I'm in my element


Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle

We watched Marcella drive off with uncle Rex and Adrianna who wouldn’t even look at me. Her words were still going around my head about Callum, could he really be dangerous?

“You shouldn’t listen to everything Adrianna says, he might have done something bad in the past but that doesn’t mean he’s the same person now,” Melina puts her arm around my shoulders.

“I could always go straight to the source,” I look down and notice Melina holding a black box, “what’s that?”

Melina smiles, “let’s go inside, I’ve received a gift from my date.” A gift? Wow was he trying to impress her already. We went back into the small living room and sit down on the sofa. “I found this by accident really, it was addressed to me and this is what I unwrapped.”

Melina handed me the black box and I slowly opened the lid, “wow now that is impressive,” I say admiring the silver jewellery and gasp seeing the carefully crafted design. “Is that the tree of life?”

“Yeah amazing right, he left a note too,” Melina says and I take the fancy note reading it.

“This is soo existing Melina! I wonder what he looks like.”

“I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out,” Melina smiles, “did you see Marcella face when I set her up with Patrick!”

I laughed, “I know, it will be good for her and fun for us to watch.”

“I can’t wait for the ball,” Melina says and then we hear a car pull up, “speaking of our dear sister.”

 A minute later, big sis marched inside and she was shaking. “What happened?”

“That black motorcycle happened,” Marcella snapped and I took a step back eyeing Melina who got up and folded her arms. Marcella sees that Melina is not happy with the situation and explains. “We almost got into an accident right now because of a black motorcycle that cut in front of me. If I wasn’t a witch you guys would be receiving a call from the hospital.” I hugged her after she said that. Melina joined in the hugged and all three of us held on to each other. We hardly ever did this anymore.

“Girls, how about a race?” Uncle Rex interrupts us.

“Race?” Marcella asks the question that made my head imagine a lot of question marks.

“Swimming race, swimming calms down the mind and helps focus energies. Go get changed girls, I will wait outside.” I wonder if uncle Rex knows that it is a losing game because my element is water, when I swim, I am like a fish.

 The three of us nodded after making eye contact and said a spell to get us back to our rooms.

Rules of time and space be gone

Let us sisters pass unharmed

Through the walls and floors unseen

Let us be inside the rooms

That were assigned to us

So Mote it be

A minute later, I opened my eyes looking inside my room with my sisters gone from my sight. Quickly I changed into a swimming suit and ran out to knock on my sisters doors. They were ready, too and we rushed down the stairs this time.

Outside, uncle Rex was wearing swimming trunks and was cracking his back. “Girls! All of us take a lane each, five laps to see the winner. Hmm, the winner gets to choose what’s for dinner.”

An attendant walked out with a whistle and stood at the other side of the pool waiting for us to get into position. All of us got into our lanes and I could almost see out of the corner of my eyes my sisters smirking. They could never win against me but they were still competitive. Good, this is going to be fun.

The whistle blows and we jump into the waters. The water feels cold for a second and then I feel like I am in a cocoon, safe. One arm in front of the other, one after the other. I take a little breath at the other end of the pool and look at the progress of others. My eyes widen, uncle Rex was already starting second lap, and he was not playing fair. He was using magick, our eyes met when he put his head up from the water and he winked. If magick was allowed, then I will use it too. I could feel my sisters understand that we could have a magickal race and here in this case, anyone can win. I materialized fins and breathing holes in my neck so I can swim underwater. The real race began.

Ten minutes later, all of us were breathing hard and looking at the attendant to hear who won. He looked at each of us then pointed at me. I won; I guess I shouldn’t have worried. Marcella looked calmer and she lay back in the water looking up.

“See didn’t it help?” Uncle Rex asked looking at us and all of us nodded. “So Madelyn what will it be for dinner?”

I wasn’t feeling down any more about Callum but, I knew I would be down later so I chose the food that was closest to make me feel better. “Pizza, simple.”

“God you girls are going to turn me into a teenager.” Uncle Rex laughed and got out of the pool. “I am going to see how we were doing with the party decorations. Keep on being fish.”

I look away from uncle Rex moving way because Marcella gasped. I looked around the pool, Melina was nowhere seen.

“Where’s Melina?” I ask her.

“She disappeared right in front of my eyes.” Marcella says, her hand reaching to her chest.

“Oh boy.” I say and I imagine Marcella tearing invisible clothing in her mind from worry about Melina.

Both of us look at each other and say at the same time, “Fairy queen?” 

The End

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