Apology and dust.


My back ached from sitting in the same position working on my runes, creating new ones from the pebbles that I collected on the beach this morning. I glanced at the time seeing that it was late and wondered if my sisters were asleep yet. Zafrina appeared giving me a pointed look guessing my thoughts.

“I know I’m still annoyed with her. But can you blame me? She goes off and ends up seeing the fairly queen and not only that she’s got date her son. Who knows what this could lead too.” I sighed, standing up putting my things away, “and what will our parents say when they find out?”

Zafrina called out getting my attention.

“I don’t remember hearing the fairly stories as a child…stop looking at me like that…time may flow differently…but that’s not the point.” Zafrina points her head to the door and back at me, we stare at one another for a few minutes, Zafrina repeats the gesture and I give in.

I knock on Melina door hoping she would let me inside; I opened the door and saw that she was curled up asleep. I went over to her bed sitting on the edge and lightly run my hand over her long purple hair.

“Am I forgiven?” Melina suddenly said making me jump.

“Jeez Melina,” I smiled getting my breath back, “Yes. I’m sorry.”

“Can you say that again, I didn’t quite hear that,” Melina joked, sitting up.

“Oh really well…” I started tickling her then, “I’m sorrrrrry!”

“Mar…ceellaaaaa!” Melina laughed.

“Hey what’s going on?” Madelyn said from the doorway looking amused. I stopped tickling Melina, “can I come in?” Madelyn asked wrapping her night gown around her.

“Sure you too Madelyn,” Melina move the blankets beside her and Madelyn came jumping in besides her.

“So what does this fairly prince look like then?” I asked wanting the information about this fairly boy.

“I don’t know; guess he’ll reveal himself to me. Who knows could be anything.” Melina replied shrugging her shoulders.

“Well let me know when you do see him.”

“Me too,” Madelyn piped in smiling; “I invited Callum to the party.”

“You did?” I asked followed by Melina.

“Wow, Marcella you need to find someone you can’t go without a date.”

“No I’ll be watching over you two.”

“Come on Marcella you’ve got to have a  date to accompany you at the party.” Madelyn commented, “Just think how romantic it will be,” She sighed dreamily.

“I don’t want to-


All of us jumped, clutching one another wondering where the noise had come from. I got up going to the window, nothing stood out and we all looked at each other.

“What was that noise?” Madelyn whispered.

“It sounded like it from upstairs,” Melina said whispering to, her eyes looking up to the ceiling.

“I’ll go and check it out,” I headed towards the door when I heard footsteps behind me, “ok how about we all go and check it out.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Madelyn whispered.

We crept along the hallway and found the secret door, “who’s going up first?” Melina asked whispering.

“Why are both whispering?” I questioned, this was the guest wing and as far we knew no one else was stopping here.

“Because you never know whose listening,” Melina replied, in an eerily voice.

“Plus it adds to dramatic effect,” Madelyn added. I shook my head confused and opened the door leading up the secret staircase. Every step groaned as we crept up the twisty stairs, Madelyn sneezed making us jump again; it was hardly a surprise with the dust that covered the stairs.

Finally, we made it to the top of the stairs which opened up to the cluttered attic; my sisters were huddled around me as we searched the empty attic.

“These so much stuff up here,” Melina commented moving a white sheet over an old record player.

“Maybe Uncle Rex could auction some of this stuff off for a good price and maybe donate the money to charity.” I said thinking of the masquerade ball and how it could raise money to help others.

“We could ask him but what if he doesn’t want to part with his family heirlooms?” Madelyn replied blowing the dust of a heavy book, “wow this stuff is old.”

“I think this was the noise,” Melina was bending down near a broken vase, “but how did it break?”

“Good question, but think we should be going to bed now,” after putting the sheet back on the record player we made our way back down the stairs. I said goodnight to my sisters, got changed into my pyjamas and pulled the covers over my head.  

The End

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