The watchers


With a sharp snap of my fingers a simple red dress appeared on Melina, Nick blinked his eyes unfreezing them from my quick spell and bent his head towards Adrianna, “was she just wearing something different?”

Adrianna scowled clearly annoyed, “you should be paying attention to my clothes.”

Uncle Rex interrupted Nick’s reply and motioned to Mr. Jenson to bring out the pizzas and everyone takes a slice.

“So how was it?” I sent the message to Melina who looked up from taking a bite of pepperoni.


“What happened? Did you see him?” Madelyn sends excised nearly jumping on her chair.

Melina eyes gaze off for a moment, “I didn’t see him but he was there.”

I began to chew on my pizza noticing then how hungry I was, “what do you mean?”

“He wouldn’t show himself to me, but he didn’t need to and made it more…”

“Challenging?” I questioned.

“Romantic?” Madelyn asked.

 “Have you girls found a suitor for the ball tomorrow?” Uncle Rex’s voice broke through our connection. “Well?”

“Marcella has a date with Patrick,” Melina said happily taking another slice of pepperoni.

“Patrick? Oh yes the boy from the nature charity how lovely for you Marcella,” uncle Rex had sip of wine and his eyes pasted over my sisters. “How about you Melina, are you lucky in love?”

Melina coughed trying to swallow her pizza bite, “I… yes we meet today and-

“What about you Madelyn are you taking someone?” Adrianna sneered across the table. I glared at Adrianna annoyed and caught Zafrina fiery form waiting on the fireplace.

“Of course she is and keeping it a surprise aren’t you Madelyn,” Melina answered and I notice her dragon sitting on her shoulders. Adrianna notice to and backed off the subject. Uncle Rex was watching us all closely and started to explain tomorrow schedule everyone had jobs to do, even Adrianna who started to protest until uncle Rex made a deal. Help out or her dress was donated at the auction.


I went for a run after dinner, enjoying the coast air and tried to forget about the black motorcycle. How could it be so reckless? Lunatic! I pressed on reaching the other side of the beach; I was panting hard, my neat hair a tangled messy bun and sweat glistening on my skin. I sat down on the sand resting and watching the sun set on the sea.

Why didn’t I feel anything for Patrick? No romantic sparks. The world didn’t stop when I saw him. My heart didn’t speed up. There were no butterflies. Nothing. Only maybe friendship. I stood up making my way off the beach and heard a motorcycle howl before heading off.

I made it back in time to have a quick shower, then leaving my hair in a braid I went over the fireplace and before I could sit down to concentrate Zafrina came flying.

“There’s my girl,” I whispered stroking her chest feather, “long day huh?”

“Sister, are you ready?” Madelyn said and I saw the time sighing.

“Let’s start my sisters.”

‘Let us join as one

To share the power that we hold

Let our minds stay clear and focused

To give us give us strength for the following day


Who knows what tomorrow may bring.’


“Marcella, are you still awake?” I placed my book down and saw Madelyn opening my door.

“What are you still doing up?”

“I need to talk,” she said leaving the door open, I raised my eyebrow, “Melina on her way.” Madelyn made herself comfortable on my bed, Melina came in shortly after wearing her bunny slippers. Please don’t it be ghosts, I thought to myself and sat down. 

The End

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