Melina The Matchmaker


I take two steps at a time to get to the front door. I was the first, too. I could hear Marcella muttering to herself but she does not follow me. What is her problem anyway? All of us need a date to the ball, it wouldn't be right with the oldest sister to go alone.

I open the door to reveal a fairly plump boy, ginger hair and green eyes. He looks to be the same age as Marcella. He is wearing baggy jeans that look wrong on him and a black t-shirt. "Hi, my name is Patrick. I talked on the phone with umm Melina, is she in?"

"You are speaking to her!" I tell him with a smile. "How about some tea while we talk about the banner?"

"Sure that would be great," he answers with a shy smile. I hear Marcella popping up behind me. "Ah! Marcella nice to see you again. You guys related?"

"What a surprise Patrick, lovely to see you again. Yes, Melina is my sister." Marcella says with the best fake smile ever. The guy is so mesmerized by her that he doesn't notice her greeting was fake. This is perfect, I yell inside my head and wave imaginary pom-poms.

I turn my head to see Madelyn walk up to us from the screen door that led to the swimming pool area. She doesn't look too happy but hides it when she sees that we have a guest. "A third sister?" Patrick asks curiously.

I pull him inside, "That's Madelyn, the youngest sister. But don't be fooled, she can take care of herself." I lead him to the small living room. A maid shows up with tea and cakes. Uncle Rex is so thoughtful to have let the maid know to get food ready for us and our guest.

Patrick looks amazed at the cake choices and the strawberry tea. "So Marcella, Melina told me how you got your uncle to auction some of things during the ball. I think it is a grand idea."

"She had him eating out of her hand," I say and all of us laugh. "Every male that crosses her path must eat out of her hand," she looks at me with raised eyebrows. If she thinks that I will not ask him to be her date, she has another thing coming. "Yes, well, I think we can raise some money to save the whales of San Diego with the items we will be auctioning. Plus it could be fun before the dancing and stuff. Are you planning to go Patrick?"

"Ok, so Melina said something about a banner?" Marcella cunningly changes the topic.

I smile, she did not even give the poor guy a chance to respond.

"Yes, I will be working on the banner for the event. I am here to talk about the details, I have my drawing pad with me. And yes, I am planning to go." Patrick says.

I put my hand behind me and materialize my design for the banner. Marcella might run away after what I will say right now but this will give Patrick a chance to finish the banner faster and to get ready for the ball. Marcella looks at me politely but I can tell that her phoenix will be throwing fire balls at me later.

"I already drew the design, Patrick. Here," I hand it to him.

His eyes go wide, "This is a beautiful design, do you have it on a flash drive? I won't even ask you to change anything."

I materialize a flash drive with the file with my hand again and give it to Patrick. "So do you have a date for the ball?"

Madelyn looks up from her cake with interest. Her mind was somewhere else but now she is paying attention to the conversation.

Patrick blushes, he actually does.

" I do not," he glances nervously at Marcella.

"That is perfect," I clap my hands. "Marcella doesn't have a date for the ball either. You guys should go together!"

"Th...that would be good," Patrick says but I know that he wanted to use the word 'amazing.'

"Yes, sure why not. Could be fun," Marcella gives in.

After that he leaves to get the banner started.

I look happily at both sisters. Madelyn is smiling that Marcella is not going to be alone and Marcella looks murderous.

Before she can scold me, I quickly turn my attention to Madelyn. "You ok sister? You have a negative aura around yourself."

That makes Marcella forget about what I did and she looks worried at Madelyn.

Madelyn sighs, "It's Adrianne, she told me to stay away from Callum."

"Why? She has a boyfriend, it is not like she is interested in him, is she?" Marcella asks doing her duties as the oldest.

"No, she said he is dangerous," Madelyn tells us.

Marcella and I look at each other, wondering the same thing. Was Adrianne lying or telling the truth about Callum? If he was dangerous, Uncle Rex would not let him inside the house...would he?

"Well, maybe we need to talk to Uncle Rex?" I offer.

"No, don't! She is probably playing with me because she doesn't want to take her boyfriend to the ball. She will take him in the end." Madelyn pouts. "Whatever, I am going to go up to the attic to see the famous items that will be auctioned. You guys coming?"

"In a minute," Marcella says and looks directly into my eyes. She really is mad at me about Patrick.

"Ok," Madelyn says and makes her way to the attic.

"Before you start, 'Cella, even though Patrick is a geek, he can still be a fun date. He really has the hearts for you and you really haven't met anyone else," I tell her.

"You don't make decisions like that for me Melina," Marcella says angrily.

"You are wrong, that is what sisters are for," I tell her.

I can tell that she doesn't want to continue our battle. Our last battle was enough to last a week. The one about me being late to the meeting place after getting my dress.

"Fine, I do not want to argue," Marcella answers me and walks away toward the staircase to the attic.

I make my way to the stairs as well but my foot trips on something and I fall flat on the ground.

"Ouch!" I  sit up looking at the item that made me trip. I swear the item was not there when my sisters passed me. I look at the item and see my name on it. It is addressed to me...but when did it get here? For some reason my hands shake while I attempt opening it. But it did let me forget the pain I was feeling in my back and chest and arms and legs after the fall.

I peel away the brown paper and see that it is a white box. I open the white box and see a black jewelry box. Now I am feeling intrigued. I open the box and I almost drop it after viewing the contents.

Inside there is a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. The necklace and bracelet are made of real silver, while the earrings have silver beads holding the design. There are green crystals, seven on each side of the tree of life. The tree of life is a circle, with perfect detail of showing every leaf, and the tree trunk. For such a small tree of life, the design is amazing. The necklace has one tree of life, the earrings have two, one for each, and the bracelet has one. The whole ensemble would look amazing with the dress with the mask that I have received from the fairy queen. Is it from her?  I peek inside the white box again to see if there is a note, there is. I open it.

Dear Melina, I am counting the hours until we will meet. Please wear this jewelry with your dress for the ball. I want you to look perfect- Fairy Prince

I swallow. date...who I never met sent me this expensive jewelry. He isn't against me being his date or he has no choice because of his mother. These thoughts are gone from my mind fast. The brown paper with the white box disappearing, leaving behind the black jewelry box with the jewelry. I am tempted to put it on and am about to do so when I stop.

Marcella says to me telepathically, "Come quick to the attic. The second ghost is here and it is hard keeping Madelyn calm."

"I'll be there." I respond to her and teleport myself  to the attic. 

The End

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