I  leave the library.

How could she not even let me say a word? It's not like I wanted to be sent into the queen's realm. That was against my will, everyone knows that if the queen asks for you, she doesn't ask, she just takes you.

I set the bag onto the bed, thinking what to do with my dress. Maybe a spell for keeping it hidden? I close my eyes and sense where my sisters are.

Marcella  is on the way to talk with Uncle Rex, Madelyn is downstairs with Adrianne. They are walking to the pool.

Now what spell should I use? Before I decide, my bag with the dress disappears leaving behind a rolled up scroll.

It will be back on the day of the ball,
Your favorite Queen

I don’t question it. The scroll also disappears like it never existed.

I have fifteen minutes before coming down for dinner. I look at my outfit and then at my reflection in the full wall length mirror. I look horrible from all the stress. I think I will change into a sundress.

Marcella kids herself if she thinks I won't do magick, especially with an uncle who might go nuts if any of us are late. I say a small spell inside my mind and the sundress appears on my body. I say another spell for my hair.

Marcella didn't need to change, neither did Madelyn.

That took ten minutes with all the concentration on the spells. The last spell I do is for seeing where my sisters are. Marcella is downstairs at the table with Uncle Rex. Madelyn just walked in with Callum. Looks like Callum will be staying for dinner. 

I say out loud, "Your majesty, I hope you are not watching my every move. The ball is not here as of yet."

I close the door behind me and make my way downstairs, not using magick. 

When I enter the dining room, I see everyone are at their seats.

Uncle Rex says, "Melina, you look great as ever. And the best part is that you are not late."

I smile warmly at him, "How can I, uncle? I know how you cherish dinner time. I cherish it, too." 

I look toward Adrianne who looks pissed off, she also keeps throwing dirty looks at Madelyn. What did my little sister do this time? Then I look at Marcella who glares daggers at me.

Innocently, I ask, "What?"

She looks away to Madelyn. She knows not to make a scene, especially when it is not our house. Madelyn is talking to Callum about the mask that was laid out in front of her. I couldn’t see its design but it is defiantly a mask.

The salads are brought over, Caesar salad with minimal dressing. I realize then that I am hungry.

Uncle Rex starts off our dinner conversation, "So if I don't ask about your shopping spree, you girls will start freaking out on me."

All of us laugh and Adrianne starts talking. Her demeanor changed quickly from annoyed to being a lovely daughter. "I found the best ballroom gown. I look like a queen in it."

I have to eat my salad and look away to ignore her boasting about her dress and her mask. The girl can talk.

I make eye contact with my sisters and all of us start laughing.

"What's so funny?" Adrianne asks. 

"That you are trying to do the impossible, you already look like a queen in this place," Madelyn says. 

Adrianne pouts. 

"Well, girls, did you find your dresses?" Uncle Rex asks. 

Madelyn clasps her hands, "Oh, yes. I had help from Callum. It took a while to find the dress but I did, I did. And I want it to be a surprise."

I roll my eyes, looks like we sisters think alike. No one will diverge their dress secrets... well except for the queen. My mind goes off a tangent, thinking about the identity of the prince.

“And Callum was nice enough to find the right mask for me, I am on cloud nine,” Madelyn continues. 

I am brought back to reality with Uncle Rex trying to grab my attention.

"Melina, Melina..." Uncle Rex keeps saying my name.

"Ouch," I say as  Marcella's foot hits my tibia. I glare at her. "Sorry about that, is it my turn?"

Uncle Rex smiles, "That's okay. I just listened to Marcella's adventure. You got your dress? Your mask?"

"Yes, yes I did. I didn't buy it though," I say carefully.

"What do you mean you didn't buy it?" Marcella is quicker than Uncle Rex.

I look away from Uncle Rex and see all of them looking at me, including Adrianne. 

"Well, you know how you walk in one direction, blink once and end up somewhere else?" I ask Marcella directly. 

"Quit it. Just spill it out," Marcella is on the verge of screaming at me now.

Our salads are taken away and replaced with baked potato soups, my favorite. 

"Well, I met the Queen herself. Got the dress from her," I tell her. 

"Who?" both of my sisters ask at the same time. 

"The woman I met when I was a kid. Remember, how our parents had a hard time explaining about fairies. Well, I saw her today. She said I grew up. Look good, too according to her, by the way did you know that time flows differently there?" I ask that to change the subject. I can see the sisters trying to remember. I sigh and give in. "Fairy queen."

My sisters’ gasp.

Uncle Rex is the first to speak, "What did she want in exchange for the dress?"

I shrug, "According to her, just a date with her son."

The End

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