Poolside drama


It was a full moon night today, and after I had found Uncle Rex, I wandered lazily to the second floor balcony and settled comfortably on a wooden bench. The trees swayed along with the cool breeze and I could hear the distant hooting of an owl.

It was an enchanting setting and I felt my thoughts wander. Suddenly a beeping sound snapped me back to reality. Cursing, I whipped out my cell-phone from the pocket of my jeans and flipped it open. "You have one new message" the screen read. To my surprise it was from Callum.

Hey, just wondering if you've seen my glasses at your place. Think I might've accidentally left it there when I came to tutor Adrianne.

I smiled, and texted him back.

Haven't seen it around. Come over and I'll help you hunt for it.

The reply was almost instantaneous.

Okay, be right there.

I took my feet of the bench, and walked back inside. Adrianne was pacing wildly about the room, phone pressed to her ear. She glanced at me staring at her while standing at the doorway and stopped. Dropping her hand to her side, she regarded me with a frustrated look.

"Can you read minds?" she asked.

"No," I replied, slightly baffled.

"Nick hasn't called or texted me today. He won't even pick up his phone. Is something wrong? Can you like telepathically communicate that I need to know what's up?"

I rubbed my eyes, and looked at Adrianne. "His phone is probably not working, Adrianne. " I said. "It's no big deal."

"You're fifteen. Its not like you'd know. Nick loves me. He can't stand being without me even for a moment."

I bristled. Adrianne did not just call me a kid. Yet somehow, I couldn't be angry at Adrianne. I felt sorry for her, just by looking at her worried expression.

"Let's do a little spell." I said.

Adrianne raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?" she asked suspiciously.

"I can tell you what Nick will dream about tonight."

Adrainne snorted,"That'll help."

"Dreams are often a reflection of the subconscious. His dreams will show you his desires, his deepest wishes. Things he doesn't realize he knows.  Don't you want to get a look inside that head of his?"

Adrianne smiled gleefully," Let's do it"

" Okay I need something Nick touched. A lock of hair, a pencil or.." I trailed off.

"I have a guitar pick he left last week," she said

"And I need a water source."

"We have a large bathtub" Adrianne said. Then catching the look of scrutiny on my face, she said. "Or we could go to the pool."

Three minutes later, we were at the poolside. Adrianne dangled her legs over the side, her feet trailing in the water.

I kept my breathing slow and steady, holding the little piece of plastic in my hand. I felt myself go into a trance. 

"Okay, Adrianne." I said, "This is what I see."

I closed my eyes and immediately saw a scenery exploding the darkness to form clearly in vision.

"A beach." I said. "A beach and there's some sort of festival going on. Wait, I see Nick. He's with a bunch of other boys. They're all holding guitars and laughing. There's a stage on the side. A music festival, then. There's a girl singing onstage right now. All the boys are staring at her, including Nick. I see you AdrianneYou're walking up to him holding surfboard. He ignores you .He's going. I think he's going onstage. Yeah, now he's singing with the orange haired girl. They seem to be having a really good time."

Suddenly, I snapped out of my trance, and found that Adrianne had gone still, her eyes fixated at a point in the distance.

She got to her feet, then snatching the guitar pick from my hand hurled it into the pool.

"He's not over her!" she yelled, and stormed away.

I thought of running to her, but thinking that she might need some space, I stayed put.

"Hey." I heard a deep manly voice behind me. Callum.

"Hi," I said back 

Callum looked back at the house.

"Shall we go find your glasses?" I asked, trying to foce a smile.

"I don't wear glasses." Callum grinned. "I just needed an excuse to come over."

I blushed, hoping Callum didn't notice.

"Anyway, I came to give you this," he said pulling out a parcel from the crook of his arm. "You can't have a masquerade without a mask."

I took the parcel. "Thank you."

CAllum smiled, and then looked away again. There was a moment of silence between us until Callum said, a little awkwardly. "I should get going."

He started to walk away, but I called out after him." You should come to the party"

"Yeah, I will. Adrianne invited me already."he said back

"No, I mean you should come as my date."

The End

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