A deal with Fairy Queen


At the words "Be safe sisters," I turn into smoke to disappear and appear a couple of meters away.

I don't turn around, knowing that they wouldn't do that either.

An understanding falls onto me that all stores are the same due to the fact that this place looks exactly like the mall in San Mateo. I growl in anger and hit the streets hoping there would be a store that would actually have what I want. I check my phone, I have fifty-five minutes left.

Right as I am about to turn onto a different street, Ignetia appears on my shoulder. She wraps herself around my neck and eyes me with curiosity.

"Hi to you too, Ignetia. What you doing here?" I ask this through minds speak because I don't want humans to think I am crazy talking to air. They cannot see her like I can.  Ignetia is my familiar, an emerald female dragon who normally resides on an astral plane with the other dragons, Marcella's phoenix, and Madelyn’s seahorse.

"I got bored so I decided to visit. What are you doing?" She asks me as she looks to my surroundings.

"Trying to find a store where I can find myself a dress for the masquerade ball," I tell her and continue on my walk.

"Humans are so boring, you will never find anything that will suit you and your magick," Ignetia sounds bored.

"You don't have to stay with me, you know. Hazy is probably going to be bored soon if you don't go back," I respond back.

"Don't be rude to me, Melina. I am ancient compared to you," Ignetia growls at me and bites my neck.

I squeal and pet her. She calms down.  I do not say anything for the rest of the way.

I walk past 'my fairy godmother' store and walk straight into a wall... mind you, again only I can see it. Ignetia sits up on my shoulders, alert. Did another witch create this wall? I knock on the wall, the sounds of bird chirping surrounds me. I follow the sound, Ignetia's claws rip into my shoulder. Something is bothering her but I do not pay attention. I am listening to the sounds around me.

I stop in my tracks as I realize where I am. I am no longer on the streets, I look back to see stores, ocean, and people missing.

"Melina, you do realize where you are?" Ignetia asks me.

"The fairy queen's forest. But why me?" I ask her and she shakes her head.

Before me there are several paths. 

I do not know which path to choose since there are many before me. I cannot go back to my dimension without the queen's help. I haven't seen her since when I was five. I look at my phone to check the time and find that its off. Great, now what? I jump back at the sound of leaves being crushed.

A guy in jeans and a magick t-shirt that changes its design three times in three seconds steps onto more leaves.

"Follow me, Melina," He doesn't wait for me to follow.

Ah, fairy men can be so, I don't even have a word for it.

I am very happy that I have Ignetia with me. Ignetia watches him like a familiar should, she put up a barrier field around us so nothing bad would happen. I am happy about that because I do not want to use my own magick for it.

We come to a tree, he claps his hands three times and a door appears in its wood.

"This way," he tells me with amusement.


I love magick! When we pass through the door, we come to be in a huge chamber, I have a feeling we just went into a third dimension.

"Melina, you have grown into a beautiful woman," the fairy queen addresses me.

"Thank you, my queen," I bow.

"At this age and time, you still have manners, good."

"If it is not rude to ask. Why am I here?" I ask her. There is no point hiding behind the bushes.

Her smile drops. "Are witches always this fast to jump to the point? That is not fun at all."

I don't reply.

"I know everything about you and your sisters. You are going to a ball... a masquerade ball. You are looking for a dress," she claps her hands and the fairy that showed me in, comes back holding a dress.

I can't look away from it, it is green. It looks like many leaves combined into one. Ignetia digs her claws into me and I shake my head out of my thoughts about the dress.

"What is the catch, my queen?" I ask her.

You could never trust the queen of the fairies. My parents taught me that when I was three years old.

She smiles. "There is no catch, it is a gift, along with this mask." She claps her hands and another fairy walks in with a box, he opens it and I gasp at the beauty. 

Ignetia is not happy about this at all. I am in a real predicament. I take the dress and I will owe her a favor. I decline and she is going to find a way to curse me.

"Sometimes, I do hate young witches. Fine, in exchange for the dress and the mask, I want you to consider my son to be your... for the lack of a better word...betrothed," she tells me.

I am left speechless, she is trying to set me up with her son. I look toward the two guy fairies. It is told that all fairies are her children, did she mean one of the two. They shake their heads at me, letting me know it is not them.

"So, an arranged marriage or something?" I ask absently.

"I am not like that, child. My son is fairy, human girls bore him and you my dear are a witch, hundreds of generations. I just want you to meet him, during the week that you are in San Diego. He will come to you and the only thing you need to do is not turn him down."

"So not turn him down, I don't have to date him?" I verify again.

She sighs and nods.

Ignetia keeps her claws in me.

"How will I know him?" I ask.

"You will know. Now, I believe you need to get back to your sisters. You are late." She disappears leaving me with the two fairy men.

The dress and the mask are put into a Macy's bag that they had prepared and I follow them out. The moment I follow one out of the door I am back on the street... right in front of Cherry Tree Cafe.

Marcella looks irritated and is looking around. Madelyn is texting someone and both of them have bags. Adrianne looks bored at her phone. I look down at my phone. I was gone for an hour and a half. I was late by thirty minutes. I thought I was gone only for ten minutes.

Ignetia flies away.

I start crossing the street.

Marcella notices me. Her look looks trouble.

The End

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