Rex's Wife


Marcella and I run out of our rooms at the exact same time after hearing, “Get back!”

Adrianne whispers, “Mom?” She passes out after. 

Madelyn stays rooted to the spot with fear. Out of all of us sisters, Madelyn is the one to be afraid of ghosts. That is because of an incident when she was little. My incidents involve fairy queens while hers involve ghosts. I could see Marcella pursing her lips to start scolding her, so I stop her before she could.

“Marcella, you can scold her later. I want to know why we are receiving a visit from Adrianne’s mother, IF she is her mother,” I say and cross my arms.

The beautiful woman in a red robe floats up to me. “Relatives of Rex, are you? How are you liking San Diego?”

“I would prefer you answer my question, Lady Ghost,” I say through gritted teeth.

It is late. I am tired and annoyed of all the events that happened this day.  I am happy that I made up with Marcella but the queen’s deal is still fresh in mind and it is hard to sleep because of it. I guess, all of us out here couldn’t sleep.

“You haven’t answered my question either, dear,” she answers me.

I smirk, “I don’t have to be nice. I can get Uncle Rex in seconds and he can take care of you.”

“Ah, middle sister’s always fights everyone’s battles. Fine, an answer for an answer. Yes, I am Adrianne’s mother. Yes, I am dead and am still residing in this house. I can’t help it, Adrianne gets in so much trouble lately. She is going to need me when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Satisfied?” The ghost mother has a modern mean streak.

“Were you the one to break the vase at the attic?” Marcella asks stepping closer to me.

“No, that was another relative of Uncle Rex, and his best friend,” the ghost mother answers.

“So before I answer about San Diego, what is your name? I don’t remember Uncle Rex talking much about you,” I ask her.

“My name is Mary, yours ladies,” she asks back.

“I am guessing you know but I will tell you anyway. My name is Melina, this is Marcella, and the scared one is Madelyn. Yes, we like San Diego. Yes we are related to Uncle Rex. And before you ask, yes we are witches. So I am guessing the one that broke the vase is another ghost?” I ask her.

“A quick one, yes, it is another ghost. Sometimes he gets grouchy and breaks things. One of the rooms is his so I do not know what he was doing in the attic,” Mary answers.

Madelyn whispered, “a…another one?”

Mary nods her head and Madelyn falls to the ground passing out.

“She can everything, except for ghosts,” Marcella says.

Marcella mutters a spell, the door to Madelyn’s room opens and her body flows in. Gently, her body lies down onto the bed and the covers wrap arounf her. Marcella snaps her fingers and Adrianne disappears, probably into her own bed.  Marcella’s magick always impresses me.

“So, Mary you are here to hold your daughter when she finds out her boyfriend is a cheat. Why don’t you just tell her, she breaks up with him and the problem solved?” I ask.

“If I tell her that, she will not experience an experience that every girl goes through at least once. Men are pigs and women are pigs sometimes as well,” Mary answers.

“So before this, you didn’t let her see you,” I ask.

“Nope, I watch over her and have a lot of conversations with my husband. Ah, I am going to go. This conversation bores me. Enjoy the rest of your stay, witch sisters,” Mary says and disappears.

“Uncle Rex failed to mention his wife stayed behind in ghost form or about a ghost best friend,” Marcella says.

“Yes, he did fail to mention it. Probably because he knew that Madelyn is afraid of ghosts,” I answer my sister.

“Melina, you are afraid of ghosts, too,” Marcella tells me with a smile playing on her lips.

“I am but I can handle them. If I was mortal I would be freaking out but I am not weak either,” I tell her. “So what are we doing tomorrow,” I ask and look down at my watch that I forgot to take off for bed. “I mean today…it’s passed midnight.”

“I think we all need to talk about this after we get some sleep,” Marcella answers and pulls me to my room. “Go to bed, sis.”

I scowl at her but go to bed anyway. I close my  door and walk over to my bed. Ignetia is lying on my pillow.

“Ignetia, what are you doing at this time of night over here in this realm?” I ask her.

“Your pillow is comfortable,” she responds. “I tried listening to conversations about the sons of the fairy queen. So far I heard nothing.”

“So we still do know anything about her sons, especially the one that I am supposed to meet at the ball?” My mood goes sour.

“Yeah, nothing,” she responds. “I will try tomorrow as well. Now listen to Marcella and sleep.” 

The End

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