Bremer County MohawksMature

This is the prologue to the story in which we find two characters stepping into a shady front office. Read to find out the rest.

The Shady Oaks reception room was as dimly lit as the name implied. The room was small and devoid of furniture with the exception of a counter infront of a set of stairs. The office clerk sat at his post smoking a rolled cigarette and reading a dog eared novel. He was temporarily blinded as he looked up towards the door, the open door. Two men walked through it and allowed it to close on its own as they made their way casually but swiftly to stand infront of the counter.
"Who the hell are you?" asked the store clerk as he began polishing the dingy counter with his sleeve.
"I'm Jim Swanson." said the man on the left.
"And I'm Jake Powers." said the guy on the right.
"We understand you have a slight problem." continued Jim while placing his hands in his pockets.
"A very big slight problem." corrected Jake as he straightens his short brimmed hat.
"A very big slight problem that we could help you with." added Jim as he gestures vaguely with his right hand.
The clerk steadied his gaze on Jim since Jim was the last speaker.
"What are you getting at? What are you trying to con me into buying?" asked the clerk suspiciously.
Jim and Jake exchanged shocked and hurt expressions that gradually shifted towards confusion.
"Buying?" asked Jake.
"Buying?" echoed Jim.
"He must mean us buying, Jim." said Jake.
Jim settled his right hand into his pocket again.
"Of course of course. He had me confounded there," admitted Jim.
"The mark of a hard bargainer." replied Jake.
"Keep an eye on this one." said Jim as he pointed at the clerk with his left hand.
"We were confused because we aren't salesmen." explained Jake.
"That is very right." chimed Jim.
"What we are, is buyers." continued Jake.
"Well, more renters than buyers at any rate." laughed Jim.
"What are you two on about? Out with it, we don't take kindly to solicitors round here." stated the clerk as he pulled a small sawed-off shotgun out from under the counter.
"A man of few words I see." observed Jake.
"That is something to be admired." said Jim.
"Actions always spoke louder." continued Jake.
"Well we will get down to what we mean to see you for." said Jim.
"We heard tell that you were the one to see about a room." explained Jake.
"A place where a room can be found with an occupant already in it." continued Jim.
"We don't rent by the hour. You buy or you don't. We don't deal in leases." spat the clerk.
"Buy, hmm?" asked Jim.
"Buy." Confirmed Jake.
"What rooms do we have to choose from?" asked Jim.
"We have three open for perusal and two already sold. The three open are all brunette but the two sold are a red and a blond." answered the clerk as he set the shotgun on the counter with his finger still idled on the trigger.
"Why tell us about the sold rooms?" asked Jake.
"Just in case you are willing to give us a better deal. No sale is final till the tenant moves in." answered the clerk who now rested against the counter while one hand stroked the gun.
"Well if the wares are worth the price I will fetch you a decent one." laughed Jim.
"Course we can't bid for what we don't know." Jake pointed out.
"Can we have a walkthrough of the rooms up for grabs?" asked Jim.
"Maybe even a sneak peak at those under claim?" added Jake.
"Sure’ in we can do that for two reasonable guys like you. Course there is an upfront fee to get into the upstairs areas." said the clerk as his hands strayed from the gun and back to the counter.
"Well." said Jim.
"Well." said Jake.
"This will take some thinking." said Jim as he pulled his right hand from his pocket.
"Some serious thinking." said Jake as he reached up to straighten his hat again.
"One doesn't want to walk into a thing like this without fore thought." explained Jim as he handed the clerk a folded paper he had in his right hand.
"No, choices have to be made with such care." said Jake.
"What to eat."
"What to wear."
"What to buy."
The clerk unfolds the paper with both hands and sees the one word written on it. Dumb.
"And what to sell." added Jake as he leveled his magnum at the clerks chest.
"Never deal in people trafficking when the people you are trafficking..." explained Jim while Jake pulls the trigger.
"... have family wealthy enough to hire us." finished Jake.
Jim pulled a knife from inside his coat and stepped around the counter, past the clerk, and towards the stairs. Jake followed. They flew up the stairs as a man ran down to meet them. He stumbled as he brought a 9mm to bare only to have it thrown high and a knife to be forced into his neck. Jim pulled the man down as he fell and Jake rushed past with magnum prepped. He fired once, twice and a third. Two bodies fell at the head of the stairs and one door swings open.
Jake and Jim stepped into the room. Five woman sat huddled in the far corner. The red head stood up and looked questioningly towards Jake and Jim.
"Who the hell are you?" she asked.
"I'm Jim Swanson." said the man on the left.
"And I'm Jake Powers." said the guy on the right.

The End

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