Madelyn-One Hour


Written by GardeniasCastle & Fitzy

It was like I was mesmerized by Melina's slippers. I could tell that Marcella thought that I wanted to talk about ghosts and believe me when I say...I do not talk about ghosts willingly.

I heard a flutter of wings and looked up to see Ignetia perching on Melina's shoulders. I turned around again and saw Zafrina, the phoenix bathing in the flames that Marcella created. My familiar was nowhere in sight. My familiar was mad that I let my magick loose without thinking against Adrianne. I needed to know how to fix my relationship with my beautiful sea horse.

"No time like the present," Melina sat down onto the floor, crossing her legs and petting Ignetia absently.

"I already mentioned that Adrianne has a problem with my going with Callum," I started and my sisters nodded in responded. "Well, umm what I didn't mention is that I kind of lost control of my magick in front of Adrianne after the fight."

Here it comes....

My jaw dropped open. Melina started laughing and so did her familiar. I did not expect that reaction out of the middle sister. I looked toward Marcella who was glaring at Melina and scowling.

"This is not a laughing matter, Melina," Marcella hissed and Melina rolled her eyes in response.

"Of course it is, our sister is growing up and she doesn't even know it." What is this crap that Melina is saying?  Growing up! Of course I am growing up. I am not Five for her to say stuff like that.

"Madelyn calm down. Melina is only enjoying herself. I lost count on how many times she had the same problem of being unable to control magick. It happens and it is normal. That is why familiars are needed for witches. They keep us grounded and love it when magick steps out of the boundaries. Ignetia loves it when Melina messes up because she gets to play with that magick, dragons are mischievous in that way. It's ok to lose a little control in magick, it is an uncontrollable force and being 100% all the time is impossible. That would make us gods or goddesses." Marcella gave a short lecture.

I blushed, if I had Marcella's red hair, I would have matched it. I run my fingers through my raven black hair and looked away from my sisters. This was the first time that I admitted to them that I lost control. Normally I would admit to our parents, who would lock me in the meditation room and have me meditate on being a witch. My sisters did not plan on doing that which made me smile. After the blush resided, I looked back at my sisters and asked another important question.

"Then why is my familiar mad at me? I keep calling on her but it doesn't work." I ask and I feel tears coming on.

"Because you are calling her for the wrong reasons. You are ashamed of your power and losing control. After we are done here, call her to you and explain the situation. Let her know that you learned your lesson and tell that her that she is not only your partner in magick but is your best friend." Melina says with a smile and Ignetia shakes her head in agreement.  Melina shocked me, I expected that answer from Marcella and realized my mistake. I am the youngest and should be learning from them. Just because Melina does not follow trend with her purple hair (which she dyed magickally to not ruin her roots) and annoys me with violin playing from time to time...does not mean that she is ignorant to magick. I smiled at my sister and nodded. She gave good advice and I will follow it.

"Thank you sisters, blessed be," I respond and keep smiling.

"Welcome," Melina responded. "Now I have a question for you guys. Did you notice that Uncle Rex was not interested in hearing about my date to the ball? It was all about you you think he knows something more about the fairy queen and her son?"

“Uncle Rex is a mysterious, talented man and this awe about him.” Marcella answers rubbing her eyes, and then gasps, “look at the time!”

Melina and I share a mischievous look and nod, “are you cold Madelyn?”

“I’m freezing, about you Marcella?” We both stare at our reasonable older sister, you could see the argument forming inside her head and finally she sighed.

“One hour only…”

With that said we stood in a circle, holding hands and closed our eyes ready for the spell to begin.

‘Time is precious,
We want it to last for longer 
It’s time to stop and take in the moment
So freeze the time
For one hour
And not a moment longer
Bless be and enjoy
Your time.’

The clock ticked once and then stopped. Our power faded, we let our hands fall and opened our eyes.

“Right what do you want to do?” Marcella asked.

“Well… can you practice doing our hair for tomorrow’s ball?” I asked her pleading with my big blue eyes.

“Go and get my bag,” Marcella rolled her eyes.

“Yay,” I jump and dash off getting her bag of tricks. “Hey Melina, do think uncle Rex set you up with the fairly queen son?”

Melina looked up from tickling Ignetia, “I don’t think so but I think he knows something.”

I sat on the chair, Marcella ran her brush through my raven black long hair and I gritted my teeth every time she found a knot.

“Anything in mind?” Marcella asked when she had finished smoothing out my hair.


“Something grown-up but fun too,” Melina suggested coming over and started poking around in the bag. “Here put this in,” Melina was holding a silver fancy clip and I smiled seeing the violet gems.

“That will match my dress brilliantly!”

Marcella begins to work on my hair pulling it this way and that, Melina went and fetched her hair curlers and draped a scarf over the mirror, “makes it more excising.”

I would have been worried if it was anyone else fixing my hair, but with Marcella armed with a comb there was nothing to be worried about.

“There all done,” Marcella said stepping back, “Melina remove the scarf.”

I gasped. Melina was holding a mirror, showing the back of my fancy up- hair do, the silver clip was tucked nicely to the left side of the bun part.


The End

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