chapter fortyMature

Chapter Forty
Word Count: 6,572
note: this chapter is extremely mature. 

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Edward's feeling was minimal, at best, every sensory perception seeming weighed down, slow. It felt as if a palpable fog had settled around him. He knew where he was, of course, and whom he was with. He was aware of everything that happened, he just found himself helpless in his own body unless he threw a massive fight. And what was worse, whomever it was taking advantage of his body was entirely silent. Not a single whisper of a thought or a self-aware image. Nothing. He tried storing up energy, hoping that if he went without a fight for long enough, he could have saved enough of his stamina to fight it out for a while; maybe even win control back, but it didn't seem to be stocking up at all.

While he felt like he was failing at getting himself out of this, it certainly didn't seem as if Bella had been slacking off on her end; quite the opposite. Perhaps they had a chance to overcome this… issue.

His breath stuttered in his throat every time her lips contacted his skin. Her touch was scalding, dozens of degrees higher than his own, and he felt the remaining warmth long after her skin had left. He could feel some of the tiny shifts of her hand; he savored the caresses as he was allowed to. The mist started fading from the center of his vision, he darted his eyes around the room frantically. Peaceful orange early-morning light was leaking across the hardwood floors and covering the white walls with a heart-clenching glow. It shone in her hair, bringing out deeper, fierier honey colors in her hair; it curled around the contours of her face, making her seem more unreal than she did on her own. Sunspots interrupted his vision when she leaned back and studied his face; she was scanning his eyes the way she had been doing every few seconds. She was searching for him. The sunspots did brilliant things to her silhouette, Edward decided, he could see her long lashes as a dark, thin, elegant line against the gleaming orange and yellow light. Her lips had a faint sheen of moisture on them and she parted them somewhat. He lifted his eyes from her mouth to her gaze and swallowed. She studied his eyes carefully, wondering if the warm lighting was playing a trick on her vision.

Were his eyes gold or was it just the sunrise?

"Edward?" The mistrustful whisper reached and wrapped long, snarly tentacles callously around his heart and squeezed. Edward choked on a lungful of air at the fulminant pain. She sounded so hopeless.

lifehouse x sick cycle carousel

He attempted to open his mouth to respond but nothing came out; he wasn't even sure he'd successfully opened his mouth at all. He tried to get his vocal chords to vibrate meekly in his throat; a hum, a buzz, a growl. Anything would do. Edward had never in his life been terrified of silence, aside from this situation.

"there's shame on her face that i think would kind of look like mine. if it had only to be my eyes. would you believe me if I said I'm tired of this? well here we go now, one more time."

Her hope was faltering, he could see it in her eyes and in a desperate attempt to encourage her, Edward's hands flew up and clasped her face. Her eyes snapped up to his and she stared long and hard into them. Hear me, Bella. God, please hear me. Something locked inside of her and Bella's eyes became determined as Edward watched. She stood from her spot on the floor and moved her legs around his until she was nearly straddling him. Edward froze, halfway through swallowing, and waited; he followed her meticulously with his gaze. She moved like liquid, a lithe gracefulness untouched by the location or situation. She'd never been a graceful human but clearly vampire suited her. Everything she did appeared natural, easy and fluid and comfortable. Her fingers were on each of his cheekbones, her brown eyes scanning his thoughtfully. She lowered herself down onto him and he felt his back press against the cushion of the couch. He wanted to reach out and touch her; run his fingers through one of her soft curls, dance his index finger down her throat and collar bone, curve his palm against her hip and hold her closely against him. The igneous feel of her skin flat against his palm told him more than his consciousness did. He'd moved his hand of his own will. He was running the backs of his fingers down the side of her stomach as he realized it.

"as I try to climb your steps, I try to chase you down."

She felt like fire on his skin.

"I try to see how low I can get down to the ground, I try to earn my way."

