The car smelled of Cinnamon air freshener, as Uncle Rex drove us to his house in the middle of a small storm. Rain lightly pattered on the windows, and I aligned my thoughts to the steady beat of raindrops. Uncle Rex had turned up the heater, so I felt quite cozy in my seat in the back of his car.

Nick and Adrianne were in the car behind us, Adrianne at the wheels. It was a blue- green car, with an expensive looking decal sprayed on the front. The hood was spattered with mud from the dirty rainwater splashing on it.

As we pulled up the front, I got a good look at Uncle Rex's house. It wasn't just big, it was enormous! A small manicured garden sat on the left of a five-storey building with giant balconies and and frosted windows. The overhanging balconies were covered with colorful creepers that grew from the ground, gradually snaking their way upwards. A tiled path led to the back, hidden from sight. I longed to run around the entire stretch of the garden trying to see what other surprises Rex's house contained.

Adrianne had overtaken us and parked her car on the driveway, before getting out and handing her keys to a uniformed servant who hurried to take them. Nick got out from the other side and Adrianne casually draped her hand over his shoulder, and made her way towards us.

Uncle Rex with a big grin motioned for us to get out of the car, and we gladly did. 

"You girls can stay in the rooms upstairs. Myxie's made good accomodation for you girls."

A petite woman in uniform came stagerring in high heels.

"Ah there you are Myxie. " Uncle Rex positively beamed." Show these girls to their rooms, won't you?" 

Myxie nervously smiled. 

"Come girls, " she said. "Right upstairs."

We walked into the elaborately furnished halls of Rex's house. The sound of distant piano music came from the far end of the hall. Suddenly it stopped, and a flustered blonde boy came storming towards Myxie. 

"I've waited long enough!" he was saying. "Is Adrianne here, or not?!"

At that moment Adrianne and Nick walked in arm in arm.

"Adrianne!" the boy fumed. " If you wanted your piano lesson to be postponed, you should have just told me." his accent was slightly scottish.

Adrianne giggled. "Sorry about that, Callum. I was--busy"

Callum drew in a sharp breath."Oh I see," he said coldly."If you hadn't literally begged me to teach you, I wouldn't be here. I'm acting like a good friend, and you're acting like-"

"Enough." Nick said, cutting him off. 

Callum turned and stormed out. 

"Bye Callum." Adrianne called after him.

The End

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