The Violinist


I jump startled from Madelyn’s shout.

“Madelyn! I had one simple touch left to finish your hair! It’s ruined now, when I do it for real tomorrow morning, you better not move.” Marcella was trying not to grind her teeth.

“Well tell him not to pop out like that.” Madelyn pouted and folded her arms in front of her.

I look toward the floor and see Eddies head, the rest of his body is under the floor. “Eddie, you should really knock or something before showing up.”

“He is not even supposed to be here, we are supposed to have the hour to ourselves.” Madelyn said and Marcella took out all the pins out of her making it fall down.

“Ghosts are not affected by spells or time.” Marcella said and looked over to Eddie. “So we do not have any heavy boxes around here like last time. You got bored?”

“Yap…Uncle Rex is busy meditating and it sounded like you girls were having fun.” Eddie said, moving though the floor so now he was floating a little off the ground. Madelyn relaxed seeing all of him.

“Marcella it would be better if you just spell my hair in the morning since you know the design already.” Madelyn said and got up. “I am going to talk with my familiar in private…need to apologize and all.” She gave each of us a hug and walked out of Marcella’s room.

“We got twenty minutes left with the spell. Not enough time to figure out my hair…so I can try working on your hair sis,” I asked and held up the hair magazine that I materialized forty minutes ago. “Choose your style. And don’t even think of acting that you are not interested and pull the big sis act.” I narrowed my gaze to show that I was serious.

“Fine,” she took the magazine from my hands and flipped through the pages.

Ignetia and Zafrina left some time ago, they got annoyed that we were using the magick hour for doing hair and not more magick. Spiders! They are such familiars.

Eddie flowed closer to me. “So who is your date for the ball?”

“You being a ghost and all, I would think you know.” I responded back with a raised eyebrow.

“I hate smart aleck witches.” Eddie pouted.

“Thanks for the compliment.” I say back and start brushing my hair.

“Your date is the fairy prince. The queen has several sons, I wonder who. I know Rex met two of them.” Eddie said and I looked up at him. Rex knows the sons? I looked toward Marcella who also stopped what she was doing. A big coincidence…

“What else do you know?” I scoot closer to the ghost.

He yells, “Oh I wasn’t supposed to say anything! Bye now! Enjoy your ball.” Before I could grab him, he disappeared.

“Agh! Eddie get back over here! You….You…Ghost!” I dropped back onto the bed after standing on it and shouting for him to get back. “He knows something. I want to know what it is!”

“Well can do a summon circle but then Uncle Rex might get mad if Eddie will tell him what we did…so we cannot do anything about it.” Marcella sighed and put down the magazine.

I growled in response, “I’m leaving.” I walked out without even trying to hear Marcella’s last words.

We still had ten minutes left of the spell so I decided to do my meditation and call for the face of the fairy prince. Ignetia appeared in front of the flames and her scales changed color. She was excited that I was doing things tonight a little different. The flames turn green and blue.

Eternal flame Burn!
I call upon Ignetia’s flames
Those which she commands
To reveal to me my prince
So mote it be!

The flames changed color again to purple and orange and blue…it kept changing. Time past by and I felt the spell lifting. Time flowed normally again. A shadow of a man appeared in the flames but again I could not see his face. It seems that dragon magick is not always stronger than fairy. He was playing his flute and his song reached my heart.

I knew that he knew that I was listening. I got up and went to pick up my violin that I brought with me. I took it out and touched its beautiful wood. I walked over back to the flames and started playing. My melody accommodated his and the music picked up. Ignetia added her own song and I got lost in the music, imagined being back in that forest.

The song ended and I looked into the flames. A smile was playing on his lips and the only part of him that I saw clearly was his silver eyes with a hint of green.

The next thing I know its morning….

I walk over to the window and see Marcella running out of the house and look at the clock, 8:00AM. Then I do my morning routine, but the time I am finished, flowers appear in my hair. My hair stays down with flowers weaved in. This guy can’t even let me choose a hairstyle for myself! But it does look good. I sense Madelyn who is downstairs in the dining room already. I walk downstairs at 8:50AM and see Marcella walking in.

“How was your run?” I decide to ask as we make our way into the dining room. 

The End

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