A. Jabberwocky



“a summer’s night”


     On a summer’s night, not so long ago, Maxine Michaels and her son, Abraham, set out in her horse-drawn “carriage” to the town of Breeze, which was all the way on the other side of the island she lived on. That same night, my sister and I went out to find the perfect pair of pants. All four of our lives would soon cross roads and meet in the middle, blocking each other’s paths, but not sure how to get out of the way without leaving the main road. It would be the traffic jam to change all four lives.

            I was fourteen at the time, just beginning to see how beautiful life could really be, and just how ugly it could get, as well. My sister, Vivian Zepp, was a loud, joke-cracking, energy drink-chugging girl who wasn’t afraid to get out there and dance in the middle of a club. Not to mention that she attracted every guy that saw her. I was sometimes jealous of her, but never admitted it. This was how she got me out of the house that night; using my jealousy (which she never denied its presence) to get me to go shopping with her. When we were all the way down the cliff side and into town, she announced we were going to find the “perfect pair of pants” for me. She even offered to pay for them, no matter how expensive.

            So there we were, just two girls looking for some pants. We stopped at a lot of shops on the way, but finally, we found them; a pair of black-and-blue pants with chained straps that had handcuffs on them. The clerk said that the pants were imported from California, where they had different kinds of clothes than we did on the island. On our island, girls were normally seen wearing dresses and skirts. Very rarely girls wore shorts, and almost never wore jeans. It was always too hot for those things, and we liked the skirts and dresses anyway. Even though I knew that the pants would be hot to wear, I loved them. We bought them and left, me hugging the pants all the way home.


            Vivian said they would be worn on my first date with a guy. I told her that’s impossible, since she always attracted every guy in her line of sight. Little did I know that the pants would be worn almost every time I saw my new boyfriend. Little did I know that the pants would see my life at its greatest, and its worst.

I didn’t know just how much my family and love meant to me I was about to find out.


The End

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