“Well I  won’t be needing these.” I say moving the matches off the table and placing the matches on the shelf. I move the candles on the table, concentrating on the single wick and flames appear.

“Show off.” Madelyn comments standing at my door glazing at the lit candles.

“Madelyn your magic will grow and practice makes perfect.” I smile at her rolling eyes, Melina comes into my room. “It’s time sisters.”

My sisters leave to prepare themselves for meditation, we may be in different rooms but, the link between us was strong and powerful.

Walking over to the fire place, twisting my hands in front of it and focusing on the fire that roared to life…waiting…I sat crossing my legs never breaking eye contact…breath…breath…the heat rose across my skin like feathers until I saw my phoenix…

                                                               ~   ~   ~

Rolling over I breath in the fresh bedding, I rub my eyes and see that the sun not even up yet. This gives me an idea; I push the covers from my body and get dressed in loose clothing. After making my bed I hate a messy bed, pulling my tangled curls into a neat bun and quietly closely my bedroom door I creep downstairs.

“A little early isn’t it?” I jump seeing Myxie bringing in the morning papers in the hallway.

“Morning run blows away the cob webs,” I say hooking my ear phones into my IPod, she smiles and I head outside.

I love running, felt like I could escape almost and I love sun rise. The beach wasn’t too far away so decided to have a steady jog, the streets weren’t busy at this time in the morning and I was soon at the beach. The sun was just rising, a new day starting and new chapter to be wrote. I unzipped my jacket and carried on with my jog my head busy with today mission of finding a dress.

I needed something proper, respectable and modest. After all my sisters and I were representing our family name. I was the eldest and that came with responsibilities to hold our name high in the magic world. Of course I was too busy thinking about this to notice what was in front of me and when flying into the sand.

“Oh oh miss I’m…Soo soo sorrrry…I I…” Someone stammered, my leg throbbed and I sat up seeing the shadow over my crouched form. “You all… well miss?”

“Yes my leg hurts a little,” I say rolling my sweat pants up. “It was my fault.” The shadow offers me a hand and I take the hand noticing how sweaty it is.

“I’m Ppp Patrick.” I let go of Patrick hand and take him in, he was a plump boy who was looking very red, bright ginger hair and kind pale green eyes.

“Nice to meet you Patrick, can I ask, what is that?” I ask pointing to the strange stick with a flat disc at the end.

“Ah this is my metal deter…do you know that they do?”

“Yes I’ve-

“You see I have to scan it slowly over the sand like this,” demonstrating a few steps away and I hear it beeping. “Now, you can hear this beeping noise, you keep walking slowly.”  I walk with him to be polite and after soo long I’m thinking of throwing a coin in the sand when, suddenly the beeping get louder.  

“I think we’ve found something.” Patrick keeps moving the disc over the area stops and takes a spade from his rucksack then, digs over the area explaining everything. I nod and smile.

“Oh look see.” Patrick picks up a crushed soda can and sighs. "People have a habit of just leaving these in the sand, annoying as there are bins everywhere."

"I agree, anyone could hurt themselves including animals and they just don't care." I take the soda can from him, "I'll put it in the bin I've got to head back now anyway." 

"Let me drive you...sorry I didn't catch your name." 

"Marcella and no I can jog back," I start to walk away only for Patrick to follow, "Really I'm fine it's not far." 

"Where do you live?" Patrick asks.

"I'm just visiting my uncle, I must be getting back," I reply hoping he'll just let me leave. I wasn't some naive girl who got into strangers cars, somehow I knew that Patrick wouldn't force me into the car but still you couldn't be too careful. "Goodbye Patrick."

"If your sure Marcella, goodbye then." I return his smile and make my way home. 

                                                                     ~   ~   ~

"Macy's will have something for us I'm sure of it." Adrianne eyes sparkle with excitement seeing the red star 'Macy's' writing and we follow her inside. As soon as we entered the store someone sprayed perfume towards us, explaining that it was 'Apple blossom' and we coughed our way past her. It was packed. Wild even. Women were running their hands over the racks like their life depended on it, one woman grabbed a dress out another woman basket and the staff where running round like headless chickens. 

"Do you think there's a sale on?" Melina said making us laugh, I tired looking for Adrianne but no such luck.

"Marcella," Madelyn said sweetly, I turned towards her puppy dog eyes. "Can we split up?"

"Well I don't-

"Oh please Marcella," Melina begged, "we can use a spell to track one another and I don't think Adrianne even know we're gone." They were both attacking me with those puppy dog eyes now and I sighed weighing up the options. 

"One hour and meet back at Cheery tree cafe." Their smiles lit up the room. "Don't be late...remember nothing too short."

Madelyn rolls her eyes, "Marcella."

"Fine fine go have fun be safe my sisters," They disappear like a puff of smoke. I text Adrianne in the hope that she looks at her phone, telling her about meeting in the cafe and I leave Macy's. 

Every shop seemed the same. Nothing was jumping out and all looked the same. I came out of the shopping mall, browsing along the side streets and found myself outside a shop called 'My fairly godmother.' A bell rang as I opened the door, a woman with blonde short styled hair appeared from a door and smiled warmly. 

"Welcome my dear, I am the fairly godmother and what can I do for you today?" The woman greeted me, I noticed the her crystal necklace and watched it change colour. "Ah a fellow sister." 


"Only ones that hold the magic ability can see within the crystal. My name is Roma." 

"That's a great necklace and nice to meet you, my name is Marcella and I hope you can help me." Roma guests to the chair and I sit. "You see my uncle is holding a big masquerade party and I really need something to wear."

"I see child, allow me a moment, my I?" Roma asks holding her hand open near me, I place mine in hers and wait. I can feel her magic brush me lightly and I wonder what spell she is doing. "Ah your element is fire yes?"


                                                                      ~   ~   ~

"I can't wear this." I say seeing my reflection in the mirrors. The dress was deep red with a this see through black neat over it, top half clung to my chest no straps, it flared out down to the floor with heeled shoes. "My back." I gasped the this black material covered half my back but the rest was exposed. 

"My dear you look amazing, it will look even better with this mask and leave your hair down." Roma handle me a black mask that looked simple but I could sense the magic. "Your see." She smile secretively. 

The End

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