The red silk poach felt heavy in my uncertain hands, I had never seen it before but I knew what it held. Taking a breath I released the strings, feeling my magic flow through me as the runes fell.

“What are these?” I whispered surprised, WYNN shaped like a ‘P’, HAGGALL which looked like an ‘H’ and two others that I didn’t understand. Slowly I moved my hand above the smooth stone runes sensing what they could mean.

“JARA…Symbolizes birth new relationship…forces at work two interlocking forces circling one another.” My moved to WYMM symbol one that I knew and used on others. “Happiness and wonderful times of the heart…oh my.”  

Everything disappeared before my eyes and left me alone with nothing but a pink candle glowing…

I gasped seeing my face mirrored between my sisters.

The End

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