He adjusted himself so he could look up into her eyes and found the action was simple, he hadn't needed to fight. He was gaining some granule of control. Thoughts were racing through his head. If there was a chance he would come out of this on his own, he couldn't have her go through with it. He shouldn't have her go through with it even if he didn't have a chance on his own. Inwardly, his bitterness was slicing through him with cutting reminders of his inadequacy and undeserving status. She'd leaned down was placing a teasing kiss on his bottom lip. He felt a tiny whimper escape his throat and wondered if she'd noticed. If she did, she made no sign of it. Or maybe she didn't want to interrupt progress, he figured.

"I try to tame this mind. You better believe that I have tried to beat this."

Her hands fell from his face as he turned his head to gain access to her mouth with his; he felt her fingertips graze his chest as they slipped away. His lips parted and she felt the tip of his tongue glide along her upper lip; she complied and suddenly his tongue invaded her mouth. He explored everything hungrily, slipping along and twining with her tongue. The rush of memory nearly knocked her off of him. The overheated emotions of a seventeen year old girl in love jetted through her body. The electrical charges their bodies had always had were humming to life somewhere deep in their bones.

lifehouse x first time

Something sparked to life in the back of her mind and she was returning the urgency of his kisses with her own. Her hands shook as they lifted and settled onto his chest. She needed to feel him, to rest her flushed body against his cool chest and feel him breathing. The need was so unflinching that she had trouble unbuttoning his shirt between her clumsy fingers. His hands slid up between hers and gripped the sides of most recent button she'd failed to conquer. He gave a rough yank and the last two buttons shot from the shirt and it fell around his shoulders. She had to see. Detaching her mouth from his mouth, she pulled back and let her eyes roam the broad scopes of his chest. Her quivering fingers started at his collarbone and slipped downward, slithering attentively along the defined lines of his torso. His shirt was red and it sat against his pale flesh in a brilliant show of confident wreckage. She moved it down his arms with her palms, feeling the slick muscles of his shoulders and biceps as she moved. Her mouth collided between his shoulder and neck, moving gently but swiftly as she nibbled her way over the ball of his shoulder. His groan vibrated throughout his chest and she reveled in the noise. As soon as Edward realized he'd made a deliberate, conscious noise, he snapped out of the trance her touches had him in. His arms shot up and he gripped her shoulders as he held her at a distance.

"We're both looking for something we've been afraid to find. It's easier to be broken, it's easier to hide. Looking at you, holding my breath; for once in my life I'm scared to death of taking a chance, letting you inside."

He searched her eyes frantically. She couldn't possibly want to do this, not willingly and without necessity. He knew it, it had to be true. His voice didn't shake when he spoke, despite the churning in his guts. "Bella, don't do this."
She huffed at him, the force of the air exiting her pink lips making some of her hair puff up quickly. "Edward, really now." She frowned at him and opened her mouth to say 'What choice do we have?' But something had changed. His eyes were black again and he was looking at her as if she were a curious piece of art.

"We're feeling alive all over again; eyes deep as the sky, you're under my skin. Like being in love felt for the first time. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm feeling right."

"Goddammit!" She yelled at him, "Edward, if you interrupt the success of this one more time, I swear I will make it work just so I can beat the daylights out of you." She scowled at his blank face.

enya x fire and ice

Bella shut her eyes, took a few steadying breaths, and started over.

It took another half hour of gentle coaxing before his eyes returned to gold and Edward was able to move his hands along her body. He savored the taste of her mouth, plunging his tongue between her lips whenever he was given the opportunity. He didn't pull back again to try to talk her out of it.

If she would let him have his fantasy of being with her, he would take it. He would always wonder how sincere her actions were but it would be the best he could get. Perhaps this made him selfish; perhaps this made him an opportunist. Perhaps this meant he was using her. He hated the thoughts, he hated that they had any sort of foundation at all. But truth was truth, and Bella was not willingly giving herself to him; it didn't matter that it was her choice whether to do this or not, what mattered was she hadn't done it on her own.

And he would curse himself for the rest of his life for that. He'd spent more than ten years reliving their every second together, critiquing himself and finding thousands of ways he could have been better; to her, for her, with her. The mistakes he'd made piled up and up, filling his head with so many errors and would-be-take-backs that he barely had room for anything else.

poets of the fall x stay

"Morning come slow today. Memories push through from yesterday."

