Subject: Happy Birthday! :)

From: Kelly the Belly (
Sent: Wednesday 15th October
To: Bree (

Hi Bee! 

I'm sorry I can't make it to your party on Friday, Sean's off on Saturday (for the first time in ages) so we're going to the hospital to look at the baby within - ooooooh! - is it just me or did that sound mildly sinister? Haha! 

Feeling slightly hyper now - just had a blueberry, banana, beetroot and baked beans smoothie it was the best thing I've ever had!! - just don't tell Sean. LOL! you should really try it, I know it doesn't sound very appetising, but really it's the best! I also had a bag of jellybeans - haven't had them in years, remember when I dared Maddy England to stick some up her nose and she had to go to A&E? Ha! Fun times. 

Not sure if I told you last time, but I switched from my full-time degree to part-time, for obvious baby-related reasons. Gah! I can't believe we haven't seen each other in so long - it's criminal! Did you know we're having a baby girl? Well, it's not official, but I went to a psychic - I know what you're thinking, so don't, it was one of those legitimate psychics that have union cards and whatnot - she said that 'I should be looking forward to the tiny patter of feet soon' and to'keep an eye on my make-up as she'll be the dramatic type'. When she said that I immediately thought of you and your little dramas you made us participate in. And before you say anything about the psychic and the baby-thing, I wasn't showing when I saw her, I was only a couple of months - I just looked a little fat, and we both know I've never been the thinnest of people so it was easy to conceal. 

I miss school. How's life turning for you, nowadays? Like I said before, we haven't spoken, written or anything in ages! So tell me, how's your job - still waitressing? You just wait, you'll get your big break someday. I still think it's cruel how your dad refused to pay for drama school or let you audition, you would have gotten in easily for sure! - and I'm not just saying that because I'm one of you oldest friends.

What do you think as baby names - I know how I keep going back to this, but I'm so excited! Imagine it, me - a MUMMY!! AHHHH! hahaha! Anyway, I was thinking of flowery names as it's going to be a girl, you know: Lavender, Daisy, Rose, Bluebell, Honeysuckle, Clover - those kinds, I hear interesting names, like Honeysuckle, will make a child more interesting than normal. MY baby isn't going to the standard run-of-the-mill babies - Oh no! She is going to be beautiful! 

And, because I know you'll be all, 'what if it isn't a girl?' - I've thought of some boy names: Ashley (unisex, yes, but I like it), Charles, Thomas, Forest, Neil - names that mean something, Charles Darwin/Dickens/etc., Thomas Hardy/etc., Forest Gump and Neil after Sean's dad. 

How's your mum? Mum rang me the other night and told me she wasn't well - breast cancer? I hope she gets well very soon, I never liked to see her when she had even a cold, it's heartbreaking! I suppose I should ask about your dad, but Mum also told me he ' disapproves' of me having a baby at twenty - I'm still fuming, it's my life, Sean can support us and I still have my inheritance from Dad and my grandparents, and they were loaded so we'll be fine. Sorry. I'm ranting. The nurse told me last time I shouldn't stress myself, it could induce a miscarriage, which I am terrified of! I'm sure me and Baby will be fine though. 

I hope you had a wonderful day today, birthday girl! Have a good one on Friday - have a drink for me, I'll have a 4B-Smoothie (the smoothie I described earlier) and some cheese squares and onion for you - poor Sean, he's going to be so unimpressed. LOL! Don't think I told you, did I, he's been promoted! I've been so forgetful as of late, nothing to do but read, read, read with a bit of studying on the side. The high-life, hey?! hahaha! 

We will see you soon - you are going to be the Godmother after all - I know you're not religious, but do it for tradition, please? Val's going to be the other if it's a girl, but if not, she was my maid of honor anyway, so she shouldn't complain! 

Hope you're all well, send my love to your mum and Val! Need to go now, Baby's snuggling against my bladder again. Haha! 

Don't forget to write back ASAP! 

Kelly xx

The End

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