Ghost in the attic


Well this was turning into a fabulous day! I felt like stomping up the attic stairs but decided that was childish so settled for grumbling in my head.

“Keep away from me!” Madelyn shouted, I forgot about my Patrick issue and ran up the rest of the way.

“Madelyn what….oh,” I started but stopped seeing Madelyn by the wall her hands up and her water horse standing in front protecting her. “Madelyn just breath it’s just a ghost.”

“Come quick to the attic. The second ghost is here and it is hard keeping Madelyn calm.” I sent the message to Melina and got a reply straight back.

The ghost in question was a boy, who looked to be 8 or 10 years old before he died, dressed surprisingly in jeans and a San Diego Chargers football shirt. He smiled kindly which showed he dimples and he quickly ran a ghostly hand through his dark hair.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you but that box is heavy and I didn’t want you to hurt yourself,” the ghost boy said politely.

“Who are you?” I asked coming into the attic standing by the ghost boy.

“Edward but I like Eddie better,” he replied, “where is your other sister, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all.”

Melina came running up the stairs then casting looks around the room and her eyes winded seeing Eddie.

“Awesome,” Eddie said and his smile grew.

“You’re the-

“I’m Eddie nice to meet you all, I would shake you by the hand but you wouldn’t feel it so how about we just wave,” Eddie slowly lifted his glowing hand and waved at us. Madelyn was standing by the wall, her face weary and twitching her hands ready to cast a spell, but managed to nod towards Eddie. He nodded back and looked to Melina.

“Erm hi,” Melina said and waved smiling.

I stepped forward and waved, “hello Eddie, my name is Marcella, and this is Melina and my younger sister Madelyn.”

Eddie sighed, “so nice to talk to new people after all this time.”

“Did you knock that vase over last night?” Melina asked.

“It’s amazing how that small old window opens in the wind,” Eddie replied with a mischievous glint in his pale blue eyes.

“Eddie,” I crossed my arms waiting for his answer.

“Oh bad move Eddie, she’s giving you that look,” Melina warned him Eddie huffed and sat on a box.

“Ok ok….yes I did…please just stop with that expression.”

“She does it to us too,” Madelyn said coming a few steps away from the wall.

“Jeez she could have stopped World War 2 with that look,” Eddie, “I’m sorry about knocking the vase…it’s just…I get bored.”

I looked at my sisters who shrugged, “it’s ok Eddie.”

Eddie stood on the box and jumped on to another box, “you see when Rex was a kid he’d spend all day up here with me or we would play hide and seek around the house.” Eddie eyes glazed over for a seconded remembering. “As he got older he still came up and we talked. I’d help him with his homework.”

“But then he went away to college?” Melina had sat down and that’s when I noticed a white box in her hands. Is that? I looked round unable to find that box. How did she get that?

“Yeah Rex was a cleaver kid and I was sad to see him go but proud, missed him like mad.” Eddie sat on the edge swinging his legs.

“Good thing I came back then,” we jumped hearing uncle Rex’s deep voice from behind us, Eddie jumped up grinning like the child he was.

“Too right, hey you never said how hot the sister were,” Eddie said. I shook my head rolling my eyes and saw Melina and Madelyn blush.

“I hope you’re not been causing trouble Edward, nice clothes by the way” uncle Rex commented.

“It’s Eddie and thanks think it makes me cooler.” Eddie replied and ran a hand through his hair. I couldn’t help but smile thinking of the logics his sentance sentence.

We left shortly after promising that we would go and see Eddie again. Adrianne was sitting on the stairs clutching her mobile phone and stood up seeing us.

“Dad can you drive me to the mall please, my car making some strange noise,” Adrianne was already picking up her bag and walking towards the door.

Uncle Rex rolled his eyes, “Marcella would you like to drive?”

“Wh-pardon?” I asked shocked.

“Oh come on your father told me you can drive, here you go,” uncle Rex handed me the car keys; I saw the car symbol and almost tipped down the last step.

 “Uncle Rex I can’t drive this car,” I dashed outside and skidded to a stop.

“Can we come uncle Rex?” Madelyn asked.

“Absolutely not.” I muttered under breath, I was worried about scratching the Mercedes-Benz as it was and didn’t need my sisters distracting me. Thankfully Adrianne saved me.

“Dad the shops will be closing!”

“Not this time girls we won’t be long,” uncle Rex opened the passenger side door and sat down.

“I won’t be long,” I went and opened the driver’s door, “oh try and stay out of trouble.”

The silver Mercedes-Benz was a beauty to drive, my nerves settled down and I made it to the mall Adrianne barely said thank you before slamming the door. I winced and patted the wheel of the car.

“Thank you for this,” I said as I stopped at the traffic lights

“You don’t have a car?”

“Not my own, mum and dad let me drive the family car sometimes…but it’s nothing like this, slick two doors, beauty and amazing.” The lights changed and I carried on driving.

“She is a great car.”

“How long have you-

“Marcella watch out!”

“What ahh!” A black motorcycle come out of nowhere and cut across the road. I hit the brakes and said a quick spell allowing other drivers to brake before we all crashed into one another. The biker darted down a side street and I didn’t realised I was shaking.


“Oh my god!”


The End

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