Different..how so?

Well..they're the type of guys who dont give a damn about school. they steal, its like a hobby for them and they love smoking gum wrappers. They like freaking people out and beating people up and making  perverted jokes..but when they're around someone they reallylike...girls...

They got really down to earth and sweet.

and that's why I liked them..they had two sides, and I enjoyed both of them.

And im also suprised Bloom isn't bankrupt from them stealing.

They're also serious serious gum chewers..they live on a pack every hour.

They call themselves the bros..Yepp...dont ask..

14 year old guys aren't that complex.

Well Jayden just got kicked out so he's living with Jace. They're best friends..Jace, Jaydan, David, and Eathan.

They do anything..all this stupid crazy stuff that gives them a thrill.

Jayden's mom kicked him out a couple days ago, but he says he rather live with Jace anyway.

The End

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