Awesome beach day


The beach was full of families out enjoying the summer sun. My sisters and I were having a hard time stepping over sandcastles wondering where Adrianne was leading us.

“Come on, just a little further,” Adrianne says pointing excitedly near some rocks.

Madelyn stopped staring at the sea, breathing in the salty sea air and smiled in that dreamy way of her sometimes. “It’s beautiful here.”

Soon we arrived at our destination; Adrianne stood checking the area, nodded once to herself and waved over to Nick who had been following us carrying the beach bags. I didn’t know what to make of her boyfriend Nick. I could see the obvious attraction in good looks and money background. He seemed nice enough and Adrianne hung on his every word.

“Nick honey can you rub some sun cream on my back,” Adrianne says to Nick who was passing out beach towels, “I don’t want to burn and have strap marks for the ball on Friday. I’d look like Jessica Dales.”

“What happened to Jessica Dales?” Melina asked taking sunglasses out her bag.

Adrianne gasped to add dramatic effect, “Oh the worse ever, she was on this very beach wasn’t she Nick?” But he was busy texting on his phone to listen. “She was wearing a one piece bathing suit, forgot to sun cream and all you could see the next day was these odd patches of red.”

“That’s why I’m going to rub sun cream everywhere,” Nick said sitting behind her with the sun cream. “Do you need help girls?”

I think we were all a little shocked by this request, my sisters looked back at me, “No I’ve got it covered, you just see to your girlfriend.”

Nick smirked, Adrianne giggled, “Oh he will.”

Why are they looking at me like that? I thought back to what they said and turned my head blushing.

“Okay can we go paddling now?” Madelyn said taking off her shoes and rolling up her jeans.

“Come on let’s all go, Marcella needs to cool off that red face,” Melina laughs tugging my hand towards the sea.

After rolling my white jeans up, taking our shoes off we dash over the hot sand and stop as the ripples of water roll over our toes. We squeal in delight walking a little more into the sea.

“This is soo awesome,” Melina says mimicking Adrianne use of the word.

“Your right Melina this is totally awesome,” Madelyn replies.

“Just because Adrianne loves to use the word ‘awesome,’ does not mean you pair have to copy her.” I say looking back and forth between them making sure they got the message.

“Marcella you need to lighten up.” I turn towards Madelyn as she splashes me. I gasp, Melina had her hand over her mouth and Madelyn was fighting back a giggle. I sigh and kick my feet splashing Madelyn in the face.

“Water fight!” Melina shouts.

We were dripping wet, hair everywhere and laughing our heads off when we went back to base camp. Adrianna look concerned noticing our out of place hair whereas Nick looked amused.

“Wet t-shirt competiton girls?” We sat on beach towels, I narrowed my eyes at Nick and Adrianna tapped his arm playfully.

“Not going in for a dip Adrianna?” I asked.

“Oh no just had my nails done, aren’t they awesome and anyway I don’t want to look like Chloe Hopkins.” We didn’t need to ask what happened to her because Adrianna lunched into the tale.

It was late afternoon when I finally cracked picking up my handbag. “Sisters let’s take a stroll over the rocks.” Both of them perked up and jumped up following me, once we were by ourselves I stopped and looked at each of their knowing faces.

“Awesome right?” Melina says.

“We need to end this beach day before I”-

“Madelyn.” I give her a pointed look. “Looks like rain sisters.” I grab my spell book from my bag finding the page and we look at the spell to make it rain. We stand in a circle, silently calling on our magic and together we say the spell.

"Ancient Bunbulama
A goddess of rain
We invoke thee.
Bring out the waters from the sky
So mote it be"

"We command thee now,
to thee all.
Listen to our desire,
Rain fall!"
Rain fall!
Rain fall!

Droplets of rain started to fall as we spoke, the water surrounded Madelyn and when we finished the rain was thundering down everywhere.

The End

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