Bella was pressed against his chest; he ran his hands up and down her back beneath her shirt. He didn't attempt to push things; he was more than content to have her pressed against him with his cool hands on the tepid flesh of her back. Though it was getting harder to focus the longer they remained inactive. He tilted his head down towards hers, a sick sense of shame filling his body, and nudged her ear with the tip of his nose. She adjusted so his lips could brush against her sensitive cartilage as he spoke. He took a long breath before gathering the courage to just say it.

"Where will I be tomorrow? What do I have to show from my life?"

"I need to feel you. I need more than this."

She could hear the tone in his voice; he didn't mean what he was saying, not in the way he thought mattered. He was berating himself for his circumstances and she wanted to shake some sense into him. Instead of responding, she lifted herself from his chest and peered down at him over the bridge of her nose. His hands slid to her sides once it became awkward to hold onto her shoulders. She wrapped her hands on top of his and guided them to the hem of her shirt.

"Stay -

I need you here for a new day to break."

She didn't know how else to be more obvious, aside from removing the damn thing herself.

She didn't wait for an immediate action, she knew it wouldn't happen that way, so she leaned down and rubbed the side of her nose along the hard, structured angles of his face. He turned his head and caught her mouth between his lips. The intensity of his nibbling and exploring had her gasping for air as he maneuvered his way expertly in her mouth and along her throat. She vaguely felt the soft cotton of her blouse being lifted from her.

Edward pulled her shirt up without letting himself think about it. He wasn't quite at a point of such sexual excitement that he could forget the consequences; not yet, anyway. Every action left him feeling worse, every tender way he touched her and every quiet meeting of their eyes felt like a betrayal. He felt he was cheating Bella out of something, somehow. He didn't want to enjoy the smell of her body or the easy way her skin gave beneath his fingers or the tantalizing swell of her breasts in that lacey red bra.

"Stay -

I want you near like a shadow in my wake."

Oh, Christ. Against his will, he let out an appreciative sigh as his eyes took in the sight before him; the light cascaded across the plains of her skin and made her appear darker, more tan, than he knew she really was. The color looked good on her, brought out the sultry shades of brown that made up her hair and eyes; the fire-engine red of her bra lit up her body. He could see a light sheen of sweat starting to accumulate on her skin. Instinctually, he dragged his tongue up the stretch of skin between her breasts; the taste of her sweat caused venom to pool in his mouth.

He gulped it down and moved his mouth higher, planting firm, wet kisses from one side of her chest to the other, just beneath her collarbones.

lifehouse x you and me

She radiated with the early sunlight pouring in the windows, her skin reflecting the weak light, and he clung to her fiercely. His fingers dug into her flesh as he pulled her impossibly closer to him; he leaned back as far as he could and pulled her hips so she was kneeling instead of resting and he ravaged her stomach with his curious tongue. She tasted like something exotic and, at the same time, familiar. A full, hearty blend of spices and aromas that combined to make something more than words, more than taste buds and scents; he gradually came to realize that the rest of the room had vanished to him long ago.

"I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you. And all of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right. I'm tripping on words, you've got my head spinning – I don't know where to go from here."

She'd absorbed him so thoroughly that he'd gained complete control of his body to his knowledge. The only way to know for certain was to attempt to refuse her. That would not go over well, it hadn't last time and he was certain she'd be less patient about it now that she'd had to do it twice.

the wallflowers x if you never got sick

He murmured her name against her hipbone, surprised at the husky, gravelly tone in his voice.

"That ain't a parachute, that ain't a rip chord. That ain't a body of water we're headed for."

"Edward." It was a statement of his name, the same as his had been of hers, but it was so different. Her voice had the weight of desperation, of raw need that hung in the air between them. His had been worship, a hymn sounded in awe to a God; his had been admiring and had been a willing plea, begging words falling from a royal mouth. He had no choice but to react, his body demanded immediate aggression. His girl was calling for him, and by God, he was going to answer her if it killed him.

"So little time left, so much to be done. Even you are gonna need someone."

