The flute's melody


I resurfaced from the waters and ran my fingers through my flowwy hair which clung to my shoulders. I opened my eyes to see that I was not at Uncle Rex’s house anymore. I was in a small lake, close to the beach and the tropical trees. If I had to guess, I was in one of fairy queen’s favorite spots. I looked down to see that my swimming suit turned into a swimsuit with a rose skirt. I mean a rose; the skirt was red with many layers which wrapped around my legs. I decided that staying in the waters wouldn’t be good for my health so I swam, and then walked onto the sandy ground.

“You are not wearing my gift. Did you not like it?” A voice said beyond the trees. His voice sounded masculine but with a song behind it.

“Gift? The necklace you mean? I loved it, tree of life is beautiful.” I respond and wait for him to talk again so I could find him.

“Witches always had a connection to the tree of life; I thought you would find it soothing.” I still couldn’t place where he was standing but I could hear some amusement behind his words. He knew I was trying to figure out where he was.

“Where are you, show yourself.” I ordered my date.

“That would not be fun.” He said and I turned around because after he said that I heard dolphins. The sun behind them was large, filled with reds, yellows, and oranges. It reminded me of my vision, except there were no lovers in sight. “Come find me, listen to my flute.”

“Fairies,” I mutter to myself and try to listen to him. I didn’t have a pendulum with me so I couldn’t use that to find him and it felt like he did not want me to use any magick to find him. Fairies liked games and music. I liked games, but only when I won. I started moving to my left then shook my head and moved to the right.

I continue my way and realize that his flute is entrancing, my mind is lost to its beautiful sound and it makes me want to find him. The one that can play so well, it felt like I was under a spell yet not under a spell. Right when I thought I was getting closer, I heard other instruments start their tunes. I heard drums, clarinet, and more flutes which made me stop in my tracks.

A fairy girl runs by me and looks back holding her flute. “Find your lover.” She sings and disappears behind the trees.

I almost growled at her in anger, his flute was enough now there were so many more songs that it was hard to pay attention to his flute and I was losing it fast. I had to find him or I would be stuck in this forest forever unless he took pity on me.

“Come find me, listen to the trees.” I heard his soothing voice. He was encouraging me to find me. Was it because he was bored or he was really helping me because he wanted me to find him?

I swallowed and breathed out. My element was earth; I need to ask the trees who were my brethren to help me find him. It made sense and I wanted to kick myself for nothing thinking straight in this forest.

I walk over to a tree and place my palm on its bark. “Please elder, help me find this melody.” I ask him and start humming the song that my lover played.

The ground underneath me became warm, my toes feeling the ground and the leaves prickled on the trees to my left. I followed the dance of the leaves on the elders with my feet feeling the warm ground. I tested my theory and stepped into the other direction. The ground became cold; he was not in that direction. I started to hear his song again and all the other music was tuned out. My body started to dance in slow rhythm becoming one with the flute’s song. I don’t know how long it took but when I opened my eyes I was at a clearing.

I saw for a second a shadow of the man sitting on a rock playing his flute. The music stopped. I blink the shadow is gone. I feel hot breathe in my neck and know that he is now behind me. I rooted to the spot and cannot move any part of my body. I cannot look back to see what he looks like.

“You found me; your connection to earth is impressive, just like mother said it is.” He tells me and I smell strawberries and the sun.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

He picks my hair into his hand and I learn two things. One, it is dry and sometime really did pass and two he was inhaling my scent. It felt intimate and yet I felt so cold when my hair fell down through his fingers. “You smell like roses, I like that.” Then I feel his hands move around my neck and the necklace that he gave me is now on my neck. “I will see you tomorrow, Melina.”

I blink and my world changes. I am now standing the dining room, in my swimming bra and rose skirt. Absently I touch the necklace around my neck and look to the clock, thirty seconds till dinner. Adrianne is sending rude looks toward her boyfriend; Marcella is scratching her chest, her nervous habit, Madelyn is looking at me like I just broke through the wall and Uncle Rex is watching me like a hawk.

I walk over to my seat across Marcella and break the ice. “So what’s for dinner?” 

The End

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