Sorry doesn't cut it


Unsurprisingly I was the first to arrive. I went inside the Cherry Tree café and ordered myself a latte coffee and sat outside enjoying the afternoon sun. Adrianne texted saying that she was on her way, just as Madelyn came round the corner holding a bag.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Madelyn says with a big smile on her face. I sighed happily but that happiness didn’t last long. Adrianne arrived shortly after and of course had a ton of bags.

The alarm I set on my phone beeped, I checked my phone seeing that my signal was high and double checked the town clock.

“She’s late.”

“Marcella chill she’s probably just stuck in a really long queue, it’s a sale remember and it’s madness,” Adrianne said sipping on a smoothie. Madelyn quickly texted someone, I was guessing Melina giving her the heads up.

My latte forgotten I started to pace. I saw Madelyn pick up her phone, “is she on her way?”

“She hasn’t gotten back to me yet…might not of heard her phone, that music was pretty loud.” Madelyn said seeing my strained face.

“Melina will hear me when I use the tracking spell.” I sit back down, drawing my power and saw Zafrina on the tree branch. “Melina.” Zafrina takes off with her fiery wings into the sky.

“I can’t reach her.” Madelyn shows me on her phone, every time she clicked on Melina name the call always fails.

“Where is she?” I couldn’t believe this was happening. I knew I shouldn’t have let them go off alone in an unknown town. My parents trusted me! Two days and already I can’t keep them safe.

How dare she do this to me! She knows to send a signal if something was wrong…oh no…another witch could have used a spell and blocked her or worse a human could have jumped her.

Time was ticking away.

“She might have took a wrong turn, I don’t think she stayed in the mall.” Madelyn said and then jumped picking up her phone.

“Is that-

“Callum hi, no have you seen her at all.” Who’s Callum? But before I could ask or snatch the phone Zafrina pulled me into her vision.

A side street…abandoned.

“Get off the phone.” I snapped and went to Adrianne, “where’s cross lock street?”


“Just do it,” I didn’t realise that I was stretching my skin till Madelyn put her hand on my arm.

“She’ll be fine.” I looked at the clock wondering where she was.

Suddenly, I sense her and I turn glaring. Her smile dissolved quickly.

                                                          ~   ~   ~                                            

“I’m sorry.” Melina says yet again.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Melina.” I snap back my arms folded. We were in the library alone, Madelyn made a smart move and went to find uncle Rex no doubt to warn him of my foul mood.

“Marcella, I-

“No…I don’t want to hear it.”

“But I-

“You are washing up tonight and don’t even think of using magic.”     

The End

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