A spell here and there


Safe to say I did not sleep well that night, with the events of yesterday and last night revelations. As I jogged along the beach my mind tried to sort through it all. Melina was involved with the fairy queen a deal that she had made, Madelyn had a date with Callum at the ball, Adrianne mother who was lingering ghost had appeared, telling us that her daughter boyfriend was a love cheating rat and to top it off another ghost was resident in the attic.

I stopped catching my breath, taking in the scene before me and looking at my watch seeing that it was after 8:00am. “Cobwebs,” I muttered knowing I was going to be late for breakfast. A few people were about, enjoying the quite beach and not paying much attention. I couldn’t risk being seen or in this case disappeared, so I walked off to the rest rooms making sure it was empty and changed my clothing fixing my hair with a spell. Closing my eyes and whispering the spell to take me back to uncle Rex’s house.

“Morning Marcella,” uncle Rex greeted me as I arrived through the doors; I was the first to sit at the table.

“Good morning Uncle,” I smiled, “we meet Adrianne mother last night.”

Uncle Rex chuckled, “straight to the point I see. Yes she told me, Melina made an impression on her and your young sister Madelyn stunned. I did tell her that you were coming to stay.”

“Did my father tell you about Madelyn?” I asked picking up my napkin and putting to across my lap.

“He mentioned it, I apologise for not warning you all,” uncle Rex apologised. My sisters arrived then, taking sits around the table and were unnaturally quite. Uncle Rex sensed this, “I apologise ladies, it was rude of me not to introduce my wife and she is sorry for scaring any of you.” I reached across and held Madelyn hand comforting her.

“I’m sorry but may I be excused uncle? I’m not hungry,” Madelyn said, I looked closely then, her eyes dark and pale tint to her skin. I sighed in my head annoyed that I didn’t block any nightmares that she had after seeing the ghost.

“Of course Madelyn,” uncle Rex nodded.

“I’m sorry Uncle Rex,” I say after Madelyn left.

“No don’t apologise,” uncle Rex said as breakfast came in by its self and placed itself on the table. “Breakfast anyone?”

                                                             ~   ~   ~

“Knock knock,” Madelyn door was open a crack and she was lying on her bed. She looked up and blinked a couple of times noticing me.

“Hey, I’m sorry if you thought I was rude at breakfast,” Madelyn says sitting up, I walk in and go on her bed pulling her into a hug.

“Don’t worry about it sister,” I sighed, “Uncle Rex agreed to auction some of his family stuff from the attic. I know you don’t want to go up there knowing that there is another you know what.”

“It makes me look weak,” Madelyn whispered and turned her head away.

I moved my fingers under her chin making her look into my golden red eyes, “nobody’s perfect and you’ve just got to believe in yourself.” Madelyn smiled and I got up, “you could always help downstairs with the stuff, but you don’t have too, you know what a control freak I am and you could do with doing something fun, get some colour in those pale cheeks of yours.”

~   ~   ~

I sneezed again, opening up more boxes covered in dust and decided to give in and use a spell to clean the room from dust. Whispering the spell I closed my eyes, picturing the dust partials lifting up and-

“Marcella!” Melina shouted interrupting my spell; she came bouncing up the stairs her purple hair in a twisted plait. “I called that natural trust charity and they said if they could bring some banner type of decorations today? Just to promote it at the ball, uncle Rex said it was fine and thought I’ll come and tell you.”

“Right. Ok…what time?” I asked trying to gather the spell again.

“Someone coming now,” she said as I closed my eyes, raising my hand, “someone called Patrick.”

“What?” I lost the spell again, “Patrick?”

“Yes sure that’s what he said, Marcella what’s wrong, your pacing.”

I stopped not realising, “I meet this boy on the bench yesterday morning when I went for a run, I’m just wondering if it’s the same one.”

“Ooo you kept that quite!” Melina smiled was as big a Chester Cat.

“Don’t start was nothing like that,” I sat on old study chair, “I bumped into him and he ended up talking. But nothing...stop giving me that love puppy grin”

“Aww but its fate…how romantic,” Melina sighs claps her hands together. “Ooo invite him to the ball!”

“Why? He doesn’t need to be there.”

“He could do a speech.”

I thought back to the bench, “no. Where is Madelyn does she know?”

“Not yet but….she will soon.”

I gave her a questioning look and then I heard the front door bell ring, Melina gave a shrill of excitement and dashed off downstairs. “Ugh,” I bent my head in my hand a few stray curls fell from my bun. That was when I notice the parcel under my chair; I reached to pull it out and looked at the tag that was attached to the brown paper.

I gasped nearly dropping the parcel, there in neat green inked writing was the name ‘Melina’.


“Oh cobwebs,” I muttered leaving the parcel for now and stood up making my way downstairs. 

The End

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