What now?

"Awwwwwww! You guys are so cute!" Addi screamed with delight.

"Yeah..you know you're boyfriend has got a banana handle.." David said. David always bothered me about that..but I didnt care.

"Haha.." It was mostly silence for me..because everyone knew that my first kiss meant everything to me and I just gave it away after 4 days.

David and Addi continued"expressing themselves" while me and Jayden tried to talk.

"Do you guys ever  stop?" We both asked to David and Addi.

They both looked up and saw our disgusted faces.


"How do you breathe? Dont you need to come up for air?" Jaydan asked.

"Its called breathing through you're nose" Addi said annoyed.

"Hey, want to go to Gianna's house?" I offered. It was atleast nice and warm in there.

"Yeah man..that's were Jace and Eathan are." Jayden said.

"Ugh..fine" David and Addi said.

So we walked to Gianna's..hm..why do I feel this way?

Addi and me walked together and she just smiled at me like a creeper.

The End

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