His slid his long fingers up her thighs, curling beneath her ass and lifting her up with him as he stood from the couch. The change in position rendered him immobile for a full ten seconds as he adjusted to the nearly-uncomfortable strain in his boxers. Bella wrapped her legs around his waist and massaged his lips with hers. As she nestled herself against him she moved down two and a half inches, locking her legs in place and settling herself right against the stretched material of his jeans. Now it was painful.

In a thrilling way.

"That ain't a trick of light, or the morning haze comin' in from the lake, getting into your eyes. It's invisible breath of a storm on the rise that I feel whenever you arrive."

He made the necessary motions to get them into her bedroom and he laid them both down on the silk sheets of her mattress. He pressed her down beneath him, pushing them up towards the headboard until they were entirely on the bed. Her tongue moved against his lips and he matched her intensity. He ran his hands up her sides and let his thumb graze the outside of her bra just along her breast and she shivered beneath him. Bella's hands traveled all over his torso and back, she dug her nails in and pulled long, deep scratches down his shoulder blades. Edward clenched his jaw tightly with each small transgression into violence as his own nails dug into the mattress beneath her.

Whenever the light would touch her face or when he would meet her eyes and lose himself, he felt the familiar ache of a secret begin building in his chest; enchanting words in long-forgotten languages mingled with his mumbles of pleasure and half-concealed moans. Confessions of his feelings hung between his lips like wind-chimes, waiting only for an encouraging breeze to spill their tinkling contents out into the open air.

aqualung x easier to lie

"And who am I

to give you what you need

when I'm learning,"

Her mouth moved along his neck, her teeth occasionally making a teasing appearance before vanishing quickly. Edward could feel the atoms in his body crying out for her as he maneuvered them on the plush comforter. A husky groan escaped his lips and Bella moved her thigh against him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Edward knew this was wrong. He knew that her touches fluttered across his body were deceptively intimate; she couldn't possibly be feeling the same way he was about this. How desperately he had wanted this for so long; how many times he had imagined her just like this! Nerves balled up in his stomach, a bubbling mixture of anticipation and impending doom. God, he thought, this isn't right. He tugged his ear away from her mouth and pressed his nose against her forehead, smelling the sweet blend of her body wash and sweat. "Bella," the hushed breathlessness of his voice sent hot tingles through her. He took in a long breath through his nose, his next words falling from his tongue like bruised whispers between hoarse mourners. "God, Bella." His breath was ragged; she could almost hear his heart ripping in his chest. She lifted her fingers to graze along his jaw line. She met his eyes, taking a quieted peace in their butterscotch glow. She scanned the arrangement of his features, his furrowed brows, the hard crinkles around the edges of his eyes. "Bella, I can't ask this of you." He downcast his eyes and had to shift them to the side when his vision landed on her half-bare chest. She swallowed the sick lump in her throat; he shut his eyes tightly, "this is only going to make things harder, it will change too much for me."

"just learning,

learning how to live

and to bear the weight?

It's easier to lie."

Bella lifted her torso from the bed in a sleek half-crunch. He opened his eyes at her movement, unsure of what she was doing, and fell into her stare. She studied him in silence and he just looked back. Bit-by-bit he could feel the distance being put between his consciousness and his body, like the unfolding of a new map. He stared at Bella, willing to be lost to his possessor, to feel the watery submission cover his body, if it was because he was right in his belief that she didn't want this. He couldn't knowingly allow her to do this when it would irreparably change things; he didn't know what she wanted but it couldn't be this. What was important was her, not what she could sacrifice for him. The pressure was on his skin again, feeling like an attempt to squeeze him out of his own body. His vision was starting to fuzz out on the edges. "Edward," he focused his attention on her face, desperate to cling to the clear sight of her while it lasted. "I want to do this."

red hot chili peppers x hard to concentrate

She knew it was true; she wasn't ready or willing to admit it to anyone else yet. She could say it to him to get him back, she could swallow that. His eyes were a murky brown. "Edward, kiss me."

"Our cells about to separate, I find it hard to concentrate."

