The Invitation


I await their response. I know they have seen something as well or else we would not be seeing each other now. 

Marcella as being the oldest starts first, then myself and finally Madelyn. 

Marcella takes charge. "All of us had the same message. To put it bluntly as a fortune teller, I'd say all of us will meet our other half very soon."

Madelyn jumps in excitement. "I can't wait. Would be nice."

I shake my head. "It might be nice but there is a problem. We do not know where and when? I assume that all of us will be together?" 

Marcella thinks hard. I can tell by her furrowed brows. "Not necessarily. We saw the same message but maybe will meet them at the same time but separately?"

Madelyn loses her confidence. "Well in my dream I was at a dance, twice. I saw him only once and didn't see him the second time. I was alone, not older.  Marcella, you can't be at the school dance because you are a college student, unless I invite you as my date."

Marcella answers, "Remember sister, dream magick tells us of a version of an event. That goes for all of us."

All of us sigh.

Normally one doesn't see a future for one self when one delves into the world of divination so this was all new. We do not know what will happen. I clear my throat and about to say something when the phone rings. Our connection breaks and I see my reflection again.

I hear my sisters' rushed steps and run out of my room as well.

There is a second phone by the stairs which I pick up and all of us gather around it.

Our dad  picked up the kitchen phone. 

"Hello?" Our dad asks. 

"Blessed be, Yuri! It's your cousin Rex from San Diego! How are ya?" The man on the other end exclaims.

We look at each other.  We only heard about Rex once. He was the first member of the family to move away from Salem.

"Oh Rex! Good to hear from you. Everything good here. Our store is doing fine. The wife is being a kitchen witch for the moment and the girls are meditating."

We try not to laugh at his response.

Normally our dad would say something along the lines of-The wife is cooking and the girls are watching TV.

"Nice. So you never told me their gifts. What are they?" Uncle Rex asks our dad.

"Oh Marcella is a rune reader, Melina does tarot cards, and Madelyn is all about dreams," our father sounds proud.

"Wow. Intense. All girls went into divination huh?" 

"Well, not all can sell witch products and get business," our father responds. 

Rex laughs, "True, my cousin true. So I will cut to the chase. I never met your girls and you cannot get away from the store. It's summer and they are not doing any school work at all. Send them to me for a week. I will show them San Diego and here is the best part. I am hosting a masquerade ball! The girls will love it!" 

We cover our mouths to cover our building excitement. San Diego for a week and a masquerade ball! It would be our first time traveling without parents. I feel the excitement of my sisters. Marcella for once is not hiding it. 

"I will have to talk to my wife about that Rex. I remember the parties you throw. Your house gets so packed, things happen," our father responds with uncertainty.  

We look at each other frantically. When our dad says 'talk to wife', it means a no. The parents always stick together on things like this.

Rex seems to have the same idea, "Listen, Yuri talk about this, mention it to the girls. Don't say no right away. Call me back this week and I will buy them tickets."

"Alright Rex, will do, bye now," our father says and hangs up. 

I quickly put back the phone. 

Madelyn says, "We have to get them to say yes to us going!"

Marcella asks, "Why?"

Madelyn says with too much energy, "Because I will meet my soul mate at the ball!"

I gasp.

Madelyn is right. This could be the first step for our premonitions to come true. 

The End

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