The Doors


Our rooms are located on the second floor.

Myxie lets us take a peek at the other rooms before showing ours. 

When we reach ours, I understood why they were chosen to accommodate us. The first room is Madelyn’s, the second is Marcella’s, and mine is the third.

The rooms have elaborate beds with long wooden brown posts at the corners. There are golden rimmed curtains so one could sleep while maids walk by. Each room has a small area for mediation where there are candles, water, earth, rocks, matches, and incense. It is perfect.

The other rooms did not have meditation areas.

“Dinner will be served in forty minutes, promptly at 7:00 P.M. Please do not be late and look decent. On a side note, the masters and mistresses rooms are on the third floor. We do not harbor any guests besides you so the other rooms are free. You may go exploring, except for the third floor right side rooms. Just remember, dinner at 7:00 P.M.,” she explains before leaving.

“Well, she changed as she started to address us and not Adrianne,” Madelyn says as she looks out of my window.

“Myxie probably knows that Adrianne is a real witch,” Marcella says.

We laugh at the irony of it.

The only witches in this house are Uncle Rex and us. Not sure about the staff.

“Okay, we got forty minutes. I say fifteen minutes for shower, hair, and clothing and then exploring before dinner," I take charge.

“Fingers crossed,” Madelyn yells and runs out to her room.

Marcella rushes out next.

I set an alarm on my iPhone and smile. This is going to be fun.

 I rush myself to the bathroom connected to my room. Each room has its own bathroom. "Jacuzzi tub! Spiders! Why don't I have more time for a bath!"

After shower, I put on my blue dress and my dragon pentacle necklace. I get out a minute too late to have my two sisters glaring at me.

Marcella is wearing a red dress and a sun, moon, and stars necklace while Madelyn is wearing a purple dress with a fox totem pentacle. 

“Okay, I think we have twenty-four minutes left. Make that twenty because we need about four minutes to get downstairs,” Marcella takes charge this time.

We start exploring the left side of the rooms for our rooms are on the right side.

“We need less than four minutes if we go downstairs our way,” I wink as I open the door across my room and all of us gasp.

It leads nowhere. Just a wall, all of us knock on the wall to feel it hollow but there is no way to go through. We look at each other getting excited at what lies through other doors.

Madelyn rushes to the next door and tries opening it but it doesn't budge. Marcella and I try to pull but all of us almost fall over.

“Well, whoever heard of a door that can’t be opened,” Madelyn complains.

“Wait,” I say.

I touch the wall the painting on the right. The painting is hinged on two bolts on the left. I move to the right of the painting and attempt to pull at it. It pulls open taking some of the wall design with it.

Again all of us gasp for a room opens up in front of us. It is just as beautiful as the other rooms.

“My turn!” Marcella says and runs to the third door.

Madelyn and I rub our hands together at the anticipation of what we would see behind this door. Marcella pulls at the door and it opens freely. Third time we gasp for we see a room behind  stairs. There are stairs behind the door!

Marcella sends us a mischievous look and dashes up the stairs. Madelyn and I squeal and sprint after her. It is a good thing our dresses are to our knees.

We end up climbing goddess knows how many steps and open the door to a hallway. Marcella is already by the window at the end of the hallway. “Based, on the heights, I think we are on the fifth floor.”

We nod in agreement.

I look outside, seeing a garden and a pool. Makes me want to go outside. I pull away my gaze from the view to my cell phone with great regret. “Ahhhh! We got two minutes left!” Time does fly. “Sisters grab my hands.” We stand in a circle and start I start chanting.

Rules of time and space be gone
Let us sisters pass unharmed
Through the walls and floors unseen
Let us be inside the halls
Where the dinner will proceed
So Mote it be

With a blink of an eye after the last word ‘be’ we appear in the dining hall right next to a walking Rex.

He looks at his gold rimmed watch and says, “Cutting it close, no?” with mischievous glimmer in his eyes.

The only one shocked person is Nick. Adrianne looks bored and the waitress looks like she doesn't care. Lovely.

All of us sit down, each of us has a waiter who pulled out a chair. All of them are young, handsome men that makes me blush. I thanked them for the help and my sisters do the same. Adrianne as usual didn’t even notice the help while Rex was very polite. Nick being a man, sat down by himself.

“Well girls, I don’t know if you had a dinner like this before. We start with a salad.”

The waiters come back with green salads and small cups with ranch dressings.

“Then it will be the main meal, I don’t ever know what the chef cooks up so it is always different and surprising. Then we have desert, also not a clue what it is going to be. We talk during dinner about what we did that day and our plans for the week. Sounds good?” Uncle Rex looks down at his salad.

We nod.

“Good. I do say. You three look lovely in those colors and necklaces.” He  bites into his salad.

“Thank you,” Marcella says for all of us.

The salad is fresh and the ranch is cold so it is a good addition.

Adrianne summarizes the day for us. About the sun block location, how we do not know any famous people, how we three went into the waters and had a water fight and how the rain ruined everything. At the mention of the rain, I swear Rex looked over at me thinking something. I swallow the cabbage and hope that he didn’t guess that we used a rain spell to get away from his daughter. Rex is defiantly a smart cookie.

Our main course appears. It is mean patties wrapped by steamed cabbage and a loaded baked potato. Smells delicious. After a couple of bites of the meat patty with cabbage, I feel happy. My sisters look content as well.

“So, Uncle Rex, what are your plans for tomorrow?” I ask.

“Well, I got things to prepare for the ball. But I think it will be perfect for you girls.” He looks at Adrianne first and then then at us. “You can go shopping for your costumes or dresses or whatever you need for the ball. Girls, I talked with your father…that I will give you 1000 dollars each for your outfits. I have some high class people coming the ball and I want everyone who represents my family to look the best. Whatever you do not use of the money is yours to do with what you will. Adrianne will show you all the best places to shop.” Uncle Rex looks pleased with himself. 

 I take a drink of my water and ask, “Dad approved of the money?”

Rex smiles, “He didn’t have a choice really. He can’t stop me from San Mateo now can he?”

Madelyn and I squeal in excitement.

Marcella says, “Are you sure, Uncle Rex? We don’t want to be a bother and our dad gave us money for shopping.”

Yeah, not a lot I think. I have to check my bank account to see what I have but if I don’t touch my savings and use Uncle Rex’s money. I will be happy but feel guilty.

“No bother, my dear. Think of me as your fairy Uncle.”

We laugh and say, “Thank you Fairy Uncle.."

He laughs too. Adrianne keeps eating and flirting with Nick who has been eyeing myself and my sisters during this entire dinner. What could be going through his head?

Our desert ended up being chocolate Tiramisu, my favorite.

We listened to Uncle Rex about his week and how he needed to make so many phone calls about the ball that my head begun spinning. Dinner ended a little after 8:30 P.M. giving us sisters plenty of time to prepare for meditation and sleep. 

The End

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