There was a millisecond in which Edward deliberated the unnerving possibility that she meant what she was saying, but the fog was resettling and he didn't have long to wait. He had to see her again, the need was irrefutable and fierce; it smothered out every rational thought he had. With a final push of willpower, he dropped his mouth to hers and let the smoldering flesh of her body warm his own. Control was returning to him and he buried the two of them between the sheets. Bella's slender digits roamed over the surface of his chest, plucking at his ribs as she slid them down to his belt. She tugged gently at the worn leather until she managed to unhook the buckle and pull it free of his jeans. She could almost hear her heart thudding through her; adrenaline was like that to vampire hearing. Every single inhale filled her lungs with his musk; her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he slid his hand beneath the lace of her bra. He gave a gentle squeeze as they both groaned weakly. He pulled his hand back and used it to unclasp the hooks on the back of her bra; with a flick, they released and his chilly fingers were sliding the straps from her shoulders. His breath was coming in short stutters as he removed her torso of the soft lace. Bella was topless beneath him but Edward closed his eyes and pressed his lips to her forehead as he fought urges that were unacceptable. God, help me, he thought. So many things ran through his mind. He wanted to beg her to forgive him for the terrible man he used to be, for the humiliating and vicious way he not only left her, but the way he'd treated her during their time together. He wanted to tell her how he'd spent every day picking apart his actions and finding every sized mistake he'd ever made. He was in love with her, he wanted her to know; but he kept the burden silent, an unspoken flourish of extravagance that he let himself pretend she was aware of.

"Death defying, this mess I'm buying. It's raining down with love and hate.
Our hearts about to palpitate, and I'm not about to hesitate."

Edward's lips were pressed firmly against her forehead and he seemed to be hesitating on his decision. Bella let her hands glide along his sides, moving down to run her fingers along his tantalizing hip-bones. The definition of his frame was stunning. She locked her fingers around the button of his jeans and rapidly undid it. She lifted her eyes to his face, asking for permission beneath her long eyelashes. Edward just watched her, his expression a motley of shock and fascination; she thought she saw terror in it but wasn't completely sure. Old feelings were starting to resurface; functioning desires pulled from years and years ago, desires she thought had faded a lifetime ago. A rush of uninhibited teenage excess propelled Bella upward, she took her time snaking in the direction of his mouth; she dragged her mouth over his chest hungrily, licking along flawless ridges until she reached his neck. She kissed him full on the mouth, her lips parted and her tongue expectantly waiting just behind her teeth. He responded to her almost barbarically, his hands suddenly ravenous to seek out completion along her curves. They moved together on the bed, he rolled over so he was sitting with his back pressed against the wrought iron headboard with Bella nestled on his lap. He admired the view for a long moment, her entire torso bare and exposed to him in the flush of morning light. He let his hands wander over her stomach and sides, his fingers trailing passage up her arms and down her collar bones. With uncertain, nervous hands he caressed her, Bella watching his movements from her perch on his lap. He seemed so careful, so appreciative of where he was. She found it hard to compare this man to the man she knew so long ago. Oddly, he had the same delicious bronze hair; he kept the length almost the same, slightly longer and shaggier but not too much. Occasionally a stray chunk of his hair would fall into his face and cover his caramel eyes but she would brush it aside and continue to absorb the intensity and devotion with which he devoured her quietly.

"All I want is for you to be happy, to take this moment and make you my family.
Finally you have found someone perfect, finally you have found yourself."

Bella had always been a slender creature, Edward remembered, but the body that straddled him this night was that of a goddess. She had the perfect curves, narrow waist and dainty bone structure; her flesh was stretched delicately over lithe, sinewy muscles. Every miniscule ounce of fat that had been hiding cleverly over her frame as a human was gone now, raked out by a strictly regulated metabolism meant to process only what was essential for survival and everything else was burned up in her energy stores. It left her body tight and supple beneath his hands and he enjoyed every inch of her he could get his hands on. His caresses became more demanding over time, a gentle squeeze here and there tightening with the tremendously overwhelming aftershocks of her touch on his inner thigh or hip bone. Bella seemed to grow tired of his exploration of her, or at least of how one-sided it was, and she decided to demonstrate her growing cravings by swooping in and nibbling on the thin skin of his neck as she ground her hips against his. The friction was unbelievable, he never wanted her to stop; his left hand bolted up to tangle his digits into the long curls of her hair. He moaned faintly into her shoulder as she rolled her hips forward, pulling her upper spine in the opposite direction and stretching out her chest right before his eyes. His free hand went to her small breast, kneading tenderly and flicking at the swollen nipple with his thumb. A whimper escaped her and he slid the same hand down and around her back; he pulled her towards him again as he rose up to suck her bottom lip into his mouth. He guided their bodies backwards so he was over her once again, his mouth plundering hers as if he would find everything he'd ever desired somewhere inside. He pulled away from her only long enough to remove her jeans, tossing them off the bed before he returned to ravish her puffy, red lips.

