I need to finds parents

i just cried, till I had no tears left. After half an hour of crying, I looked at myself in the mirror. The rims of my eyes were red showing that i had been crying. I needed to get of my self. I promised myself no more tears after mum died, but I how I am meant to behave when a death sentence has been practically been put over my head?  I looked over to the baby. He was silent, had he sensed that I was not in the mood to be  toyed with. I couldn't leave him here. He was going to escape this, with the help of me.  I picked him up and made my  way to the high street.

The high street  was  really just a meeting place for chav's  with a couple of fast food restaurants by the side.It was normally full of people chatting or honking each other with their cars. Now it was empty, not a soul in sight. I went in a couple a of cafe` s and stole a couple of cakes in the counters before they went moldy. I scoffed a couple of lemon tarts in my mouth. While I decided  what to call the baby, Bill? Walter? Rupert? Not one of the names seemed to fit him. Sam? Mick? Nigel? Jacob was a nice one. But I had already reached my destination before i could think anymore on the subject.

CONNOR`S PLACE the sign read. It was a small shop but inside it was massive like a little shop tardis.  It stocked everything from apples to sofas. I made my way to the buggy`s. I had only held him for a while but my arms already ached. I put him a small blue one. 

" ahhhh" i said. feeling relief from my arms. 

Then i had a little click behind my head. I turned around, afraid to see one of those things staring right back me but instead a man whole large gun pointed to my head. 

" Planing to steal are we?" he chuckled at me. 

I nodded my head. 

" Who do we have here?" He asked 

" Erica, and that is Jacob" I said pointing to the baby. 



The End

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