Water, water everywhere.

I decided to go to the pool, to shake off the heavy feeling I've had since last night. Throwing on a short, sleeveless blue dress, I slipped on my flip flops and took the path to the pool. It was one of those gloomy days, the sky overcast with dark clouds. I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself to shield against the cold. 

I wish I had grabbed a jacket, I said to myself.

I could nearly see the pool, and suddenly I wondered why I had come here in the first place. It would be even colder out here. I looked at the water, and suddenly caught sight of Adrianne. She was neck deep in the water, and was humming a tune to herself.

That girl was tough.

"Adrianne! I can't believe you're swimming in this weather!" I called out to her

Adrianne's blonde head shot around, and her eyes skimmed over me with a skeptical expression.

"The pool's heated," she said finally. 

I felt a felling of stupidity pass over me, and sat down by the edge of the pool, my fingers trailing over the surface of the water. I loved the water. It was calming and let me find my deepest thoughts. Somewhere on the edge of my vision, I saw a piece of plastic in the bottom. Instinctively, I said a spell, and magic pulsated through my arms into the water, and soon enough I felt the object in my hand.

Adrianne turned around to face me, her eyes narrowed. "Throw it back Madelyn."

Surprised, I looked down at my hand to see it was the plastic guitar pick, Adrianne had thrown here not so long ago. I let the piece of plastic fall back down to the water.

"Er, how are things with you and Nick?" I asked.

Adrianne paused before she spoke, " Well, I haven't talked to him about it yet. I mean, what would I say? I found out by looking into your dreams that you're still not over Lilly? No, I decided to to just find another date to the ball. Maybe Callum will agree to go out with me? He does seem to like me."

I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. "Actually, I already asked Callum We're going together."

Adrianne's eyebrows knitted together, and her expression turned cold.

"You would do well to stay away from Callum, "she said icily.

"Well, we're going together. We already made plans, " I countered.

Adrianne grabbed hold of my arm, "I'm not saying this because I have some little girl crush on him. I'm saying stay away from that boy, he's dangerous."

"Let go of me!"I cried, tugging on my arm. Adrianne was strong.  

Suddenly, the water from the pool rose, and hit Adrianne in the face. She let go of my arm, and fell back with a splash.

At first I was rooted to the spot. Then, I turned around and ran. Only when, I was safely out of sight, did I drop to my knees and pant. I wasn't afraid because adrianne had said something about Callum. I was afraid, because this was the first time I had let my magic get out of control.

The End

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