"Do you want me to show up for duty?
To serve this woman and honor her beauty?"

Bella wriggled down, away from his mouth, and re-started the task of removing his own jeans. Octagons of refracted light bounced from their skin, small explosions of color like fireworks against the pallor of their skin, made less noticeable by the sunscreen they had both been wearing and was now being sweated off of their bodies. She pulled the zipper down slowly, meeting his eyes with a dramatic tilt-back of her head, and slid her hands between the jeans and his boxers. She slid the pants down and, once he had pulled both legs out, tossed them off the bed as well. He laid her back down, resting on his side beside her, and let his fingers dance along the inside of her thigh, inching up to her matching lace panties as he went. He left feather-light memories of his touch along her hips before he let himself touch the alluring material. He sneaked his fingers beneath the lace and smothered her mouth with his as his thumb grazed her sensitive sex. Crying out, Bella pushed her mouth up harder against his for a short moment. She shifted, resting also on her side with the length of her body pressed against him, facing the same direction he was. His hand stayed where it was until she got comfortable and then he slid his index and middle finger down further, gliding along the slickness before pressing against her. She writhed beneath him and he pressed his middle finger inside of her slowly, agonizingly drawing out the pleasure she was thoroughly aware of. He moved his agile digits against her for minutes that felt like days, never quite letting her go over the edge; every buck of her hips ended against his and the motion was thrilling. Halfway through his exploration of her, he'd paused so he could slide her panties down over the swell of her hips and the smooth expanse of her thighs. The show had been exquisite but by the time he'd tossed the article of clothing aside, he was grateful to be advancing his way back to her. He had begun teasing her intentionally to get her to grind her hips against him before realizing that his erection was starting to cause him pain. "Bella," he moaned into her ear, his mouth brushing against the silky strands of her hair. He'd gotten her name out only to realize he had no idea what to say. He thanked whatever God there was when Bella turned her body to face him and she pushed him onto his back. He adjusted the pillow beneath his head and watched her curiously as she removed his boxers in the same fashion he'd removed her panties. He watched the way her eyes glanced over him on their way to meet his gaze and he wondered what she was thinking. She moved her body gracefully, straddling him once again; the lack of clothing between them was shocking as her moist skin met with his. She rolled her hips once and the motion drove him wild, he gripped the comforter beside them and felt it tear just with the strain his fingers were putting on it. She repeated the motion a few more times, each time getting progressively more terrible and erotic. Without warning, he sat up and pulled her closer to his chest, his fingers entwining with the roots of hair at the base of her skull as he slammed his mouth against hers. She moaned against his tongue and he couldn't fight himself; his free hand lifted her so she was just above his tip, he could feel himself pressing firmly against her entrance and his body pleaded with him to just push in. He gasped for each lungful of air he could pull in, the sweet smell of her body and her arousal filling his nose with such undiluted potency that he nearly convulsed beneath her.

"Now I'll do my best to recreate"

"Edward," the syllables of his name had never sounded sensual before but as they passed from her wet lips to his sensitive ear, he wondered if there had ever been a more sexual word in the history of language. Lungful after lungful of air exited his mouth in a series of miserable, needy whimpers. He wasn't prepared for how urgently his body required her, how hot his body was beneath her and how fiercely he wanted to claim her. He fought to get the words out but managed, with gasps for air every few syllables as he strained against the minimal effort that he needed to enter her. "Tell me you want this." He hadn't said it as a rough, dirty phrase but his voice was gruff and uncivilized, raw with lascivious want. He was pleading with her to free him of the guilt he was feeling, pleading with her to let him have his cake and eat it to. She realized, as her lips parted with the beginnings of speech, that she wanted a piece of that cake.

