The Good Life Chatshow - aged 29

“Hello hello hello! I’m Brandon Gregory and welcome to the show!” The presenter a short, thin man with orange tinged skin and bright white teeth, stood right in the middle of the stage, the white spotlight shining down on him making the rest of the stage darker. The spotlight went out, the crowd roared as purple and orange strobe lights dance across the stage and over the excitable crowd. When the lights went up, Gregory was sat in a large red-velvet armchair.

“Haven’t I got a treat for you today - we have thewonderfulgirl-groupSweet Cheeksto talk about theirfantasticnew about,he asked for our autographs-”

Again, the crowd cry in delight.

“And and and, we have the wonderful and magnificent star that came from nowhere almostfiveyearsago and stole our hearts – BREE HOVERFLY!” he held out an arm to the side, welcoming me onto the stage. I took a deep breath, and stepped onto the stage my ankles suddenly strong in the five-inched glitzy heels and short dress.

The crowd screamed; a man lunged for the stage, roses in his hand, a bouncer caught him and threw him to another bouncer who escorted him off stage.

I took my seat, my legs glued together to make sure the cameras didn’t get a shot up my ‘little black dress’, which barely came halfway down my thighs. The last thing I needed was for the tabloids to have that ‘killer shot’ of my undies like they did to Katrina a couple of weeks ago. I brushed my newly bleached hair off my shoulders and took a long swig of my complimentary wine.

“So then, my darling,” Gregory smiled at me. “Howareyou today?”

Interesting start, where’s he going with this?“Well Brandon, I am splendid, how are you?”

“Oh don’t be soteasing, darling,” he batted the air between us, I felt a mini-breeze from his hand. “How is your love life with Damien, demon of the rugby pitch, Fitzpatrick?”

My brow rose coyly, “Ah, that,darling, is Top Secret.” I winked, some of the audience chuckled, an audible sigh could be heard from where I sat. I licked my lips, “However, I’ll make sure that ifanythingdoes happen, I’ll be sure to comehere, first!”

A joyful cheer came from the crowd. Gregory smiled. “I’m sure Brittney,” his co-host, “will beveryglad to hear that.”

I nod, “Naturally,” and wink.

 He clapped his hands. “Now, I sure whateveryoneis thinking of is your brand-spanking new film,My Heart is Forever Yours.”

The audience clapped.

“Yes, I play the challenged young teacher, Miss Berbery-”

“Surely, a challenged young teacher is hardly something new. Is it?” Gregory said, his voice was vaguely slimy and a spark in the back of his dark eyes.

My chin lifted subtly, the cameras didn’t notice, this was strictly between us. “I assure you, Brandon, this is not like anythingyouwould have seen before. About the woman behind the perky, optimistic teacher, the woman who has HIV, a father that has dementia and she later discovers she’s pregnant. Yes, there is a lot happening in her life, as in the film – it was incredibly interesting to film.”

Gregory’s smile didn’t leave his face. “Indeed it does seem interesting, the premier is next Saturday, isn’t it?”


“Well then,” he leapt to his feet, his arms outstretched to the audience. “You may all read the review off my blog, as I, too, shall be there!” The audience screamed and roared with joy once more.

Sweet Cheeksperformed their new song,Never Again. Gregory interviewed them, whilst I was backstage, drinking wine and eating canapés with Kelly and my agent Brooklyn. Brooklyn and Gregory have been friends since university, Brook knows half the industry – it was a God sent gift that he became my agent after I was inFrankenstein, the monster the world misunderstood. He didn’t seem to have had a negative afterthought since contracting me.

The End

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