I jump up with such speed that my heart rate increases. My head aches with the knowledge I gained from my daily meditation. 

All us sisters have a daily night meditation at nine pm sharp. Meditation takes time because the mind needs to fall into a void of nothingness. A place where nothing matters. 

Normally we sisters would astral travel during this time to other astral planes. Sometimes we would even meet our familiars. Too bad humans can't see them when our familiars visit our plane.

This time, my mind could not grip at the astral plane because my familiar was me. My dragon curled herself around my neck, letting me see a vision.  I saw a single scene, which reminded me of a tarot card. One single card.

I was on a meadow which ended with an ocean.The sound of the waves gently hit the land, beckoning me to come closer. My eyes closed in bliss. Dolphins in the distance. Some of them even called out to me.

One called out, "Melina, open your eyes!"

I listened.

How could I not? And out of the waters appeared an object. I squint my eyes trying to decipher it. After squinting and blinking I saw that the object was in fact a couple. A handsome warrior holding onto dearly to his woman. A woman who was so beautiful that Zeus himself would make her a goddess. The woman wrapped herself around the warrior. It was like she was afraid he would disappear. But he didn't. He clutched her closer and from where Melina was standing, it seemed that they were melting into each other with the sun lighting their love.

That was when I was thrown back into my body.

Two words escaping my lips, "The lovers."

My dragon continues to sleep. I walk up to my mirror and run my fingers through the tangled mess, feeling anxious over the possibilities of the shown card. 

Seconds later, I see my sisters in the reflection of the mirror. 

The End

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