it hot to begin with?” Melina questioned.

“I don’t know but I intend to find the reason.”

The End

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