A cup of caffeine, clouds and San Diego!


None of us had ever woken up this early.


However today it was no problem jumping out of bed squealing, to head to the bathroom. I took less than a minute to do my hair. Usually it would take ages to even comb out all the tangles, sitting in front of the mirror brooding about the day's events or some poor kid's nightmare. After a warm shower I pulled on my favorite blue jeans and a black off-shoulder top. Strapping on a pair of electric blue ankle boots I stuffed a lilac shawl into a shoulder bag along with some other essentials, and then rushed downstairs with my suitcase.

My sisters were equally excited as me. While Melina wore a cute backless sky blue dress with platform shoes, Marcella looked posh in an open cut beige T-shirt and white pants. She was wearing studded cream colored heels,and her red hair was done up in a french twist. I couldn't help but think of her as elegant. 

Mother came in a few minutes later, carrying cups of coffee.

"Thanks, " Marcella said, taking a cup from her. "I could sure use some of this."

Mother laughed and handed out the other cups. 

I sipped the hot drink tentatively, my eyes on the clock. Mother caught my eye.

"Madelyn dear, don't worry your plane is at -"

"9:30!" Melina shrieked. " There's only half an hour left!"

As if struck by lightning, all of us dropped whatever we were doing and rushed out of the front door, Mother stumbling behind us awkwardly.

A few minutes later we were strapped tightly in her red Kia Forte, as she drove a few miles above the speed limit to get us to the airport. Fifteen nerve wracking minutes later, we were safely inside and mother was waving goodbye.

We rushed through the airport and were finally in the plane. Only when I put on my seatbelt and settled back comfortably in the seat, did I breathe a sigh of relief. Marcella who had looked like she was in a frenzy had calmed down considerably. I had the window seat, while Melina sat in the middle and Marcella near the aisle. I shot Melina a smile and she returned it.

"We're going to San Diego, sister!" she whispered.

I gripped the seat tightly, "We;'re taking off!"

Marcella shook her head, "Of Course, silly! Wait till you reach the sky. It's magical."

I had only been on a plane once before, and I hadn't enjoyed the experience. Mother had to hold me on her lap while I threw up several times. No danger of that this time though. I had packed a few of those green pills.

As we broke through the surface of the clouds, I saw the beautiful sky, stretching out like an ocean and smiled. I stared at it for nearly an hour and then turned to Melina and Marcella to show them, but they weren't looking. Melina had plugged in her headphones while Marcella was buried in her book. With a sigh I turned back to look at the clouds.

Once at the San Diego airport, we collected our luggage and then Uncle Rex came to collect us in his black Mercedes. 

He stepped out to take our suitcases. "You must be Yuri's girls," he grinned crossing his big beefy arms. 

He gestured for us to get into his car, which we did without hesitation. Uncle Rex started the car and talked to us the whole way about his house, San Diego and his lovely daughter, the wondrous Adrianne.

The End

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