Addi's creeper smile

"Addi..breathe" I said worriedly

But the smile would'nt wipe of her face.

" kind of felt..weird..." I whispered.

" was you're first kiss and ..well more of a small makeout..but whatever ..and you didnt depends on the person.." Addi continued.

But that paranoid thought ran through my head.

What if I did go to fast. I know he expects it now..but not alot..and was under a minute. Erg...

I always think things through to of my bad quatlities.

"Relax Shay!" Addi exclaimed.

"Right..right.but-" Addi cut me off.

" did cant take it back..but like I had my first kiss with david after like...6"



"Not helping!" I said.

"Well..sorry! fine I wont say anything anymore" She said agitated.

"No..i Need you"

"NO you;re fine!" She said.

"Addi!!Please?" I said with a puppy dog face.

"Okay..fine..if you thought it was right..then it probably was! Dont do this to yourself.."

"'re right. It's notlke I regret it."

By that time, we had arrived at Gianna's house. We always had to use the word arrive..never come........

Thats what hanging out with them does to you...

They're way is..well different?

The End

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