"Sweet precision and soft collision…"

"I want this, Edward. I want you." She lowered herself, feeling him slip inside of her and stretch out her aching heat; she realized, as she felt him pressing in further than she was used to, that Edward was larger than James. The notion struck her as humorous in the fragile state her sanity was in, but she smothered the grin and focused entirely on the difference. When she'd gotten all the way down her entire body felt as if it had expanded, her muscles contracting around him as she adjusted to the full length and width of him. He seemed more patient now, with his forehead resting against her collar bone and his breath coming in big, indulgent gulps. His cool lips pressed against her burning skin, moving swiftly from one side to the other in an over-achieving attempt to cool down her chest. Still, it felt wonderful. She arched her back, inadvertently rolling her hips, and allowed him more convenient access to her torso. He obliged, a murmured groan of soft pleasure vibrating against her ribcage where his lips met her skin. He slid his tongue up, twisting it beneath the swell of her breast and letting his cooler body temperature sooth her. He kissed his way between her breasts, sucking softly just above the right one before moving his mouth down to wrap around her nipple. When he let his teeth graze the sensitive area, she let out a heavy moan. His hands cupped her hips as she began a rhythm; he fought the urge to buck up to her, to push every last inch of himself into her until neither of them could remember they had ever been separate creatures. Her rhythm picked up and she lifted herself upward and he cried out at the sheer pleasure that rocked his body. When she pushed herself back down, taking him in once again inch by inch, he stopped breathing, his body not quite sure how to process the ecstasy that was overtaking him. Her body was tight around him, clinging to his hardness and twitching every time she felt a wave of euphoria. His arms scrambled to gather her up in them, hugging her tightly to his chest as they adapted and created a mutual rhythm. His body was humming with the electrical energy that pounded through their open-mouthed kisses and frantic caresses. Every lift and press of her hips made him writhe beneath her, every nerve ending in his body buzzing with a nearly obsessive cry for a touch or a kiss or a breath.

"Our hearts about to palpitate."

Sex was one thing, something he'd never put much intricate thought to; but this, this was something different. He wasn't experiencing this, he was this. Everything that happened between them was natural, a growing and building and shivering mass that acted on instinct and hunger alone. He was a different creature because of this, he felt higher and lower at the same time, better and damaged. The thought that eventually it would end never passed through his mind, the sexuality of their actions was enough. Any thoughts of orgasm were lost in the shuffle. So when a swelling, electric tidal wave began riding its way through his spinal column, surprised was an understatement. This hadn't been about climaxing, but here he was anyway, riding the wave. Without any premeditation, his hand slid between their connecting bodies and his thumb rubbed lightly on a tiny little swollen bud; he focused his attention on finding just the right way to move his thumb against her. His orgasm receded, discouraged by his lack of attentiveness to it, but he didn't mind. He hadn't been ready for things to be over, yet, anyway. He lifted his thumb to his mouth and licked it, the sweet taste of her exploding like mini-atom bombs on his tongue and he quickly moved his thumb back to where it had been. The extra moisture allowed him a more natural caress and he looked up to meet Bella's open, salacious eyes. She watched him focus so completely on her and was quickly distracted by the consuming shocks of an orgasm. Her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably as she ran a hand through her hair to pull it from her face; the spasms of her body shaking her thoroughly until she screamed against his neck. Beneath her, the constricting waves of her climax brought his own orgasm rushing forward until he let out a throaty growl and stretched his neck to look at the ceiling. Wave after wave after wave of erotic after-shocks rocked his body every time he felt them go through her. She was limp against his chest, her face buried in the crook of his neck, her eyes closed. He kept his arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders, keeping her against him. They were both panting and sweaty, their skin slick with it everywhere they touched. He breathed in the scent of her to calm the riots in his head.

"Now I find it hard to separate."


The End

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