A walking Barbie


The three hours on the plane made my legs fall asleep so when we got inside Uncle Rex's car, I was miserable. I am still miserable. 

Marcella is in the front seat stretched out while Madelyn and I try using the space in the back to our full advantage. It's a good thing that the black Mercedes has more room than the car our mother drives. 

Uncle Rex talks about his house, San Diego and his daughter, Adrianne. I watch Madelyn holding on to each word. She is listening enough for the three of us. I look out the window. Marcella is trying to do both but obviously fails, it is quite funny.

Uncle Rex is driving through the downtown districts.

On the way to the house, we drive by historic Gaslamp Quarter, then on Embarcadero that ends with Seaport Village where there are a bunch of restaurants. A little ways away there is a USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. I look inside my tour book and see that we are not close to the San Diego Sea World. Too bad. They have a whale by the name of Shamu. 

At the end of Embracadero, Uncle Rex parks the car and says, "How about some lunch?Adrianne should be waiting for us at the Bay-View Restaurant. You girls will love it. Both of us thought that you would be hungry because they don't offer food on planes and its lunch time."

All of us nod in response, too tired to respond properly.  

"I will take that as a good sign," Uncle Rex laughs. 

After I close my door, I stretch out my legs and hook my purse on my right arm. My sisters do the same.

Seaport Village reminds me of a second downtown. There are tons of stores and so many food places, it makes my head spin. The smell of seafood is overwhelming. I am not really used to it. 

After about five minutes of walking and Uncle Rex pointing out other great places to eat as we get to the restaurant, we reach our destination. Uncle Rex waves at a girl by the window.

We make our way toward her.

The girl at the table is not alone, she is sitting next to a blonde guy who is wearing a black shirt, jeans, and by the looks of it expensive glasses which he slips down his nose to look at us.

The girl  is Adrianne. I instantly don't like her. She has one hand on the shoulder of the guy with perfect long finger nails of color purple, matching my hair. Her hair is pulled back into a bun with bangs covering her dark blue eyes. She has on a white skirt with a black top showing off her flat stomach with a naval ring, I think it is diamond. The black shirt is also tied by black strings in the middle exposing her skin. 

All of us sit down.

Uncle Rex introduces us, "Girls this is my daughter, Adrianne and her boyfriend Nick. Adrianne this is Marcella, Melina, and Madelyn." 

"Wow! I heard from my dad that you guys are from Salem. That is like totally awesome!" She winks at us. 

Madelyn says, "I love your shirt! You have great taste."

Adrianne smiles sweetly, "Thank you hun, it doesn't come out until next year but my dad is so amazing I got it two days ago." 

Marcella says, "Trendy. So what's good here? I am starving."

"Yes, what is good?" I rather think about food.

At this moment, out waitress shows up to take our order. We tell her that we need a couple more moments.

Before she leaves I greet her with, "Blessed me." She looks at me curiously. I point at her pentagram. "Pagan or wiccan?"

Her face lights up, "Oh wiccan. Sorry, I haven't seen any witches in town lately."

I smile, "Maybe we can exchange contact information, could be fun."

She says, "Yeah!" and leaves to help a customer who has been asking for a refill on a soda. 

Marcella nudges my side, "You are a friendly witch."

I respond back with, "She is the first witch that we met who is not our Uncle Rex."

Uncle Rex interrupts, "San Mateo doesn't have witches?"

I respond, "Not that we met any. Our customers normally come in to buy candles and incense to spice up their romance life. Maybe one or two readings but they are not believers. Not like at Salem."

He smiles, "Yeah, that's how I felt when I moved to California. I know a lot of witches now. You will get to meet some of them at the masquerade ball on Friday."

The waitress comes back, grabs our orders, and we exchange phone numbers.

Adrianne says, "Well, I am not a witch like my dad is but I do love the beach. How about after lunch, my boyfriend and I take you girls out to the beach and show you all the awesome spots?"

All of us say, "YES," at the same time.

I may not like this girl but spending time on the beach may be what I need before shopping for a dress for the ball and thinking about our love premonitions.

The End

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